BIG BROTHER 1731 Meg & James Out Steve In

big brother 1731 meg james evicted recap 2015 images

big brother 1731 meg james evicted recap 2015 imagesIt was double eviction nite on last night’s episode of “Big Brother,” Meg sarcastically thanked Vanessa for nothing. James said if Julia doesn’t get evicted people are missing the chance to break up the alliance between Austin and the twins. John told Vanessa he needed to piss some people off on the jury. Vanessa said the whole jury hates her and she went against Austin and the twins for John’s sake. Vanessa and John talked about the fact that no one in the house knows they have an alliance.

Steve said getting rid of Julia would be an advantage to other house guests. Vanessa told Steve that Meg and James will never work with them. Steve got sick from the stress of trying to decide who to evict. Meg said she’s lost a lot of friends in this game and she has played as an independent individual. Julia said she was happy she got to know everyone in the house and she needs to prove Zingbot wrong.

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Liz, Steve, John and Austin chose to evict Meg. James voted to evict Julia. Meg told Julie Chen she felt like there was a plan to get James out of the house and she is happy he’s still there. Meg said she didn’t regret helping get Shelli evicted. She said she never knows how to take Vanessa and that she always wanted Vanessa out of the house.

This week’s head of household competition is the BB Road Trip. They were shown pairs of photos and had to answer true/false questions about the photos. Liz won head of household for the week. She then nominated James and John for eviction.

This week’s power of veto competition is called boomerang. Each player got two shots to roll a ball around a boomerang into a slot with a number value attached to it. The player that gets the highest score wins power of veto for the week. Julia won power of veto and had to quickly decide if she was going to use it. James said he appreciates everyone’s friendship and he loves the game. John said it would be awesome if Julia used her veto on him but she chose not to.

James asked the house guests to keep him in the game because he is doing it for his daughter. John asked them to please vote for him to stay in the house. Austin, Julia, Steve and Vanessa voted to evict James. James said he knew he was a huge threat in this game and he knew he’d be the next to go. He said he was out of the loop while he and Meg were up for eviction. Julie asked him why he didn’t play the game aggressively and he said because those people always get evicted.


After the double eviction intensity where Meg and James were sent to the jury house, Steve won HOH yet again, so we know that he’ll be calling out for his mommy again along with scrunching his face and talking about how it’s too intense for him. Then he’ll do what Vanessa wants since she can bully him into real fierce. It’s now that time in the game when everyone’s realizing they should have made better moves. Would Vanessa have ousted Meg and James if they’d talked more to her about Austin?

Now that the house has two divisions of three with Vanessa gleefully jumping among both, watching her neurotic paranoia kick in overdrive should be interesting to watch.