BIG BROTHER 1734: Judas Comes Out

big brother 1734 judas austin comes to play 2015

big brother 1734 judas austin comes to play 2015It was a rollarcoaster of raw emotions on this episode of “Big Brother.” Liz was in tears that she might be going home. Steve said his number one goal was to break up Austin and the twins. Liz said she didn’t think Steve would be the one to betray them. Steve said he was telling Austin was Austin wanted to hear. Austin said he and Liz needed Julia to save them.

This week’s veto competition was Bowlerina Championships. Steve said he didn’t care what happened as long as Julia didn’t win. Liz won the first round. Vanessa said Julia winning power of veto would be the worst thing to happen to her. Austin won the second round. John said Austin had been his target but now he was trying to get one of the twins evicted this week. John won the third round and Liz said she felt defeated. Austin said Vanessa was supposed to be working with him, not against him and that now he is going to destroy her. Austin won the fourth round too. Austin won the power of veto for the week. Vanessa said she was going to have to do major damage control after Julia challenged Austin in the power of veto competition.

 big brother 1734 judas comes out 2015 imagesVanessa said she had to diffuse the tension between her and the twins. Vanessa cried and said she’d just been looking out for them. She said Austin said it would be in his best interests if Liz or Julia went home. Liz said she learned that Austin is selfish and not the knight in shining armor she thought he was. Steve said he was nervous about what Vanessa was capable of in this game and he didn’t want it to come down to himself and Vanessa.

Austin asked Vanessa what she said to the twins. Vanessa said Austin was attacking her and she could give him a lot of information. Austin told Liz he loves her and he has done everything he could to protect her and Julia. Austin told Liz he chose her over a girlfriend he had at home. Later, Liz apologized and she and Austin made up.

At the veto meeting, Austin used his power of veto on himself. Steve named Julia the replacement. Austin said he had a tough day and he failed to save the twins.