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computer space desktop concert arena header

Turn Your Computer Desktop Space Into A Concert Arena

If you love having the best sound system for your TV, why not do the same for your computer desktop station? Here are 3 amazing speakers that deliver quality sound.
nfl players get hacked including colin kaepernick 2017 images

NFL players get hacked including Colin Kaepernick

NFL Players Association Hack Exposes Personal Information of Nearly 1,200 Players, Including Colin Kaepernick
google pleasing publishers by ending 'first click free' policy 2017 images

Google pleasing publishers by ending ‘first click free’ policy

Google is finally working with publishers as internet revenues have dried up so they are allowing them to make money through subscriptions. For those of you loving free news, those days will be limited now.

Norton Core: The Wireless Router You’ll Proudly Want To Put On Display

We all know Norton from their great anti-virus security software, but they've come out with the Norton Core wireless router that will keep your home and smart devices safe from hackers and malware.
apples facial recognition what you need to know about face id 2017 images

Apple’s facial recognition: What you need to know about face id

Apple is taking on the rise of hackers with a new facial recognition system to debut with the iPhone X, but what exactly does it do, and will it keep your safer on your devices?

Will Tim Cook’s iPhone X vs iPhone 8 gamble pay off?

Will Tim Cook's biggest gamble yet with Apple's iPhone X vs iPhone 8 campaign pay off? Most insiders think it will kill the iPhone 8 as sales haven't been so great, but long-term results could change their minds.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Why you’re going to love this phablet

Samsung will easily make you forget about the disastrous Galaxy Note 7 with the new Note 8 that is bigger, better and fireproof!
the great cop out nypd gives up on windows phones 2017 images

The Great Cop Out: NYPD gives up on Windows phones

When Microsoft offered the NYPD free Windows Phones, it was a deal that seemed too good to be true. It turned out to be just that.
how will Lee Jae-yong arrest affect samsung 2017 image

How will Lee Jae-yong corruption arrest affect Samsung?

Just when Samsung has released the Galaxy Note 8, getting last year's scandals behind them, a whole new one hit on Friday when leader Lee Jae-yong was arrested for corruption and bribery.
voice shopping on google or amazon devices may not save you money 2017 images

Voice shopping on Google or Amazon devices may not save you money

Being able to shop quickly with those fun voice devices by Amazon and Google may seem like a great new update, but you might want to stick with the old ways for certain items.

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