who's behind the $43 million hillary clinton super pac contributions 2016 politics

Who’s behind the $43 million Hillary Clinton Super PAC contributions?

We know with Presidential elections, it always about the money in the war chest, but the 2016 Presidential Election has thrown some curve balls in the way of Bernie Sanders who's raising his by about $27 at a time. Hillary Clinton, of course, came ready with the big bucks
hillary clinton and donald trump leading new york primary 2016 images

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump leading New York Primary

It's no surprise that both Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and businessman Donald Trump and cranking out double-digit leads in New York as the primary is occurring on April 19. As New York isn't a 'winner take all' state, delegates are up in the air
2016 primaries have media worked up but election betters are yawning opinion images

2016 Primaries have media worked up but Election bettors yawning

We've now gone beyond Super Tuesday 3 and there'll be another Town Hall talk for the remaining candidates running in the 2016 Presidential Election, and for some, election fatigue has already set in.

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