BIG BROTHER 1738: Johnny Mac Out Final 3 Battle & Vanessa Wins HOH 1

big brother 1739 johnny mac evicted final 3 2015

big brother 1739 johnny mac evicted final 3 2015

On Wednesday night’s episode of Big Brother, Vanessa said sending Austin home was the worst thing she has ever had to do in this game. Vanessa tried to apologize to Liz, but Liz wouldn’t listen. John had told Steve he was going to blindside someone at the eviction but it wouldn’t be him. Steve said sheer dumb luck caused him to win head of household for the week. Liz said she was livid that Steve won head of household. Liz said she had to win competitions for Austin and Julia. Vanessa said evicting Austin was terrifying and now Liz would be her biggest hurdle for the week. Liz said she’s alone now because she can’t stand Steve and doesn’t care one way or another about John. Vanessa told John she will take him into the finale. John said he needed Vanessa to feel 100% safe with him.

Steve started the nomination ceremony. He nominated John and Vanessa for eviction. He congratulated them and Liz for making it to the final four and then the ceremony was over. Steve said he didn’t want Vanessa to win the power of veto and even though he is happy she kept him in the house he doesn’t trust her.

At the jury house, Julia and Austin arrived. Julia said being out of the game was hard. She told them Steve was the one who put her up for eviction. Julia said she had no animosity towards Steve. Julia said she was scared for Liz because she’s alone in the house with sharks. Austin said he thought Vanessa played a very flawed game. He said Vanessa blindsiding him was going to make her lose the game and he was going to make sure of it.

Season 12’s Brendan and Rachel talked to Julie Chen. Brendan said he needed to see John win the final competition. Rachel said the bond she and Brendan formed on Big Brother was the same bond she hoped Liz and Austin would share after the show is over.

For this week’s power of veto competition Season 16’s Caleb came in to host. Martial Smarts was this week’s game and it was a karate tournament concerning events that happened in the Big Brother house over the course of this season. Vanessa said if she won power of veto she could choose who goes into the final three with herself and Steve. Liz was the first one eliminated from the tournament and she said she was beyond frustrated and had to rely on Vanessa to win power of veto. Steve was then eliminated from the tournament. Steve said he thought he lost it because he had felt too comfortable being this week’s head of household. Vanessa won power of veto for the week. She said she thought she had repaired her relationship with Liz and now she had to decide if she would take her to final three. Liz said she hoped she could trust Vanessa.

Vanessa said she was using her veto on herself, making Liz the replacement nominee. John said he’s had fun and he knows that if she wanted him to beg she’d be disappointed. Liz said the game has been intense and challenging. She told Vanessa she has always had her back. Vanessa then evicted John from the Big Brother house.

John said he wasn’t surprised he got evicted. He told Julie Chen he would have evicted Vanessa if given the chance. He said he didn’t know what he was doing the whole time and that if he did it again he’d do things differently in the game. John wished good luck to the remaining three house guests and said he thought Vanessa and Steve would be the final two.


Vanessa continues her winning ways as she’s won the first part of the final HOH so Steve and Liz have to battle part 2 of the HOH. Then the winner faces Vanessa and don’t be surprised to see Vanessa take them out too. She’s a fierce competitor. Here’s what Julie Chen had to say about her in a recent interview with THR.

You compared Vanessa to Dr. Will, why don’t you think she owns that she is this strategic player like Dan, Derrick and Dr. Will have done in the past?

I think it’s a little bit more difficult for women to say that they are the villain. I think women have this thing where at the end of the day they want to be liked and that’s what she’s feeling. I don’t think she wants to be booed by the public and that’s why she’s not taking ownership for all her evil doings.

Would fans be rooting for her more if she was more open about her game plan?

Yes, if she played more like Danielle did in season three where every minute she went in that diary room she laughed and had the devil horns. I think people would think she’s a hero, but because she’s being kind of weasely about it people are like, ‘No that’s not what we see, that’s not cool.’

What do you think she likes more: crying or saying the word ‘deal’?

(Laughs). I think it’s a toss up. Probably crying, but she’s good at it because although we as viewers can tell those are crocodile tears it works in the house. It’s very effective. People see what they want to see and they believe what they want to believe and you’d have to be pretty heartless with a woman in full tears asking you for forgiveness or asking you for sympathy. It’s just human nature.

Is her beanie a tribute to Derrick from last season?

I never thought that! (Laughs). No, I think it’s her. She’s not thinking about Derrick. She’s probably like, ‘Derrick who?’

big brother 1738 johnny mac evicted