what's next for timesup and metoo movements 2018 images

What’s next for Time’s Up and #MeToo movements

With the #MeToo and Time's Up movement ringing loudly in Hollywood's ears, what exactly does the future have in store for them?
heroes and zeros oprah winfrey vs steve alford 2018 imagse

Heroes and Zeros: Oprah Winfrey vs Steve Alford

Oprah Winfrey is our Hero of the Week as she brings much needed optimism to American for 2018 while Kansas lawmaker Steve Alford is our Zero of the week for pushing racial stereotypes in Donald Trump's United States.

H&M and ‘I don’t see color’ politics don’t cut it in 2018

H&M quickly apologized for that 'Monkey' shirt but it only shows that in 2018 we keep repeating our racist history over and over. Even those claiming to not 'see color' are just as culpable.

Heroes and Zeros: Cardi B versus Elijah ‘Young Hollywood’ Sarraga

Cardi B is our Hero of the week for being such an inspiration for Latina and Caribbean girls while Elijah 'Young Hollywood' Sarraga is our Zero this week for trying to homogenize the look of artist Amara La Negra with 'more Beyoncé and less Macy Gray' comment.

Tariq Nasheed vs Umar Johnson only pushes black community backward

2018 began with Tariq Nasheed and Umar Johnson need a true 'woke' up call.
Donald Trump begins 2018 pushing 'deep state' and saving lives 2017 images

Donald Trump begins 2018 pushing ‘deep state’ and saving lives

Donald Trump proves that he'll continue his ways from the past year into 2018 as he tried to keep that conspiracy theory alive of the Department of Justice being part of the 'deep state' while claiming to save lives in the air.
Donald Trump's two weeks of White House panic 2017 images

Donald Trump’s two weeks of White House panic

President Donald Trump's administration truly kicked into high gear during an intense 13 day period this summer, and it's only gotten crazier since then. Here's what happened during those two weeks.
how #metoo changed history for women and put fear into men 2017 images

How #MeToo changed history for women and put fear into men

2017 saw a shakeup in the political landscape and one of the biggest was the #metoo movement which saw many powerful men brought into the spotlight of sexual harassment and misconduct. Where does the movement go from here?

Republicans excited with tax bill victory

Both Donald Trump and Republicans are very optimistic on the passage of their very controversial tax bill. Here's everything that is in it and the actual tax bill itself.

Heroes and Zeros: USA Today Donald Trump coverage vs Wish

USA Today makes our Hero of the week for their Donald Trump editorial and Wish.com is our Zero this week for an advertisement that sparked some outrage.

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