BIG BROTHER 1733 Steve Takes On Austin & Liz

big brother 1733 julia ready 2015

big brother 1733 julia ready 2015The power in the house shifted once again on tonight’s episode of “Big Brother,” and Liz said tonight reminded her of a category 5 hurricane and she knew she had to win head of household for herself and Julia. Steven said he was relieved to see James go because he was the only one Steve never had an alliance with. John said it was time to have a blood bath. Austin told Steve he didn’t want to put him up for eviction. Austin said it might not be in his best interest to win head of household this week. Vanessa said it was time for her to go after Austin and the twins. Steve said he, John and Vanessa were in good positions to win head of household for the week.

This week’s head of household competition involved players having to figure out which former housemate was not included in baseball card pictures that they saw in a series of photos, one after another. Vanessa said Austin and the twins had to be broken up. John said it was time to stop Austin and the twins from running the house. Vanessa was the first one to be eliminated from the head of household competition. Austin was the second one eliminated and Julia was the third one eliminated. She said if John won head of household he would put Liz up for eviction because she put him up for eviction. Liz said she was rooting for Steve and she didn’t trust John. Steve won this week’s head of household competition. He said now he would have to go after Austin and the twins.

big brother 1733 austin liz nominated for eviction 2015Julia said that Steve better not put herself and Liz up for eviction because whichever one gets to stay will go after him. Steve said he didn’t believe Austin when Austin said he’d throw his game for Steve’s benefit. Liz said she would cut off Austin if he and Steve were conspiring to get rid of Julia.

John said he noticed the twins are all about Steve because he is head of household now. Liz confessed to Julia that Austin is a lousy kisser and she hates his beard. Steve realized if he got rid of Austin Vanessa would be loyal to him. He said he dreaded the possibility of nominating Austin for eviction. Austin asked Steve if he was targeting Liz for eviction and he said he didn’t know yet. Steve said he didn’t know how much longer he could help Austin stay in the game.

Steve said he had a difficult decision to make because he has alliances with everyone in the house. Steve nominated Austin and Liz and said that’s what was best for his game. Liz said she felt betrayed by Steve. Steve said he was killing the alliance between Austin and the twins.