BIG BROTHER 1727: Austin’s Girlfriend Zinged With Liz

big brother 1726 john going home recap 2015

big brother 1726 john going home recap 2015John knows his time is pretty much up on tonight’s episode of Big Brother,” Austin said he didn’t put Vanessa up for eviction because she might have to go up for eviction if the right person wins power of veto. Vanessa thanked Austin for not putting her up for eviction. Austin said he was telling Vanessa what he knew she wanted to hear.

Austin called everyone for the veto competition. The players randomly selected were Vanessa, Meg and Julia. Steve hugged Vanessa for making it into the competition and said he wanted to rebuild his relationship with her.  Julia said she was concerned that Austin doesn’t know who he is targeting this week.

Zingbot came into the house to entertain everyone. James said Zingbot is jealous of him for sleeping next to Meg. Steve admitted to Zingbot that he’s nice to his mother. Zingbot joked that John’s back is hairy. Zingobot then announced the start of the veto competition. Zingbot told Liz that Austin has a girlfriend at home. Austin said the woman was his ex.

big brother 1727 autin girlfriend zinged 2015 imagesJulia went in the yard to see how to play the veto competition. This one is about identifying Zingbots that look like house guests already evicted this season. Whoever identifies them all the fastest gets power of veto for the week. Steve said he felt good that he could beat Julia’s time. Steve said he had to win even though he’s been told he’s safe this week but he finished it in a longer amount of time than Julia. Steve said he would still be OK this week as long as everyone keeps to what they’ve said they’d do. Austin couldn’t beat Julia’s time either. Austin said if he and the twins can make it through a few more rounds they are home free. Vanessa said she had to win power of veto to ensure her own safety. Vanessa beat Julia’s time. John said in the back of his mind he felt like he’d been lied to all week and he needed to win this veto to stay in the game. He also said he messed up the competition and felt like an idiot. John said he felt crushed and he felt like he was dead. Meg said she wanted to prove to Zingbot that Meg’s gameplay doesn’t suck. Meg came close to beating Vanessa’s time but she didn’t, so Vanessa won power of veto for the week. John said he was in trouble and he needed to regroup from here but that it looked like he was going to jury. Austin said he hoped he could work with Vanessa.

John told Vanessa he is alone in this game and he felt like everyone wanted to keep Steve instead of him. John said he’s dead in the water and he might have to make a deal with the devil. So he told Vanessa if she wanted to work with him he had no one else. Vanessa said she and Austin had to discuss all potential options since she has power of veto this week. Vanessa told Austin James is a dumbass and  Austin shouldn’t like him. Austin said he is working with Meg and James now and he can’t turn against them. He also said if he got either of them evicted and they came back in the jury house they would target him. Vanessa said she felt like she was being targeted. John said his back is up against the wall and its not looking good. He also said he is trying to get Vanessa to use the power of veto on him. Vanessa said she was looking out for Steve in this game but now she knows he took her for a fool. |Vanessa told Steve to leave her alone but then she talked to him privately. Steve admitted last week there was an alliance to try and get Vanessa out of the game. Vanessa got mad and stormed out of the room.

big brother chart deals 2015 1727John said it would probably hurt Vanessa’s game if she used the veto on him. Vanessa said she feels alone in the game and betrayed by people she was close to. The veto meeting was then called to order. Steve congratulated Vanessa for winning veto and said he’d respect her decision. John said he felt like asking her to use the veto on him wasn’t going to go well. Vanessa said she won’t use the power of veto on John or Steve. John said he would do whatever he had to do to stay in the game and if Steve had to go he didn’t care.