nancy pelosi facing democrats opposing for republicans 2018 images

Republicans hope Democrats can disable Nancy Pelosi

Republicans are counting on incoming young Democrats to block Nancy Pelosi from becoming House speaker again, but is it working?
donald trump to the rescue for cindy hyde smith election mike espy 2018

Donald Trump to the rescue for Cindy Hyde-Smith election

Donald Trump is heading south to help out Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith who has been under assault after her 'public hanging' comment which even caused Walmart to ask for a refund.
elliot schrage falls on sword for facebook over definers 2018 images

Elliot Schrage falls on sword for Facebook over Definers

Facebook's problems continue growing as we learn more about their misdeeds, but PR Chief Elliot Schrage took the hit on hiring Definters for #MarkZuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg this time.
donald trump continues lies over thanksgiving holiday

Donald Trump continues his ‘facts’ during holiday break

@realDonaldTrump may be quiet on Twitter this Thanksgiving weekend, but he's not stopping putting out his version of facts to the press on everything from climate change, immigration to Justice Roberts.
donald trump standing by saudi arabia counter to cia claims

Donald Trump’s Saudi facts wrong plus foreseeing 9/11

Donald Trump shocked many by choosing to stand by Saudi Arabia about the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi even though the CIA saw things differently. We check out Trump's facts and also if he really forsaw 9/11 in his book.

Donald Trump breaking John Kelly pledge plus Matt Whitaker probes begin

Donald Trump isn't one that people trust to keep his word, and his pledge to not fire John Kelly looks to be ending soon. Chuck Schumer is beginning a probe into Matt Whitaker and his White House contacts.
stacey abrams with sister election

Fake News: Stacey Abrams election, California wildfires and Planned Parenthood

Fake News Roundup: Stacey Abrams sister, Planned Parenthood ad, California wildfire clouds and Don Lemon's laugh.
donald trump claims he finished robert mueller homework plus veteran claims 2018 images

Donald Trump claims to finish Robert Mueller homework plus veteran claims

Robert Mueller has got @realDonaldTrump worked up again on Twitter as he claims that he's answered all the special council's questions. Facts show that Trump is clearly off on his job improvements for veterans claims.
michael avenatti accused of domestic violence arrested

Alyssa Milano, Dems dump Michael Avenatti after abuse claims

While Alyssa Milano has quickly disavowed Michael Avenatti before he could even tell his side of the story, two of his previous ex-wives have stepped forward to support the lawyer. Will Milano apologize as quickly if these charges are proven wrong?
what to expect from Michelle obama becoming book and tour images 2018

What to expect from Michelle Obama’s ‘Becoming’ book and tour

Michelle Obama's book Becoming is one of the most anticipated political memoirs of 2018, and her tour included 12 stops across America. Here's what you can expect if you're lucky enough to get a ticket.

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