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edward snowden haven app to prevent surveillance on android phones

Apple’s one trillion dollar lawsuit plus Edward Snowden’s back

Apple is facing nine lawsuits for slowing down older iPhones with one women suing for nearly a trillion dollars while NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has created a new app to stop surveillance on Android phones.
white nationalists alt right people find themselves banned from twitter 2017 images

White nationalists, alt-right people find themselves banned from Twitter

Twitter is now enforcing new hate speech rules which resulted in many white nationalist and alt right groups getting banned from the social media giant.
Bitcoin futures have a safe debut on CME 2017 iamges

Bitcoin futures have a safe debut on CME

Bitcoin didn't see as much excitement in its second major exchange (CME) as it did in the first. Are investors looking for the next big thing now?
understanding the net neutrality protests 2017 images

Understanding the net neutrality protests and why it’s worth the fight

The FCC is looking to repeal net neutrality on Thursday, and here's a better understanding of what all the protests trying to keep the Obama era internet rule in place is all about.
bitcoin futures looking bright 2017 images

Bitcoin futures bright and looking to rally more

Bitcoin futures continue to rally in trading on Monday leaving some wondering if this is a bubble or will the cryptocurrency continue it's climb?
net neutrality fight heads up as fcc strike down vote hits 2017 images

Net neutrality fight heats up as FCC strike down vote looms

The fight over net neutrality heats up once again as the FCC is planning to strike down Barack Obama initiative on Thursday.
google pulls youtube from amazon devices and your options 2017 images

Google pulls YouTube from Amazon devices and your options

You can buy everything on Amazon except Google Home and the internet giant is now blocking YouTube from all Amazon devices in retaliation.
separating fact from fiction with net neutrality 2017 images

Separating fact from fiction with net neutrality

FCC Ajit Pai wants to end net neutrality and is throwing out some claims that aren't quite accurate so we separate the fact from the fiction when it comes to what the end could mean for you.
windows 10 on arm is here is it good enough 2017 images

Windows 10 on ARM: Is it good enough computing?

Microsoft has put Windows 10 on ARM but will good enough computing be good enough for gamers and casual users?
The Predicted Growth of the Mobile Gaming Market 2017 images

The Predicted Growth of the Mobile Gaming Market

The mobile gaming market continues growing and exploding around the world. What are the predictions for the next year?

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