BIG BROTHER 1735: Vanessa Keeping the Power

big brother 1734 vanessa in charge recap 2015

big brother 1734 vanessa in charge recap 2015It was a calmer night on this episode of “Big Brother,” Vanessa said she adores the twins but its better for her if at least one of them is gone. Liz said if she leaves the game she is leaving with integrity. Vanessa said John seemed to think it would be better if Julia went home than Liz. Julia said if Liz stays in the house she has a better chance of winning than Julia does. Austin said he wanted to keep Liz because he knows that’s what she and Julia want. Vanessa said it seemed scary to leave Liz in the game.

At the jury house Meg showed up. She said she was surprised she got evicted because she wasn’t a threat in competitions. James then surprised the girls in the house. James said he’d be happy to keep aggravating Meg in the jury house. Shelli said she was still rooting for John and Steve but that Vanessa deserved to make it to the final two.

Liz said she was shocked she and Julia made it this far and that they have learned a lot about each other in this game. She also said no man or any amount of money would become between her and her sister. She said whoever stays is fighting for both of them. Julia said she and Liz have always done everything together. She said she was proud of the way Liz has been playing the game.

big brother 1734 julia evicted liz stays 2015 imagesAustin, Vanessa and John voted to evict Julia. Julia told Julie Chen Liz has been playing an incredible game and that she deserves to stay in it. She said Liz is a fierce competitor and she has Austin on her side. Julia said Austin is a great guy and she loves him and supports his relationship with Liz. Julia said Austin and Liz could make a relationship work and that they may end up married eventually.

This week’s head of household competition is called Under the Rainbow. They had to move eggs through a course, over the rainbow and into a pot. The luxury holder rewards the one who wins it with getting to temporarily leave the Big Brother house. Naturally, we have to wait until Sunday to find out who wins the HOH, but Austin was in the lead when it left off.


This could be another interesting week as poker player Vanessa won the HOH leaving her with some big decisions. Will she be smart and cut up Austin and Liz or give up her chance of the big money going with John or Steve? Her choice will be extremely important as she won’t be able to play in the final HOH leaving her only with the PoV to save herself if needed. If she makes it to the final two, she’s easily got the win as everyone in the jury house really respects her game.