BIG BROTHER 1736: Vanessa Does Steve & John Again But Austin Goes Up

big brother 1736 vanessa does john steve in 2015 nominations

big brother 1736 steve john nominated for eviction 2015 imagesThings seemed to not be any different with thisĀ episode of “Big Brother,” and Liz said she wanted revenge on Steve for getting Julia evicted. Steve said he hoped Vanessa or John would win head of household for the week rather than Liz or Austin. Austin said he or Liz need to win head of household to assure they make it to the final four. John said this would be a great time for him to get some blood on his hands. John said he didn’t want Austin to win head of household and Steve said he was miserable seeing Austin in the lead because if he win head of household it would be bad for him. Steve said it was beautiful watching Liz fail the competition. John said this would be a great time for him to win head of household because then he would have accomplished something. Vanessa won head of household for the week and said now she would have to choose one alliance or another. Liz said she thought Vanessa was playing both sides of the house.

John said he felt good about Vanessa winning head of household but that if she got paranoid they were in trouble. Liz said Vanessa could think of her as a threat because they are the last two women standing in the game. Austin said Vanessa’s paranoia were getting the best of her. Vanessa said she had to justify the two people she will nominate for eviction this week. Liz told Vanessa she never gave her a reason to doubt her. Austin said he had to calm Vanessa down so she wouldn’t nominate him or Liz for eviction. Austin said he’d say whatever he had to to anyone just to stay in the house for the week.

big brother 1736 vanessa does john steve in 2015 nominationsVanessa said the smart thing for her to do was target John for eviction. She said she didn’t believe she had an alliance with him. Steve said Vanessa’s strategy wouldn’t help her at all. Vanessa said she needed to make a deal with Austin. She told Austin John had to be evicted and she asked Austin to win head of household next week. Austin said he had to put his own interests first to win the game. He told Vanessa he would honor what she asked him for.

Frankie, a contestant from last season, showed up at the Big Brother house to take Liz to an Ariana Grande concert. Liz chose Vanessa to go with her. After being given disguises so they wouldn’t be recognized, they were driven to the concert in a limo. They got to go backstage and meet Ariana Grande. They both got a gift bag full of her merchandise, including perfume that hasn’t been released on the market yet. Liz said she and Vanessa were dancing the whole night together and they had an amazing night.

Back at the Big Brother house Austin said Liz looked sexy in her disguise. John said he was happy Vanessa had a great time at the concert but it was almost time to choose nominees for eviction and he wanted her to concentrate on that. John said he had to use reverse psychology on Vanessa because nothing else works. He said he hopes Vanessa’s head explodes and somehow he’ll be safe for the week.

Vanessa started the nomination ceremony. She nominated Steve and John for eviction. She said she adored Steve even though they had their ups and downs. She said she respected John as a competitor. Vanessa said neither of them should take their nomination personally. Vanessa said her guts told her she choose the correct people to nominate for eviction. Austin said he, Liz or Vanessa needs to win power of veto this week. John said if he didn’t win the veto he’d be evicted.


Big Brother is ramping everything up so the POV has taken place already with John winning and taking himself off the block. Vanessa replaced him with Austin, making this the first time he and Judas were up there. John is trying different tactics with Vanessa and even as he said, going reverse, reverse, reverse, reverse psychology so him making it look like he’s ready to vote Steve out could be a great tactic to get her to toss Austin out finally.