‘Better Call Saul’ 210 Don’t Klick and Chuck’s Con for Jimmy

Maybe "Better Call Saul's" Chuck just forgot that his dying mother had called out for Jimmy with her last breath. Probably slipped his mind in a time of great despair. Or....Chuck is just as rotten as he appears.

‘Better Call Saul’ 209 Jimmy and Hector get Nailed

Jimmy got nailed this week...sorta. And Mike nailed Hector to the tune of $250,000. This week's showing of Better Call Saul was one of the best of the season and may end up better than the finale that was set up so nicely by 'Nailed.'

‘Better Call Saul’ 508 Fifi and new lows

Only Donald Trump can stop what we saw in the opening scene of "Better Call Saul" this week. No way the Trumpster would allow an ice cream truck to pass through border inspection and head to Hector Salamanca with an illegal payload intact.

‘Better Call Saul’ 207 Inflatable where Jimmy Gets Fired

So maybe Chuck was wrong about his little brother skimming money from their old man's store back in the day. It looked like the missing $14K over the years might have been through the dad giving handouts to every hard luck story that walked in the door.

‘Better Call Saul’ 204 Gloves Off recap

"Better Call Saul's" Gloves Off was one of those episodes that makes you crazy. I love Jimmy, but he thinks he can just smooth over any problems he creates. Saying sorry over and over again can't erase some things

‘Better Call Saul’ 206 Bali Ha’i aka Jimmy ready to cut...

What can I say about "Better Call Saul's" Jonathan Banks? Without him on board for this show, I would still watch and be entertained. But damn does his character take the show to a whole new level.

‘Better Call Saul’ 205 Rebecca recap

For this episode of "Better Call Saul" called Rebecca, it's starts with a wow. Chuck McGill actually found a woman who agreed to marry him back in the day as we get a look at a flashback in the open.

‘Better Call Saul’ 203 Amarillo recap

"Better Call Saul's" Jimmy McGill may not do his lawyering by the book, but the guy is damn effective. It may take bribing a bus driver for the Sandpiper company in order to get new blue hairs to sign up for the class action lawsuit

‘Better Call Saul’ 202 Cobbler kicks season into gear

Better Call Saul hit on all chords in the second episode of 2016.

‘Better Call Saul’ 201 Switch back on

When we last saw our "Better Call Saul" boy Jimmy McGill, he was getting over the betrayal of his brother who thought the law was too good for the likes of his little brother Jimmy.

BETTER CALL SAUL Marco Ep 110 Recap: Jimmy 2.0 Coming Soon

Bob Odenkirk did what many people thought impossible with Better Call Saul. He has made a spinoff worth “'Breaking Bad” fans' time. His efforts as the slick but flawed Jimmy McGill have kept us all interested in his story during the pre-Heisenberg era.

BETTER CALL SAUL Ep 109 Recap: Chuck & Jimmy’s Betrayal

This week on Better Call Saul, some people showed their true colors, and it was a disappointing but interesting twisty surprise. Would the real Chuck please stand up! I’m sorry that the real big bro did show his true self. Besides Jimmy being back stabbed this week, there were some highlights.