Top 40 Spiritual Holiday Gifts for All Beliefs

Trying to find the right gift for spiritual people can be a little stressful as you don’t want to offend anyone or make their beliefs feel left out of the holiday season. To take that worry, we’ve pulled together a list for some of the best gifts for spiritual people and broken it down by group. I personally have fretted what to get my Wiccan or Christian friends for years, so it was nice to help others find the right gift because it can be very difficult. Your friends will truly appreciate you took the time to really think about what to get them.

The table of contents below this makes it even easier for you to find the area you need.

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Top 4 Gifts for Spiritual People

Spiritual people enjoy working on themselves to strive for greater levels of compassion. Many take journeys to show faith in their beliefs.

People who practice spirituality have a mindset of awareness. They use specific tools to help expand their consciousness and practice mindfulness.

Those tools can vary from books to scent sticks. If you plan to give something to your spiritual partner/relative/friend, look for a gift that helps them work on themselves. You can also give them a gift that helps them practice their spirituality.

Many people who are spiritual are into yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and other activities. But you aren’t limited to these techniques to find special gifts for them.

Here are our suggestions for gifts that best suit a person with spiritual beliefs:

Books About Chakras

The chakra system is an exciting and vital topic for anyone spiritual. To understand how energy works in the human body, you need to read many books. Books on the Chakras contributes to a sense of balance and healing itself.

Giving a spiritual person a book on chakras can impact their life. People who practice spirituality value knowledge. A book helps them pursue real change and transformation. Any book with spiritual knowledge assists in their spiritual healing. From beginner to more advanced you can find a great deal here.

set of healing crystals top holiday gift ideas 2020


If you want to buy a crystal as a gift for someone spiritual in your life, you may not know which one to choose. There are so many crystals. Here some specific guidelines can help you.

There are many different crystals, but each has its purpose. It would be best to go to a crystal store or online to look at each one’s purpose. Most places online or locally have descriptions of what the crystals help with in life. Look at all the crystals they have and focus on those that best fit the person.

You can even choose crystals that stand out to you the most. Listen to your inner voice and follow your intuition. You can find a great assortment at all price points here.

Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are a beautiful gift for everyone, especially when they are spiritual. Spiritual subscription boxes have various items that contribute to self-care and spirituality. Some come with candles, scent sticks, crystals, herbs, and other gift items. Try to find the box that best suits the person’s lifestyle and personality.

best smudging holiday gift ideas

Smudging Kits

A smudging kit is a tool used as an energy cleansing technique. It originated from the Native American population. It is a ritual of removing negativity in which negative energy binds to smoke and cleanses the room. Herbs, such as White Sage, are the most popular for smudging kits. Think of buying and giving this kit to a person who practices energy cleansing.

Top 4 Gifts to Destress and Relax

If you know someone going through a stressful time right now, a gift to destress will help them. The gift can help preserve mental health. There are a variety of gifts available to help de-stress and relax.

Stress can be the cause of many diseases. It is vital to learn how to control our focus and learn to relax. Some items can help in the relaxation process. They also make an ideal gift for stressed individuals.

therabox destressing relaxing subscription box hot holiday gifts 2020

A Subscription Box for Destressing and Relaxing

A subscription box for destressing or relaxing can consist of various items. These items include candles, body oils, and bath products.

Such products can help an individual relax their mind, body, and spirit. At the same time, they also distract from the stress.

A subscription box can be an ideal gift for someone who needs to learn the importance of self-care. A subscription box for destressing/relaxing is a spa experience. It’s also fun to open the packages each month. TheraBox is one of our favorites.

Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet necklace hot holiday gifts 2020 images

Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet or Necklace

If you want to please your girlfriend, wife, mom, or sister with a gift, give them a useful one. An essential oil diffuser helps promote relaxation throughout the day. An essential oil diffuser bracelet or necklace is a perfect gift.

Jewelry is always a good choice. When you add the relief of stress during daily commitments, it makes it even more helpful.

