fakes on a plane no more laptops or tablets allowed 2017 images

Fakes on a plane: No more laptops or tablets allowed

Cue Samuel L. Jackson. Seriously, the recent gadget ban for inbound flights from the Middle East has me thinking of another film. Everyone remember that Stallone film, The Specialist? That was a nice film. It showed how the characters of Sly
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Stop giving away your expert advice, make money from it on ZEQR

How many times have you had people ask you for your expert advice, and then mention you should get paid for it? That's something nearly all of us have heard at one time or another because we all are experts on at least one thing.
gears of war ultiamte edition

What I’m Playing Now: Gears of War, I Am Bread, The Order 1886

My gaming addiction this week was Gears of War Ultimate Edition, I Am Bread, Smash 4 and The Order 1886. Some oldies but very goodies!
what im playing now among the sleep and fallout 4 far harbor still 2017 images

What I’m Playing Now: Among the Sleep and Fallout 4 Far Harbor still

This week, I began my island journey through Fallout 4’s Far Harbor DLC and completed Among the Sleep on the PS4. Let’s take a look at what I’m playing now!
icloud held hostage for apple 2017 images

iCloud held hostage for Apple

In case you find your iPhone or iPad wiped clean in a couple of weeks, you can thank a certain Turkish Crime Family for being responsible for it and Apple for not caving in to their demands. The Turkish Crime Family is a hacker group
what i'm playing now fallout 4 far harbor and uncharted 4 still 2017 images

What I’m Playing Now: Fallout 4 Far Harbor and Uncharted 4 still

I promise next time will include a larger variety of titles, but I simply couldn’t help but explore the ultra-exciting worlds of Uncharted 4 and Fallout 4: Far Harbor this week—mainly Uncharted 4, though.
what to know about iphone 8

iPhone 8: Everything you need to know about Apple’s latest

Apple's iPhone 7S and 7S Plus are the most anticipated phones of 2017, but the iPhone 8 has created its own special buzz with some huge advancements.
samsung galaxy s8 what you need to know 2017 images

Samsung Galaxy S8: What you need to know plus features

Dying to know what's going to be in the Samsung Galaxy S8? We've got the inside track.
What I’m Playing Now Uncharted 4, Jetpac, Jump Ultimate Stars 2017 images

What I’m Playing Now: Uncharted 4, Jetpac plus Jump Ultimate Stars

Uncharted 4 has been on store shelves for nearly a year now, and I am proud to declare that I can confirm the validity of the reviews that were officially released for the title.
Old Man Mobile Game Review Stack 2017 images

Old Man Mobile Game Review: Stack by Ketchapp

Each week I'm going to treat you older folks to a new mobile game review. By older folks, I mean people who pay their own car insurance and don't need other humans to wake them up in the morning.