Donald Trump vs American teens: Who will win?

Donald Trump has already sided with the National Rifle Association (NRA) rather than America's teenagers that were slaughtered in the Parkland school massacre, but is the president underestimating today's youth?
donald trump goes on russia twitter rant while having presidents day sale 2018 images

Donald Trump goes on Russia Twitter rant while having President’s Day sale

Donald Trump is spending President's Day holiday weekend slashing prices on his reelection campaign merchandise website and blaming everyone for the Florida Shooting to Robert Mueller's Russia indictment except Russia, of course.
How Facebook and Twitter got played by Russian propaganda 2018 images

How Facebook and Twitter got played by Russian propaganda

U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller's election interference indictment showed how easily social media giants Facebook and Twitter got played by Russian proganda agents. Russian bot continued provoking dissent about gun control after the Florida Parkland massacre over the weekend.
read the devin nunes declassified memo that donald trump released 2018 images

Read Devin Nune’s declassified memo released by Donald Trump

President Donald Trump has allowed the controversial Devin Nunes memo attacking the FBI and Justice Department to be released to the public and here is the full four page document to read.
understanding what the devin nunes memo is about and affect on donald trump 2018 images

Understanding the Devin Nunes memo and affect on Donald Trump

Just what is all the fuss about the Devin Nunes FBI memo that is awaiting Donald Trump's approval to make public and declassify. Here's the main points of why it's important and what you should know about it.
dreamers and deficit causing government budget deadlock 2018 images

‘Dreamers’ and deficit causing government budget deadlock

Just a week after the government shutdown, Republicans and Democrats are in yet another budget deadlock as the subjects of Dreamers and deficit problems bog things down.
Classified Devin Nunes Russian memo check and arresting 'illegals' at SOTU 2018 images

Devin Nunes ‘controversial’ memo waits on Trump, arresting ‘illegals’ at SOTU

Devin Nunes Republican made memo about the FBI and DOJ is awaiting Donald Trump's approval for the controversial documents to be made public and GOP member wants illegal immigrants arrested if they attend the State of the Union address.

Mo’Nique please keep #MeToo, #TimesUp out of your Netflix grab

When celebrities use #MeToo and #TimesUp like Mo'Nique only to shame Netflix for a bigger paycheck, it's only a matter of time before these movements implode.

Jeremy Piven hit with more sexual misconduct along with Scott Baio

Jeremy Piven is denying three more sexual misconduct allegations that surfaced over the weekend while actor Scott Baio is doing the same after being accused by Nicole Eggert of sexually molesting her when she was 15 and he was 17 years old.
viola davis two sides tackles black deaths at hands of law enforcement 2018 images

Viola Davis ‘Two Sides’ tackles black deaths at hands of law enforcement

How To Get Away with Murder star Viola Davis tackles the controversial topic of black men and women being killed by law enforcement officials in TV One's docu-series Two Sides.

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