All it takes is to drop a little essential oil on each piece of jewelry, and that’s it. The scent continues to work during the day. The scent provides relaxation in stressful situations. You can find a great array of them here.

bath bomb candles hottest holiday gift ideas 2020

Bath Bombs & Candles

One of the best ways to relieve stress after a long day full of various obligations is to take a long bath. When you add a bath bomb to a tub full of hot water, it creates a relaxation oasis. Giving the gift of candles and bath bombs raises the level of relaxation in a unique way.

Aromatherapy has a positive and healthy effect on our mood. Each provides relaxation and self-care. Candles and bath bombs are good choices for individuals who are often under stress. You can find a great variety here.

weighted blanket best holiday gift ideas 2020

Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are a great therapeutic tool. They help with relieving pain, reducing anxiety, and improving mood. It is an excellent gift for someone who needs an item supporting the nervous system. They create a feeling of relaxation and comfort. Weighted blankets also improve sleep. You can find a wide variety here at all price points and weight charts.

Top 4 Mindfulness Spiritual Gifts

The term mindfulness represents the practice of training our focus and attention. With the help of this practice, we manage to remain present without analyzing the past or the present.

Mindfulness helps direct our attention to everything that happens around us without judgment. We can then accept all experiences without influencing them. We can learn how to surrender our desires to the universe.

People who practice mindfulness know how much this practice helps stop excessive thinking. It also helps stop worry and distractions from experiencing the present moment.

Gifts that are a real hit for those who practice mindfulness:

mindfulness subscription box hottest holiday gift ideas

A Subscription Box for Mindfulness

A unique subscription box filled with various items is a lovely gift. Some subscription boxes have items that are useful in practicing mindfulness. There are many different ones on the market today.

Some subscription boxes have items related to daily self-care. There are also boxes on spiritual healing, relaxation and spa care, and aromatherapy.

Look for a subscription box that will best suit the person you want to give the gift of mindfulness. Cratejoy has some of the best boxes you can find!

beautiful leather bound tree of life journal perfect holiday gifts


A journal is a perfect gift for those who like to write down their thoughts, actions, or plans. A journal can let their mind roam free. This kind of gift is ideal for journaling about their mindfulness experiences.

There are many different designs. Find one that is peaceful and serene to promote relaxation while writing.

A guided journal is an ideal way to express thoughts and feelings with minimal help in questions. In this way, creativity, self-awareness, and focus exercises help them practice mindfulness. You can find the perfect one to suit you or the one you’re buying for here.

Books on Mindfulness

Reading brings a multitude of benefits. No matter what topic someone prefers, books on mindfulness are an excellent gift.

If someone is beginning to learn about mindfulness, books can be of great help. Get them a book in which teachers and leaders share their knowledge and practices. Some books on mindfulness have exercises in which they can practice.

Help loved ones expand their consciousness through books. A book helps transform their lives through the various practices found in such books. Find the one that suits you or the person you’re buying for here.

lotus ring set holiday gift ideas 2020

Lotus Ring

Our daily lives can often upset our balance and inner peace. If you want to remind someone to stay balanced, a ring with a lotus flower on itself is an ideal gift. In that way, the person will always carry a reminder on their finger.

A lotus flower is a beautiful flower that stands out for its ability to rise from muddy water. It also represents a person’s authentic self and blossoming into expressing themselves. Find your perfect on here.

Top 4 Gifts for Practicing Buddhists

Buddhism began as an Asian philosophy. It is beginning to gain more and more followers in Australia, Europe, and North America.

Buddhism teaches how to reach enlightenment and end suffering in our lives. The ideal gift for a Buddhist relates to meditation, relaxation, art, and statues. Each of these gifts can serve as reminders of their path.

The choice can be challenging, given that there are many options, but some of our suggestions are:

Buddha singing bowls by a bubbling brook hot holiday gifts

Singing Bowls

A singing bowl is a beautiful gift for all those who practice Buddhism. Singing bowls originated in Tibet. Singing bowls come in different materials. They include a bronze alloy of copper and tin, while some craft them with quartz crystal.

