BIG BROTHER 1722: Becky Banished & Shelli Jackie Evicted

big brother 1722 shelli evicted 2015

big brother 1722 shelli jackie evicted 2015Becky felt the house turn against her wishes on last night’s episode of “Big Brother,” and Vanessa said she was upset she and Shelli are up for eviction. Shelli said she wouldn’t put anything past Vanessa. Vanessa said she is hurt and confused after Becky put her up for eviction because she broke a deal between the two. Vanessa called Becky cold hearted right to her face. Vanessa said she thought she could count on Steve’s vote but now he was being sketchy and it was pissing her off. She said she felt betrayed by Steve. Vanessa said she hoped she could give James a reason to keep her in the game. James said he wondered why he ever wanted to support Becky and do her bidding in the game.

 big brother double eviction 2015Julie Chen then announced to the house guests that tonight is double eviction night. The two evicted tonight become the first two members of the jury. Shelli wished Jason a happy birthday and said the house was boring without him. She then said she loves all the other house guests. Vanessa said she was happy chasing something eternal and life wasn’t about the destination for her.

Austin, Steve, James, Meg, Julia, John, Liz and Jackie voted to evict Shelli, sparing Vanessa for now. Shelli told Julie Chen that James and Vanessa had a lot to do with getting her evicted and that she felt betrayed by Vanessa. She said she didn’t regret having a show relationship with Clay. Shelli said she is rooting for Steve and John now and that she had been close to Steve since the beginning of the season.

big brother 1722 shelli evicted 2015Videos of house guests from earlier in the season were used for this week’s head of household competition. They had to guess if each statement made about the game is true or false. Whoever gets the most correct answers wins head of household for the week. James, Liz, Meg and Jackie were eliminated from the head of household competition first. Julia and Vanessa were then eliminated as well. Steve won head of household for the week and was told he had to nominate two more house guests for tonight’s second eviction.

 big brother 17 hoh contest 2015Steve chose Meg and Jackie to nominate for eviction but he said it wasn’t personal. This week’s power of veto competition they had to roll a ball down a ski slope and get a ball in each of the three holes in the slope. Balls are numbered and they have to be sunk in order. John won the power of veto for the week.

The second veto meeting then began. Meg said she has played an honest and loyal game and she really wants to stay in it. Jackie said she felt like she had no dirt on herself and she’d never go after John. John refused to use his veto.

In the second live vote, Vanessa, John, Liz, Julia and James voted to evict Jackie. Becky voted to evict Meg. Julie Chen said Jackie’s game seemed to come to life after Jeff got evicted and she called him the life of the house. Jackie again said she felt like she played a loyal game and then she was sent to the jury house.