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What’s really behind Google’s Chrome ad blocker?

Like any corporation, whenever Google states that it is implementing a drastic change to make your life better, you know there's something in it for them. The latest is their announcement to include an ad blocker in their Chrome browser
apple ios 11 announced and unveils new hardware

Apple unveils new hardware, Siri, iMac Pro, iPhone, iPad and Watch

Tim Cook addressed over 5,000 developers that were jam packed into the San Jose Convention Center to share the latest innovations coming from Apple.
apple pushes into amazon and google territory with homepod 2017 images

Apple pushes into Amazon, Google territory with HomePod

It seems Apple has taken a backseat latest with innovative tech gadgets, giving Microsoft, Google and even Amazon a leading edge into home AI.

Turtle Beach Recon Chat fills a much needed gap for gamers

The Turtle Beach Recon Chat fills a much-needed gap that's been missing in the gaming world. An affordable chat headset that doesn't skimp on comfort.
best vr games 2017

Top 10 Hottest VR Games of 2017

Virtual Reality aka VR is finally coming into its own in 2017, and with so many headsets out now, you have quite the selection of high-end to budgetware.
android feels the wrath of judy malware 2017 images

Android feels the wrath of Judy malware

As Android apps pile up in the Google Play store, malware like Judy is sure to infest it and cause some damage.

Was WannaCry another reason to upgrade to Windows 10?

After WannaCry ransomware hit, more people have reason to upgrade to Microsoft Windows 10 or was that the plan?
microsoft gives ayet nother reason to get the Surface Pro 2017 images

Microsoft gives yet another reason to get the Surface Pro

Microsoft is giving its Surface Pro yet another makeover that will be thinner, lighter and have a much longer battery life. Plus it will have better viewing angles.
best quotes and moments from mark zuckerbergs harvard speach 2017 images

Best quotes and moments from Mark Zuckerberg’s Harvard speech

Mark Zuckerberg may have dropped out of Harvard before earning his degree, that didn't stop him from receiving an honorary one by giving a commencement speech to the Class of 2017.
mark zuckerberg harvard honorary graduate 2017

Mark Zuckerberg Harvard Speech full text

The full unedited text of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's Harvard commencement speech to the Class of 2017.