A singing bowl produces a soothing sound that allows the person who listens to it to relax. They can be part of a decor that has an essential purpose. People use them in daily life during meditation and mindfulness practices. You can find some great deals on these here.

Buddha Wall Art and Statues hot holiday gift ideas 2020

Buddha Wall Art and Statues

A decorative gift for a practicing Buddhist is handmade and detailed artwork. These make a great present. Any item that depicts the Buddha is ideal. A statue or wall art serves as a reminder of their practice and faith. They can serve as a visual reminder as they continue the path to enlightenment.

The Buddha will give a sense of peace and tranquility. This work of art can be in the form of a painting, statue, or figure.

People usually hang artwork on a wall in a room they meditate in. They also place Buddha statues and fountains in the rooms they frequent. The artwork and statuary contribute to the decor of the room in which they are. You can find one for all price points here.

Water Fountains

Do you want to add the feeling of serenity to a room?

In that case, a Buddha water fountain contributes an element of relaxation to a room. Water fountains come in freestanding or tabletop.

The indoor Buddha fountain promotes meditation, relaxation, and sound sleep. The water in the fountain drips, creating a soothing sound. Find your perfect match here.

zen lotus buddhist earrings hot holiday gift ideas


Specialized jewelry is always a reliable choice when we plan to give someone something with meaning. Buddhist symbols is an excellent gift.

These symbols can include an infinity knot, lotus flower, or Buddha shape. Wearing a reminder of their faith and path can help the wearer to keep it. Buddhist jewelry comes in earrings, pendants, bracelets, and rings.

These gift ideas for practicing Buddhists are practical and functional. They serve them in their daily lives. Each gift adds a feeling of relaxation as an element of their faith. You can find a great assortment here.

Top 4 Yoga Spiritual Gifts

Yoga is a mind and body practice with many benefits for health. People start practicing it for body flexibility and stress relief. But it becomes even more self-reflection soon after. Yoga brings kindness, self-compassion, and self-awareness.

Buying yoga gifts for those people into this style of life make great choices. The gift will be personal, and the recipient will feel loved and carried as you bring them good vibes.

Here are some suggestions:

pefect yoga apparel clothing hot holiday gifts 2020

Yoga Apparel Clothing

Buying apparel clothing can be far more creative and with a broader spectrum of choice than it seems. Yoga sweaters or shirts are perfect for those who like to keep warm while practicing yoga. They are available in a range of sizes. Some clothing is crafted from super soft cotton. And they sometimes come with an inspirational quote.

Yoga leggings are a fun gift to give those who practice yoga. There are many different designs available. Some designs for leggings have watercolor crystals and other spiritual elements.

Non-slip yoga socks prevent slipping on the floor or carpet. They give freedom to move your toes. They come in different colors and designs. With the holiday season, you get some amazing deals too.

Tibetan Singing Bowl hot holiday yoga gifts 2020

Tibetan Singing Bowl

A Tibetan singing bowl vibrates when a person moves the mallet against the bowl’s edge. It creates a gentle yet rich and deep sound.

They are ideal gifts for practicing meditation. Buddhist monks even use them in their sessions. Its music helps you reach mindfulness. The bowls improve silence and your mind’s ability to focus. Find the best deals for quality right here.

Energy Clearing Smudge Spray

A few sprays clean the area from unwanted smells. Energy clearing smudge spray also helps to clear the energy in the room. Use this instead of smudging the house with herbs. It’s an alternative to lighting an herb smudge stick. The effect is also helpful to your mental health, as it clears negativity from the room and the body.

It gives a fresh scent to space and makes a person feels balanced and focused. On the market, there are many organic products with no chemicals or toxins. The smudge spray is an ideal gift to use in an office or home. You can find the right ones here where I always get them.


Aromatherapy is a practice that uses natural plant extracts to reach well-being. It improves your body and mind’s health.

The perfect gift for any yoga lover would be an aromatic body spray. You can also get essential oil or oil for a massage. Aromatherapy also comes in sets that include this and a yoga mat cleanser. Find your perfect gift idea right here.

