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Donald Trump’s immigration crackdown hits worker visas

President Donald Trump's war on immigration is now affecting worker visas, but how will this work with his Trump Organization who uses them?

U.S. losing fight against China’s Huawei: Folding phone wars

The U.S. government's fight to ban Chinese tech giant Huawei from 5G networks took a hit Tuesday at the world's largest mobile tech trade fair.

Recent cold spell hasn’t frozen out climate change

While America has been in the grips of a cold freeze, this doesn't mean that climate change has been fixed like President Donald Trumps has alluded.

Fake News: Ice Caps, Muslim Holiday and Donald Trump’s Clemson burgers

Disappearing ice caps, Muslim holidays, Barack Obama medals and Donald Trump's Clemson fast food feast were the top fake news stories of the week. Here's the real facts behind these stories.

Michael Cohen is back to haunt Donald Trump again

Donald Trump's problems continue piling up as former personal lawyer Michael Cohen is now set to testify before Congress which will be televised. Will the president suddenly end the government shutdown to distract from Cohen?

Donald Trump’s Crisis Talk Fact Check

Donald Trump's Oval Office speech certainly was able to get the media distracted from Bob Mueller's Russia investigation, but the facts didn't match up with the president's statements. Here's what's real.

Catching up with those Donald Trump investigations

While President Donald Trump has been keeping everyone distracted with his wall and government shut down, here's what's been happening with all the investigations into both him and everyone in his orbit.

Fact checking Donald Trump’s holiday fictions

President Donald Trump made some big claims over the holiday government shutdown regarding both the border wall and getting the U.S. Troops a whopping pay raise. Here are the real facts behind those claims.

Donald Trump can’t get Russia to go away fact check

As Bob Mueller's Russia investigation closes in more, Donald Trump has been spinning out his facts and then contradicting them within a days time. Here's the breakdown on his facts and what is the real truth.

Fake News: Iran’s $150 billion, Illinois taxes and listeria outbreak

Hottest fake news stories included a national listeria outbreak, Justin Trudeau installing a United Nations flag in Canada, Donald Trump's $150 billion Iran claim, and no kneeling at George Bush funeral.