BIG BROTHER 17 Finale: Steve Wins & Liz Runner Up

BIG BROTHER 17 finale steve wins liz runner up james favorite

BIG BROTHER 17 finale steve wins liz runner up james favoriteOn tonight’s season finale of “Big Brother,” Liz said she needed to win head of household to be in the final two. Steve was eliminated from the head of household competition, which had two more parts to it. Vanessa said it was time for psychological warfare. Vanessa promised Liz she would take her to the final two and then Liz was eliminated, leaving Vanessa as the winner of round one of the head of household competition. Liz said if she lost part two she’d never forgive herself.

Part two of head pf household was a huge crossword puzzle. All the puzzle clues were from this season. Whoever solved it first would win part two. Steve won round two of the competition, making part three Steve vs Vanessa. Steve said he has to win round three of head of household and Vanessa said the same thing.

Austin said he wanted Vanessa in the Jury house. John then joined the Jury. John told Austin Vanessa brainwashed Liz. Austin said he was pissed Liz trusted Vanessa. All the jury house members said they were there because of Vanessa. Shelli said she was impressed by the game Vanessa has played. Meg said Vanessa just wins competition. Shelli said Steve personally connected with every one of the Jury members. John said he didn’t like Steve’s game at all. Julia said Steve was hysterical when he evicted Jackie and she called him cowardly for that. John said Liz shouldn’t win the game and her nominations weren’t the best for her game. Meg said she was a cheerleader for Liz and Becky said Liz worked better with Austin than without him. Julia said she would vote for Liz to win no matter what.

For part three of head of household Vanessa and Steve competed in Scales of Just Us. Julie Chen read statements made by jury members and Vanessa and Steve had to guess the end of each statement. Whoever got more points would win head of household. Steve won the last head of household for the season.

Steve voted to evict Vanessa. Liz cried, thanked Steve and hugged him. Vanessa told Julie Chen she knew it was a possibility Steve would evict her and she never trusted that he would take her to the final two. She admitted if she won head of household she would have evicted Steve.

The Jury was then announced to the audience. Then they found out Vanessa was joining them. Austin said Steve made an excellent decision and went from a boy to a man. Steve told John he was always doing what was best for him in the game. Liz told Becky she came into the house with a target on her back. She said she aligned with Austin and Vanessa but held her own in the game. Steve told James he did not float through the game, as James accused him of doing. Steve said he made alliances early in the game. Julia told Liz her biggest game  move was aligning with strong competitors. Steve old Jackie that his relationship with Austin helped him when James was head of household. Liz told Austin she deserves to win because she came into the game with a huge disadvantage and did a lot to stay in the house and make people think she wasn’t a threat to their game.

Liz said she came into the game with Julia and said it was a miracle they lasted 85 days in the house together. Steve said he made a lot of moves that mean he deserves to win the game. He talked about Liz’s advantage in Julia. He said his moves in the game weren’t made to hurt others. He said being on Big Brother was a lifelong dream cone true.

Da’vonne said Austin spoke about Judas dominating the game and asked where Judas was at now. Austin said he liked people in the house a little too much and didn’t want to be Judas. Vanessa admitted she is one of top professional poker players of all time. Jason said he was surprised how well she maneuvered through the game. Audrey said she had an overwhelmingly warm response from the world after admitting she is a transexual.

Julie Chen revealed to the audience that Steve won the entire season of Big Brother. She then announced America chose James as the favorite house guest of the season.