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new york city financial district view to queens for amazon new headquarters

Amazon’s new New York City, Washington headquarters will create talent fight

Business in New York City and Washington DC are not just worried about losing business to Amazon's new headquarters but losing valuable employees to the retail giant. Here's how they are preparing.
best buy black friday vs cyber monday 2018 images

Best Buy Black Friday vs Cyber Monday 2018 deals

Best Buy has plenty of great deals for Black Friday, but should you wait for a better one on Cyber Monday? We've broken down both sales so you know when to buy and when to wait for that better deal.
amazon black friday deals and steals 2018 images

Black Friday 2018: Amazon kicks in more deals and steals

Amazon is determined the king of Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018 and they've just unleashed more hot deals that are currently running. We've pulled out the hottest deals that are a must for all you early holiday shoppers.
kohls top secret black friday 2018 deals images

Kohl’s secret Black Friday 2018 deals plus what to beware of

Kohl's Black Friday 2018 deals hit, but there's a few secret surprises that were leaked to us plus comparisons to a few other deal.
facebook deleting hate speech posts accounts

Amid NY Times controversy, Facebook makes hate speech progress

Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook are facing a new round of controversy from the New York Times articles, but now they are claiming that they've made significant progress countering hate speech and graphic violence.
amazon black friday 2018 deals images

Black Friday 2018: Amazon’s hottest deals have landed

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018 will be hitting earlier than usual this year, and here are your best bets for Amazon including their early Black Friday deals which are already happening.
net neutrality controversial subject continues after supreme court rejects

Why net neutrality became so controversial

Net neutrality has been around for about a decade, but many have forgotten why it's become such a controversial topic amongst tech geeks and politicians. @realDonaldTrump now wants to stop California from restoring a cable ban.

History and Development of Slot Machines

Have you ever wondered where slot machines came from and why they became so popular? Here's a history lesson to satisfy your questions.
social media making headway with fake news but no winners yet 2018 images

Social media making headway on fake news but no winners yet

Facebook, Twitter and Google have been fighting hard against fake news and hate speech for two years now, and with the mid-term elections coming up, why haven't they been able to control this war?
google walkout after andy rubin sexual misconduct and ipad news 2018 images

Google walkout over Andy Rubin sexual misconduct plus iPad news

Google protest will see hundreds of engineers walking out due to sexual misconduct and Apple installs new screens for their iPads and Macs similar to their latest iPhones.

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