BIG BROTHER 1730: James Ready For Vanessa

big brother 1730 julia meg nominated eviction 2015

big brother 1730 julia meg nominated eviction 2015Things got very tense on tonight’s episode of “Big Brother,” Vanessa said she nominated James and Meg because she doesn’t trust them and putting them up for eviction won’t get blood on her hands. Meg said it had been the hardest week in the game for her. Meg started crying and said that either her or James are going home.

Vanessa said she respected Meg and James as competitors and could tell they had a tight alliance. She also said she’s never had any one to count on in this game. Vanessa told Steve she’s played a pivotal role in every eviction of the season so far.

Vanessa announced the people chosen to participate in the veto challenge. Vanessa picked Julia and Austin and James picked Liz. Meg said she and James were playing for themselves and no one else. John announced the start of the veto competition.

This week’s competition is High & Go Veto. Players each had to go in the house and hide veto cards. The person who hides the veto cards better than anyone else wins the power of veto competition. Meg said this challenge felt very personal to her. James said if he won power of veto he could save himself and hopefully save Meg too. Vanessa said she, Austin, Julia or Liz needed to win the power of veto competition. Liz said she wanted James out of the house and Vanessa said James couldn’t win power of veto. Liz said she has OCD and hates messes, and the house was a mess from people hiding veto cards. Meg said she prayed James’s veto card wasn’t the one she found. Vanessa said James is one of the more sneaky people in the house. Vanessa said she wouldn’t leave the house without the veto card in her hand. Vanessa said she was really bummed she didn’t win power of veto. James won power of veto for the week. Meg said it was becoming a very real possibility that she might be going home this week. Vanessa said she didn’t know who she’d pick as a replacement nominee for eviction.

james going after vanessa big brother 2015 recapVanessa said she knew James was gunning for her to be put up for eviction. Meg said she hoped Vanessa would realize Meg wasn’t the biggest threat in the house. James said he would tell Vanessa if he wins head of household he is putting her up for eviction. Austin told Vanessa James had plans to target her for eviction. Vanessa told Austin Meg has to go. Vanessa said Austin and the twins said John should go up for eviction in place of James. Vanessa said she couldn’t tell them she’d reached an agreement with John that they didn’t know about.

James said he had to talk to Vanessa to give Meg a fighting chance of staying in the game. He asked Vanessa where he and she stand. James told Vanessa she was trying to play the game too hard and Vanessa accused James of trying to insult her. Vanessa told James he was safe this week and she said the more James pisses her off the more likely she is to get Meg evicted from the house.

vanessa has julia meg on eviction big brother 1730 2015Meg said her fate was in the hands of Vanessa and she was nervous. James called the veto meeting to order and told Meg he is keeping it for himself. Vanessa then named Julia as her replacement nominee for eviction. James said Julia needed to be evicted because she, Liz and Austin were very strong competitors.