Top 4 Meditation Spiritual Gifts

Meditation is an excellent way to calm our minds. It helps to improve our focus, relax the complete body, and strengthen our ability to stay in the present. Using specific items in meditation helps with concentration. They can also provide deeper levels of meditative experience.

There are several different items. Each are an ideal gift for someone who practices meditation.

Here are our suggestions for what to gift a person who practices meditation:

Meditation Chimes hot holiday gift ideas 2020

Meditation Chimes/Gong/Tibetan Bowl

Meditation chimes are items made of two rods tuned to almost the same pitch. They may seem to ring in the same tone, but there is a pronounced pulsation of about 12 beats per second.

Meditation Tibetan Bowls is a meditation tool that dates back to ancient times. It is a singing bowl that emits clear sounds the moment the mallet rubs the rim. This sound brings the human brain into a meditative state. The vibrations of the sound have the same wavelength as the brain waves that allow us to feel relaxed.

Meditation Gong is a form of sound therapy that establishes self-healing. This technique originates from Asia. With each stroke of the gong, it creates a feeling of well-being. It comes through the vibration that comes through the sound. Find there perfect one here.

Books with Meditations in Them & Coloring Books

Self-help of any format are an ideal gift for those who like to work on themselves. The ones that have various meditation techniques will help those who practice it.

There are various breathing and meditation techniques. A book can contribute to raising the quality of meditation to a higher level.

Coloring books are also excellent therapy. They represent one form of meditation practice. They are great for improving focus. You find the perfect one right here.

beautiful amazing chakra stones hot holiday gift ideas

Chakra Stones

The stones themselves also send energy that helps in healing. Each stone has its purpose, but the general aim is to magnify or balance the energy or Chakra center we want to focus on.

The stones make a great gift because you can use them during meditation. Each stone has specific characteristics, and a chakra to which the stone corresponds. Find the right stones at a great deal without forgoing quality.

beautiful mala beads hot holiday gift ideas 2020

Mala Beads

If mala beads are something you would like to give to a person who likes to meditate, they help in meditation. They come in different styles and colors. They are also made from different types of crystals and stones. Each different one can also represent a wish the person may want to manifest. They can also promote calmness and relaxation. Find the perfect color and collection right here.

Top 5 Zen Spiritual Gifts

The term ”zen” is a state of calm. You can achieve it through meditation, self-contemplation, and intuition. Zen gifts are perfect for spiritual people. A Zen gift can make a recipient feel great, bringing them peace and comfort.

beautiful Zen Wall Decorations hot holiday gifts 2020

Zen Wall Decoration

Your home is where you spend most of the day, and the goal is to make yourself feel comfortable there. Although Zen decorations make a home beautiful, they also increase spirituality. They can also encourage harmony.

Wall hangings are a great gift. Motifs like stacked stones, a lotus blossom, or the face of Buddha make great Zen art pieces. The art piece serves as a persistent reminder for its owner to slow down and enjoy each day.

For the lovers of more intriguing visual art, the perfect present is a Wooden Hamsa wall decor. The Hamsa Hand is an ancient Middle Eastern amulet and serves as protection. This wall decor should bring good luck.

Yin Yang art has a natural feel and look. It adds balance and harmony to the house. Find the right one here.

Zen Rock Gardens and Sand Gardens hot holiday gifts 2020

Zen Rock Gardens and Sand Gardens

Zen rock and sand gardens are miniatures of traditional Zen gardens. They are ideal for decoration (and for use) of a living room, bedroom, or even a workspace.

The sand set contains a wooden container and the salt grains, while the rock one contains stone and sand. Both come with a little rake to use to relieve stress. Find your perfect one here.

beautiful zen wind chimes hot holiday gift ideas 2020

Zen Chimes

Zen chimes come made from a wooden frame and five silver aluminum rods. Chimes are tuned to G-A-C-D-EB notes, creating a harmonious and gentle yet full sound.

