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Facebook, FTC investigation delay while Google abandons Huawei

A delay is holding up the FTC investigation into Facebook and Google is leaving Huawei up in the air with Donald Trump ban.

Facebook continues fake account fight removing 3 billion accounts

Mark Zuckerberg's social media baby Facebook revealed that it had deleted 3 billion accounts that were fake.

WikiLeaks Julian Assange charged with 17 new Espionage Act violations

In what will be a First Amendment test in the courts, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has 17 more counts added under the Espionage Act.

Qualcomm antitrust slap plus Amazon moves ahead with face recognition

Will Qualcomm's antitrust violations change the smartphone industry plus Amazon fights back against face recognition protests.

Why China sucks as a tech trading partner

China has stolen U.S. technology for decades and gotten away with it. Now Donald Trump has stepped up pressure to force them to stop. Here's how they do it.

Who suffers most from US ban on Huawei?

Huawei says that Donald Trump is being a bully in regard to the United States placing a man on the tech...

Huawei Donald Trump ban gets grace period

Tech giant Huawei got a grace period reprieve from Donald Trump.

Will Donald Trump’s Huawei sanctions hurt American companies?

President Donald Trump has restricted all sales to China's Huawei company, but will this wind up hurting America?

GozNym cyber criminal charged trying to steal $100 million through 41K...

The GozNym cyber criminal ring has been charged by the FBI for trying to steal $100 million through 44 thousand infected computers.

United States quiet on hate speech as Huawei gets Trumped

While Donald Trump likes to halt speech he doesn't like, hate speech doesn't fall into that category as the US won't endorse stopping it. Huawei felt Trump's wrath in an executive order.

Will San Francisco lead the facial recognition technology ban?

San Francisco may be a tech-friendly city, they are voicing opposition to government run facial technology.

WhatsApp hack, Hulu goes Disney while Walmart fights Amazon delivery

WhatsApp was hit with a very sophisticated hack that was deployed with just a phone call. Disney took over Hulu while Walmart fights Amazon with one-day free delivery.