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Can Apple live up to it’s iPhone X hype?

Apple is putting plenty of hype behind the iPhone X, but can it possibly live up to it and expect long-time users to adapt to some major changes?

Comcast sees customers leaving from cord cutting and bad customer service

A return to horrible customer service is also affecting Comcast as people realize there are much better options out there.
twitter ramps up abuse rules but will they actually enforce them 2017 images

Twitter ramps up abuse rules but will they actually enforce them equally?

Twitter is making their rules about online bullying and abuse harsher, but will they actually hold everyone equal on social media. It's doubtful Donald Trump will have to worry about being suspended or banned.
After secret code found and NSA hack, can Kaspersky regain trust 2017 images

UPDATED: After secret code found and NSA hack, can Kaspersky regain trust?

Can Kaspersky ever regain anyone's trust after downloading #NSA hacking tools and ties to Kremlin.

Twitter cracking down on hate speech, but will it go overboard?

Twitter has their heart in the right place when it comes to wanting to stop hate speech online, but it's a fine line when it comes to attempting this which almost always ends in failure or lawsuits.

Understanding the FAA’s proposed laptop ban on all airplanes

The FAA has got a plan to have laptops banned completely from all flights worldwide so get ready for a world where you just have your flying seatmate to entertain you.
get ready for bank credit card selfies 2017 images

Get ready for credit card selfies with Visa’s biometrics

Selfies not just for social media anymore as Visa integrates biometrics into credit cards so you may be required to give one with your next credit application.
What happens to social media under government regulation 2017 images plus

What happens to social media under government regulation?

With Facebook, Twitter and Google proving they can't control 'fake news,' the government is about to step in to begin regulating it as media organizations. Does this mean the end of Facebook or a more honest news one?

How hard is it to hack America’s energy grid?

Much has been made about how vulnerable the energy grid is in the United States by the mainstream media, but is it really that easy for Russia, Iran or China to send us into a massive blackout?

Mark Zuckerberg wants Facebook to make virtual reality mainstream

Mark Zuckerberg using power of Facebook, plus a massive Oculus Go price cut to drive virtual reality in the mainstream.