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switch drives nintendo profits while comcast bundles up for survival 2018 images

Switch drives Nintendo profits while Comcast bundles up for survival

Nintendo met its high expectations for the meghit Switch console and Comcast Xfinity is changing up its cable model with bundles including Netflix.
will google soon be getting the facebook treatment 2018 images

Will Google, YouTube soon be getting the Facebook treatment?

Google has been preparing for the intense scrutiny that Facebook has been facing so will they be next along with YouTube and Twitter?
facebook home theater receivers

Clearing the confusion on home theater receivers

Confused on getting that home theater receiver? Walking into a store to buy a new home theater receiver can be intimidating. Here's your guide to what's the best and budget-friendly ones to get.
facebook claims no money made from data but they do profit 2018 images

Facebook claims no money made from data but they profit from it

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg continues stating that his social media platform makes no money from selling users data, he declined to state that they do profit from it though. Here's a fact check on his statements to Congress.
Top 10 Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Congressional testimony takeaways 2018 images

Top 10 Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Congressional testimony takeaways

Mark Zuckerberg manned up and faced the music about Facebook in front off Congress on Tuesday and here are the main highlights from the social media titans time being grilled by 44 senators.
social responsibility of facebook and twitter 2018 images

Social responsibility of Facebook, Twitter plus Mark Zuckerberg testimony

Mark Zuckerberg has already made public his testimony before Congress on Wednesday which has many discussing the social responsibility of social media titans like Facebook and Twitter.
87 million and counting for facebook data breach plus mark zuckerberg tips 2018 images

87 million and counting for Facebook data breach plus Mark Zuckerberg tips

Facebook revealed Wednesday that up to 87 million users may have been affected by the Cambridge Analytica data breach scandal plus some big tips on how Zuckerberg needs to handle the upcoming Congressional hearing.
facebook lawsuits begin as mark zuckerberg heads to congress 2018 images

Facebook lawsuits begin as Mark Zuckerberg heads to Congress

Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg realized that he couldn't get out of testifying before Congress about Cambridge Analytica and those privacy problems hitting the social media powerhouse.

Will Mark Zuckerberg finally man up with Facebook problems?

Now that Mark Zuckerberg is being backed into some uncomfortable corners, will the Facebook CEO and co-founder finally man up and take on leadership qualities as his social media platform takes hit after hit?

Just how was Facebook able to get your phone calls and history?

Mark Zuckerberg has suddenly responded with much clearer Facebook security and privacy settings after the #DeleteFacebook movement grew and here's what you can do to keep your stuff secure if you're still willing to hold out for the social media platform. We also break down how Facebook got into this mess in the first place.

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