What the New PS5 Controller Has to Offer

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A sneak peek into Sony’s upcoming PS5 console.

The next generation of consoles are coming, and all eyes will be on Sony and Microsoft after the leading tech giants revealed details about their upcoming machines. However, some of the important details about PS5 specs and features remain scanty, but we have collected first-hand details regarding a few select features.

PS5 release date

Sony has confirmed that the PS5 will be released later in the year, but they could not give the exact date of release. We would expect to have the new console sometime in November, to give players something ahead of Christmas.

Will PS5 play old games?

Word has it that PS5 will feature backwards compatibility, meaning PS4 graphics engines will work normally on PS5. A Legacy Mode for the new console will allow developers to create titles for PS4 without the risk of losing any functionality. By virtue of those PS4 games running at boosted frequencies, it translates to improved visuals and overall performance.


It was also revealed that the PS5’s GPU will feature 10.28 TFLOPs, 26 Compute Units, and a 2.23GHz variable frequency. The CPU will be using Zen 2 technology, with 8 cores.

In addition, PS5 will have a custom 825GB SSD, but storage can be upgraded with M.2 SSDs from the market through an NVMe SSD Slot on the console.


The DualSense controller is going to be one hell of a device if initial revelations are anything to go by. The latest news indicate that the controller is a PlayStation redesign for the PS5, but besides the overall design, there are a few alterations in the new DualSense. The new face buttons are strikingly attractive, as the new console will ditch the traditional button colors for a translucent/transparent design


It is official existing PlayStation VR headsets will be used with PS5 during the console launch, therefore, there are no expected changes to the soon-to-be-released hardware. While that prospect settles some debate, it does raise some concerns. For example, the possibility of virtual reality experiences developed specifically for PS5 operate on these headsets, and do they guarantee continuity?

ps5 confirmed games for 2020

PS5 Games

The closer we get to Sony’s next-generation console, the easier it becomes for us to make predictions about what to expect. We know that Sony recently purchased Insomniac Games, so a sequel to Spiderman is guaranteed on PS5. Other games include “Resistance,” “Ratchet and Clank,” and several other favorites.

A sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn is on the cards, therefore players can expect another party blockbuster on PS5.

PS5 new games

“Horizon Zero Dawn 2” and “Demon’s Souls Remake” are some of the rumored titles being mooted right now, and are likely to be key games for the upcoming release. Sony must be holding some suspense for the fans, so expect them to roll out a few surprises when PS5 finally launches.

Sony’s approach will be in total contrast to Microsoft who already disclosed Xbox Series X is set to forego traditional exclusives in favor of picking its full family of consoles.