about those burger king horsemeat burgers and antifa texas church shooter 2017 images

About those Burger King horse meat Whoppers and Antifa church shooter

Fake News Alert: Burger King isn't offering special Whoppers with horse meat, the Texas church shooter wasn't Antifa, Senator Rand Paul assaulted by Antifa thug and Hillary Clinton concession speech rumor debunked.
whatever happened to the women accusing donald trump of groping them 2017 images

Whatever happened to the women accusing Donald Trump of groping them?

With all the women coming forward after Harvey Weinstein, I was left wondering whatever happened to all those women that came forward about Donald Trump's groping them? The fight isn't over for some of them.

The hypocrisy of Donald Trump’s opioid vs crack epidemic

When crack was devasting the black community, it became a 'war on drugs', but while we see opioids spread like wildfire through the white population, Donald Trump's White House calls it a nationwide public health crisis.
roy moores jesus defenders how low can republicans tolerance level go 2017 images

Roy Moore’s Jesus defender; how low can Republicans tolerance go?

When Republicans are able to defend Alabama's Roy Moore's child molestation allegations using Jesus and not 'forcible rape' as a defense, you know why their party is in such a freefall now.
top 5 highlights from democrats election win 2017 images

Top 5 highlights from Democrats election win

Democrats had a big night on election night and here are 5 big takeaways from it.
americans send a strong message to donald trump with democrats win 2017 images

Americans send a strong message to Donald Trump with Democrats win

Democrats had a winning night and Republicans got an idea of what 2018 elections may look like if they continue following Donald Trump over the cliff.
How racist hatred led Brianna Brochu to murder Chennel Rowe 2017 images

How racist hatred led Brianna Brochu to poison Chennel Rowe

More proof that racist hatred is filtering down to our next generation with the story of Brianna R. Brochu poisoning Chennel "Jazzy" Rowe solely due to jealousy and skin color.

When will women stop body shaming other women?

Jan Shedd decided to publicly shame Channel 8's Demetria Oblior solely based on her curvy figure and what she chose to wear on the air which only shows how much further we women have to go to support and love each other.

Who wins and loses with Republican tax plan?

Donald Trump and Republicans are touting that their new tax reform plan will be a big Christmas gift to Americans, but they're mainly talking about a very tiny percent of them. Find out who wins and loses with this version.
john kelly just another example of white mens superiority complex over women 2017 images

John Kelly just another example of ‘white men’s superiority complex’ over women

John Kelly is showing how even 4-star General can get it wrong when it comes how to treat women, especially those of color.

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