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Google’s ‘Ethical AI’ not ready for primetime

After Google was forced to end their AI ethics board after controversy erupted with board members, tech giants are now wondering how to deal with this.

Snapchat goes gaming while 5G kicks off in South Korea, Facebook...

Snapchat joins online gaming world, South Korea kicks of 5G early and Facebook caught again with privacy issues.

Facial Recognition AI Becoming a Black and White Issue

Facial recognition is growing in popularity, but some glitches in identifying black skin is causing an issue for Microsoft and IBM.

Gaming takes subscriptions, streaming mainstream

Subscribing and streaming games has been going on for over a decade, but not that Google and Apple have jumped in, expect stores like GameStop to go the way of Block Buster.

Facebook ad scams grow while FBI fails hacking victims

Facebook claims they are making things better for users, but ad scams are growing faster than ever. The FBI has let down victims of hackers by not letting them know their rights.

Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg wants regulation plus his disappearing posts

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that he wants more government regulation for the social media giant, Zuckerberg's disappearing posts explained, sort of.

AI Still Behind on the Joke, No April Fool’s Day For...

Artificial intelligence and robots might be able to tell jokes, but that doesn't mean they can understand humor. Don't worry, Alexa and Siri won't be playing April Fool's Day jokes on you.

History builds to 5G as Huawei fights for security legitimacy

5G networks are coming faster than you realize so understanding some history of this tech can help you understand what to expect. You're in for a nice surprise while Huawei fights another setback.

Facebook screws up privacy again while Comcast offers a deal to...

Facebook once again has messed up users privacy after it was revealed that millions of passwords were readable by employees and Comcast offers a terrible deal to gain subscribers.

Facebook AI takes on ‘revenge porn’ while criminal investigation begins

While Facebook faces a criminal investigation, Mark Zuckerbeg decides to tackle revenge porn.