donald trumps regulations numbers fact check 2017 images

Donald Trump’s regulation numbers get a fact check

While Donald Trump plans on taking regulations back to 1960s levels, coal miners may suffer. A fact check shows Trump's numbers aren't quite what he claims.

Republicans get Marco Rubio back on tax bill: Winners, losers

Marco Rubio quickly came on board the Republicans tax bill along with Bob Corker bringing the passage of the unpopular bill closer to Donald Trump's desk in time for Christmas.

Doug Jones topples Roy Moore: 5 results from his Alabama senate win

Top 5 takeaways from Alabama making political history as Democrat Doug Jones beat Donald Trump and Steve Bannon's choice for Senate Roy Moore.
what to watch for in alabamas senate race roy moore vs doug jones 2017 images

Roy Moore vs Doug Jones: What to watch for in Alabama’s Senate race

Tuesday is when either Republican Roy Moore or Democrat Doug Jones will be elected as Alabama's next Senator, but the stakes are extremely high for Republicans who are in a lose-lose position.
Clock ticking for Donald Trump, Republicans on taxes, budget, CHIP and immigration 2017 images

Clock ticking for Donald Trump, Republicans on taxes, budget, CHIP and immigration

Donald Trump and the Republicans have an intense two weeks ahead of them as they try to pass their tax reform bill, budget bill along with dealing with CHIP and immigration. The clock is ticking now.

Many Alabama voters plan on Roy Moore except Sen. Richard Shelby

While many Alabama citizens say they'll still vote for Roy Moore no matter about those child molesting allegations, but Senator Richard Shelby won't be casting his vote that way.

Sharon Reed shows how race baiting backfires

CBS new anchor Sharon Reed shows that racists can't hide behind an anonymous email calling out misspelled hateful words as she puts one out on display.

Tomi Lahren fails at Beyoncé race baiting attempt

Fox's Tomi Lahren continues race baiting but realized that trying it on Beyonce was a major fail.
congress uses short term measure to avoid government shutdown 2017 images

Congress uses short term measure to avoid government shutdown

With so much coming from Donald Trump's White House, it's easy to forget that Congress has the threat of a weekend government shutdown looming over them, but it looks like they're devising a short-term answer to prolong that problem.
who will step up to actually deal with rape culture 2017 images

Who will actually step up to deal with rape culture?

Now that so many famous men have been accused of sexual harassment and misconduct, who is going to begin setting standards to stop rape culture?

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