BIG BROTHER 1723: Steve An Evil Genius? Becky John Up For Eviction

big brother 17 steve breaks down

big brother 1723 becky john nominated 2015Power went back to the Sixth Sense side of the house in tonight’s episode of “Big Brother,” and Meg said she was upset that Steve took out Jackie last week. Becky said she felt like she should have been closer to Steve and protected Jackie more. Steve said he tried to throw the head of household competition because he was in good shape in this game. Steve said he was starting to think Becky would have been a better target for eviction and that he feels like he just lost the game. James said in this game you gave to play dirty. Austin comforted Meg, who was upset Jackie had gone home. Austin said he was happy that Jackie went home and that it was huge for him. Meg said she was sorry for not feeling bad for Steve, who seems to regret getting Jackie evicted. Julia comforted Steve because he had kept her and Liz safe and if either of them won head of household this week they would try to protect him. Vanessa also came in and comforted Steve.

 big brother 17 steve breaks downOnce everyone else left the room Steve said his tears were 50% just an act. It’s hard to tell since he was having a mini-breakdown before anyone even came in to the room, and viewers were waiting for him to cry out to his mommy again like he did before. James said the house is split right now and everyone is trying to get an extra vote. Steve asked Meg if she wanted to talk because he owed it to her. Meg told Steve Jackie never had any intention of trying to get him evicted. Meg and Becky told Steve there were no hard feelings and to blame everything on Vanessa. Meg said she was upset Jackie was gone but Meg needed to win head of household to get her revenge for Jackie’s eviction.

steve cries part 2 big brother 17This week’s head of household competition was called Mixed Emojis. House guests had to choose answers to questions based on emojis. James and Meg kicked off the challenge. James said he didn’t want to be up against her. John and Austin faced off and Vanessa and Julia faced off. Becky and Liz also faced off. Meg won round one, John won round two, Julia won the third round and Liz won round four. Meg vs John and Julia vs Liz were the final two rounds. John beat Meg and Liz beat Julia. John vs Liz was the final round and Liz won, securing her position as head of household for the week. She said that now her and Julia’s alliance was back in order. Becky said she was terrified at Liz being this week’s head of household. Austin said Liz being head of household was great for him and that now he was her squire. Becky said she would be safe if Liz was making decisions by herself, but not if Vanessa was helping her make decisions. Becky said she will be Liz’s number one target.

Liz said Becky was her target which was a relief to Vanessa. Austin said the sixth sense alliance is now dead and something new needs to be formed. Becky said she was trying to save herself and she needed to convince Liz and her alliance that Vanessa was not on their side. Austin said he knew Vanessa was angry at him when she was head of household but didn’t know she was trying to get him evicted. James said he had been hanging out with Steve lately, to talk strategy, but that now Steve is growing on him even though they are opposites.

steve james floppy hat brothers big brother 17Vanessa said she, Austin and the twins had to get Steve on their side so they could run the game. Liz said she had information about Vanessa being sketchy but she wouldn’t let on to Vanessa that she knew. The new alliance was named the scamper squad. Vanessa told John she knew he wasn’t being targeted for eviction. Vanessa said she really wanted to be able to work together with John. Vanessa told John she wanted to help him but she wasn’t clear where his loyalties were at. John said he felt like Vanessa had been bullying him by trying to get him to throw under people under the bus. Vanessa said she didn’t know what to do with John but she was trying to pull him into her alliance with Steve, Austin, Liz and Julia. Vanessa then went and told them she wasn’t sure John should be a pawn after the conversation she had just had with him. Vanessa accused John of getting an attitude with her. John called Vanessa out on running to her alliance as soon as they talked. Liz was suspicious about Vanessa based on what Becky said about her.

becky john nominated for eviction 2015 big brother 17Becky said she exposed every detail of why Vanessa can’t be trusted in this game. Liz called for the nomination ceremony to start. She nominated Becky and John for eviction. Liz said John was a veto superstar and he had come close to winning many head of household competitions. Becky said she was worried about Vanessa influencing people to send Becky home this week. John said if he makes it in the house he is going after Vanessa next week.

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