It brings a sense of calm and is ideal for practicing meditation for use at the beginning of the session. Find the perfect one here.

zen clothing hot holiday gift ideas

Zen Apparel

Zen apparel on clothes, a mug, a pillow, or a ceramic ornament is a gift for those who like to live their beliefs. The design varies from minimalist zen signs to humoristic ones. You can find a very big selection and all price points here.

Zen Books

Books are always a good gift because they give both entertainment and knowledge. Zen books show readers how to control their thoughts to reach happiness. One of the most popular is Zen And the Art of Happiness by Chris Prentiss.

You can combine Zen gifts with other passions such as a passion for travel and motorcycles. One of the best sellers is the book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert M. Pirsig. Through his book, Pirsig shares the emotional side of traveling. The book follows his through his journey on a motorcycle across the country. You can find a wide array for beginners to more advanced here.

Top Gifts for Each Zodiac Sign

When invited to a birthday, wedding, or some other celebration, a gift is appropriate to bring. But often we don’t know what someone likes or what is the most appropriate gift for that person.

To determine an ideal gift, we need to ask the person to know what they desire to make them happy. It can be challenging to decide on one thing: the ideal present. If we already know what a given person likes and know their zodiac sign, finding the right gift can be easier.

We have a few gift suggestions based on Zodiac Sign for you:

beautiful astrology sign subscription boxes hot holiday gifts

Subscription Box For Zodiac Signs

Each individual zodiac sign is unique. They have likes and dislikes. Plus, every person has hobbies and styles that differentiate them from other astrological signs.

A subscription box adapted to each zodiac sign can brighten someone’s day. If you choose a subscription box as a gift, you give them a unique way to display their sign. Subscription boxes are fun to get each month.

Some astrological signs prefer luxury, while others are more interested in practical gifts. As boxes are very popular, you can find a great deal here.

astrology sign jewelry hot holiday gift ideas

Jewelry with Zodiac Signs

For all those proud of their zodiac sign, jewelry that displays it is an ideal gift.

Today, jewelry comes in gold, silver, platinum, and other various materials. You can find bracelets, earrings, chain pendants, and rings for any of the zodiac signs.

What makes a great gift is a wooden bracelet. Even better is one that has engraved astrological symbols. Or you may want to opt for a gold pendant in the shape of their astrological sign. The zodiac signs appreciate the gift of jewelry, and there are many options to choose from. Customize the choice for the person you are giving the jewelry to ensure they love it. You can find the kitschy to high fashion here.

astrology sign candles hot holiday gifts


If you decide to buy a candle for your friend or relative, you cannot go wrong with this gift. Everyone would love a candle with their astrological sign on it.

There are candles on the market today adapted to different zodiac signs. Check to see which candles offer the optimal production from soy or wax and desired smell.

Candles are always an ideal gift. They invigorate the mood in a room, spread beautiful smells, and promote relaxation. Find your perfect sign right here.


Is your friend, relative, or partner interested in Astrology? If so, the best gift you can give them is a book on the subject.

Today, there are many books from different authors on astrology. Some books share about Astrology in general. And some share characteristics of the zodiac signs.

Opting for a book helps them learn about this topic while making them happy and satisfied. There’s a wide range of books on this that you can find here.

zodiac sign clothing hot holiday gifts 2020


If you are still unsure about what you could give someone, clothes are always a good choice.

T-shirts or hoodies with different zodiac signs are ideal for those who like to show off their sign.

Keep in mind which zodiac sign you are giving the gift to and try to adjust the person’s clothing style. Find your perfect fit here.

Top 4 Spiritual and Energy Healing Gifts for Healers

Since healers are people who help others heal, they need time for self-care. They also need to give themselves attention, kindness, and compassion.

If you have someone in your life who is a healer and want to give them a gift, make sure it is thoughtful and unique. A gift that helps them focus on their self-care is perfect. Some healers may want gifts they can use to help others. Think about their needs, desires, and what can make them happy.

