BIG BROTHER 1724: Vanessa Slides By Again

big brother 17 24 vanessa slides again 2015 images recap

big brother 17 24 vanessa slides again 2015 images recapVanessa proves she’s playing a great game on Wednesday night’s edition of “Big Brother,” Austin said that John made a deal with him and then flaked on it. John said he knew Vanessa was throwing him under the bus and she is his only enemy in the house and the only one he’d go after. Steve told John to stop fighting with Vanessa and get some sleep. Steve said he wanted to help John in the game because he knew John would stay loyal to him.

big brother 17 24 hoh breakdownLiz said it’s been a rough week so she wanted to pamper herself and enjoy being the queen of the house. Liz said she needed to speak to John to determine if he could be trusted. John said he had to play dumb with Vanessa so she wouldn’t blow up is game. He also said everyone who has had a blowup with Vanessa has now been evicted. John said if he aligned himself with Austin and the twins they could take out Vanessa. Liz said that the information John was giving them about Vanessa meant John could work with them.

Liz called the veto competition to a start. The randomly selected players were Austin, Meg, and Steve. Julia questioned why Liz got house guest choice and chose Austin over her to compete in the veto competition. John said he didn’t care whether or not he won the veto competition, he just wanted to show Austin and Liz that he trusts them and wants to work with them. Becky called herself a one hit wonder and said she wasn’t a well-rounded player.

This week’s veto competition was called Otev The Rock n Roll concert. Each round included one song about an evicted house guest and players had to find the stick of butter named after the evictee. Becky said winning the veto is the only way to guarantee she will stay in the game this week. John said it was best for him not to win so he could show Liz and Austin his loyalty to them. John was the first one eliminated. Austin said he had to find Shelly’s butter as soon as possible. Liz said she was scared Becky was going to take the competition. Steve said he didn’t want to win power of veto because he didn’t want to be a target for eviction. Steve was the eliminated from the veto competition. Becky fought Austin to get the correct butter, which was Clay. She said she was frustrated with herself and this competition might cost her the game. Becky was then eliminated from the veto competition. Liz said if she won power of veto Vanessa better keep her mouth shut. Meg was then eliminated from the veto competition and Becky said this sealed her fate in the game. Austin was then eliminated from the power of veto so Liz won that competition.

John said going forward he had to avoid making waves in the game. Becky said even though she lost the power of veto competition she was still going to fight to stay in the game. Liz told Vanessa she thought Becky was a threat to her. She also said that Vanessa was starting to remind her of Audrey. Austin said Vanessa was getting too nervous and questioned if he could trust her in this game.

John said it looks good for him this week because there are other people in the house that are bigger targets than him. Austin said his connection with Liz was growing. Julia asked Liz about the hickey on her neck that Austin left there. Julia said Austin is not the kind of guy you bring home to mom and dad. Vanessa told Steve she was sad and not in a good mood. She said that she was lonely and she felt like she was being targeted for eviction. Steve offered to play chess with Vanessa so she wouldn’t feel lonely. Vanessa told Liz she felt like a fourth wheel to the twins and Austin. Liz said Vanessa needed to get a grip and everyone was “sick of the show” Vanessa was putting on. Liz said she was scared that Vanessa was questioning Austin because she wanted to get him evicted and Liz didn’t want that.

Liz called the veto meeting to order. Becky told Liz that she and her allies were comfortable putting her up for eviction. John said he didn’t want to get evicted this week. Liz said she wasn’t using the power of veto on either Becky or John. Liz said she was keeping Vanessa in the game to protect her and Julia’s position in the house.