BIG BROTHER 1714: Austin Using Wrong Head On Twins

Jackie celebrated her head of "Big Brother" household status last night while Austin continues thinking he's much smarter than everyone else in the room. Vanessa said she knows she is probably one of Jackie's top targets for eviction because she helped get Jeff evicted.

BIG BROTHER 1714: Audrey Out, Vanessa & Jackie HOH

It was nearly unanimous on last night's episode of Big Brother, and Julie Chen said Audrey's allies have turned against her and speculated that Audrey might leave the house without being evicted.

BIG BROTHER 1713: Shady Audrey Gets Blocked

Audrey finally sees some karma turnabout on tonight's episode of "Big Brother," Shelli said she was changing her mind about putting Jason up for eviction. Audrey told James she was pissed at Shelli for betraying her because she has been loyal to Shelli.

BIG BROTHER 1712: John Remains Professional Nominee

On Sunday night's episode of Big Brother, Liz said if she and Julia can make it through the next two evictions unscathed they can play the game together. Jackie said she felt alone now that Jeff was evicted.

BIG BROTHER 1711: Austin Goes Dark & Jeff Goes Home

Austin brought out his dark Judas side on Big Brother, and Jeff said it was obvious Vanessa was trying to get rid of him. Jason said he was annoyed that Audrey keeps getting spared from eviction.

BIG BROTHER 1710: Austin Gives Jeff Judas Treatment

Austin was able to work his 'Judas' side on Jeff last night on Big Brother, and Vanessa said she wanted Jeff or James gone even though everyone else was targeting Audrey for eviction.

BIG BROTHER 1709 James & John On Block

On last night's episode of Big Brother, Audrey said there was bad blood between herself and Vanessa. Julia confessed to Vanessa that she is playing the game with her twin.

BIG BROTHER 1708: Da’Vonne out Rob Gronkowski In

On tonight's episode of Big Brother said Meg is the pawn for the week because no one will vote to evict her. Jason said he felt like his soul was crushed at the thought that Da'vonne might get evicted. Shelli started to feel bad about trying to evict Da'vonne.

BIG BROTHER 1707: Da’Vonne Keeps Fighting

On tonight's episode of Big Brother, Shelli said being head of household has its perks. Jason said he was relieved he was safe this week but was worried Da'vonne might go home.

BIG BROTHER 1706: Audrey’s Dysfunction Continues Being Success

The dysfunction and miscommunication has really set in on tonight's episode of Big Brother, as Shelli said she was really nervous and excited about being head of household.

BIG BROTHER 1705: Jace Out & Kathy Griffin Calling In

Jace was still reeling at being put up on the nomination block next to Jackie on last night’s Big Brother as the two houseguests up for eviction but Jackie knew that Jace had a much bigger target on his back than she did so she planned to remain calm and avoid causing drama.

BIG BROTHER 1704: Jace Streaks & Da’vonne Shreiks

Tensions mounted on last night's episode of Big Brother 1704, Jason and James discussed how many votes Jace would need for eviction this week. Meanwhile, Jace assured Steven that he had his back in the game.