There are many options to choose from, and these are our choices:

Angel Cards

Angel cards are comforting and present angels on them. Special cards like these can point out what is happening in someone’s life. These cards also help with things a person is trying to avoid, even though it is essential for their growth. Plus, they can point to something the person has not yet accepted. Angel cards are an excellent tool for healers to help with their clients. Giving someone such a gift can strengthen their communication with divine energy. Angel cards are healing for the healer and for their clients. You can find the best array right here.

beautiful Crystals for Healing the Chakras hot holiday gifts 2020

Crystals for Healing the Chakras

Healing crystals are a wonderful gift for any spiritual person who is also a healer. These crystals can heal the chakras by establishing energy balance in the human body. Crystals come in different sets or as individual crystals. Crystals each have a different purpose and meaning.

Giving crystals as a gift helps healers with balance. They can also support their spiritual path. You can find individual ones to box sets here.

gratitude journal hot holiday reiki gifts

Gratitude Journal

Healers are aware of the power of gratitude. Practicing gratitude helps them live in the moment. That is instead of thinking about the past and the future.

They can be aware of how important it is to be grateful for what they have. That makes a gratitude journal an ideal gift. It is a way to show your spiritual friend you understand and support their beliefs. This can be found here.

Reiki Subscription Box hot holiday gift ideasa

Reiki Subscription Box

Reiki and energy healers work with the flow of divine energy. Most use the palms of their hands as conductors of the energy. While some use crystals and other objects to direct the flow of the energy.

If you want to give a gift to a healer and a Reiki practitioner, the Reiki subscription box is the ideal gift. By giving them this gift, you will help that person improve the flow of divine energy. They could also learn new techniques of Reiki and energy healing. A subscription box also comes with a variety of items. Cratejoy has the best when it comes to this.

Top Gifts for Psychics, Intuitives, & Mediums

Need a gift for a psychic, intuitive, or medium? Whether they practice Reiki, own a Yoga studio, or use healing in their work, you can find the right gift. A spiritual gift fits in line with the lifestyle the person is living.

Be creative and try to come up with a gift that will also help them serve others. Psychics, intuitive, and mediums are helping professions. Many of them enjoy touching other peoples’ lives with their gifts.

There are many choices, and some of our suggestions are as follows:

Tarot or Oracle Cards beautiful hot holiday gifts

Tarot or Oracle Cards

Some like astrology, some like numerology, and for some, Tarot or oracle cards are the right choice.

A psychic, intuitive, or medium will use cards to interpret someone’s life. They also use them to understand their current emotional, business, or family states.

Each card represents one page in someone’s book of life for those in love with tarot cards.

Tarot or oracle cards are a good choice for psychics, intuitives, and mediums. They can use the cards to help make decisions or to help others. Find the right pack here.

Astrology Books hot holiday gifts for psychis 2020

Astrology Books

Although Astrology dates to ancient times, it has become popular.

Each of us belongs to one of the 12 astrological signs based on our date of birth. Most people are curious about Astrology. Your special person will enjoy knowing something about their zodiac sign.

Giving them a book also gives them the opportunity to learn more about themselves. A book can be an ideal gift to give to that person to provide knowledge about the subject. Find the right gift here.

beautiful crystal water bottles hot holiday gift ideas

Crystal Water Bottle

Crystals have protective and healing characteristics. They can change energy to a positive vibration and protect against negative energy. Each crystal has a purpose, properties, and use for different reasons.

Gift a crystal water bottle to encourage positive energy for your loved one. As you pour the water into the bottle, it creates a crystal elixir. The crystal infuses the water with its energy. It can also help heal while increasing their wellbeing. Here’s a great selection of all sizes here.

crystals for psychics abilities hot holiday gifts wicca pagan


Everything has energy and frequency at which it vibrates. Still, as we live separated from nature, we lose the ability to feel vibrations. We must reconnect with the natural energy in nature. You can find a great selection here.

Minerals, crystals, or semi-precious stones carry this natural energy. They hold the Earth’s pure power.

That is why crystals are an ideal gift for all psychics, intuitive, & mediums. They can reconnect with nature through crystals. They can also use the crystals to help in manifesting things they want in their life.