Donald Trump: Where have all the real men gone?

Republicans have continued allowing Donald Trump to lower their moral consciousness week by week so it leaves us wondering what happened to real men standing up for what they believe in. Sadly, Richard Spencer and David Duke seem to be the ones standing up more than Republican men.

Heroes and Zeros: PayPal vs Jeffree Star

This week in Hero/Zero news, the winner is a company leading the way in the fight against racism in America.

PC Police get it wrong with Tina Fey

Once again, the hypersensitive liberal PC police have gone overboard attacking Tina Fey for making a point with her comedy. This is just another reason why Democrats have a long road ahead of them.

Steve Bannon’s White House exit still won’t save Donald Trump

Just because Steve Bannon has left Donald Trump's side at the White House doesn't mean things will suddenly improve. Actually, expect even more chaos to ensue.
kim kardashian switches sides quickly with jeffree star 2017 images

Kim Kardashian switches sides quickly on Jeffree Star

Kim Kardashian quickly jumped to the defense of Jeffree Star's racist comments until she realized that it was bad for business. Then she made a quick pivot to apologize. This tells us all we need to know about if we didn't already know.
donald trump tweet about confederate statues history

Donald Trump doubles down on Confederate statues while Republicans question competence

Donald Trump hates to be backed into a corner, but rather than surrender, tends to double down. He's doing just that now as he tried to pivot the talk of supporting white nationalists to holding on to America's heritage
republicans keeping quiest on donald trump 2017

Majority of Rebublicans keeping quiet on Donald Trump still

On Tuesday, the good news for America was that we got to learn what was truly in Donald Trump's heart. The bad news for Republicans: they also got to learn what was truly in Donald Trump's heart.
vladimir putin now more trustworthy than donald trump 2017 images

Vladimir Putin now more trustworthy than Donald Trump

Who would have thought that President Donald Trump could wind up making Vladimir Putin look trustworthy next to him?
donald trump supporters still love the white nationalist president 2017 images

Donald Trump supporters still love the white nationalist president

Now that Donald Trump has given his support to white nationalists groups, his diehard core of supporters love him even more now.
kat timpf feels the donald trump white nationalist backlash 2017 images

Fox’s Kat Timpf feels Donald Trump white nationalist backlash

Has Rupert Murdoch finally had enough of Donald Trump? Fox News Kat Timpf feels the backlash.