Better Call Saul Ep 5 Recap: Elder Care & Alpine Shepherd Boy

better call saul chuck mcgill steals old womans newspaper felony 2015

Better Call Saul Ep 5 Recap Elder Care & Alpine Shepherd Boy

This week’s episode of ‘Better Call Saul‘ wasn’t as good as the past couple weeks. It still wasn’t bad at all though. Put it against most other shows out there right now and it is near the top of the heap.

better call saul chuck mcgill steals old womans newspaper felony 2015

We start off with the ramifications of stealing a newspaper from a senior citizen. Chuck got a visit from the police after the old bag down the street reported his theft of her fish wrap. What’s the over / under on the age it takes to one, still have a newspaper subscription, and two, call the cops if yours is stolen? I say 64. The police eventually got inside despite Chuck using some crafty lawyer talk about reasonable cause to enter a home. For good measure they tase the harmless guy. In their defense, he does seem like a wacko. He is in fact a wacko.

better call saul crazy redneck patriot client 2015

Jimmy has a hell of a time this week as he makes the rounds to potential new clients who sought him out after his billboard stunt. He meets a filthy rich guy with tons of land who appreciates Jimmy’s bravery. This fellow wants to secede from the USA and is willing to take the court fight as far as necessary. Jimmy nearly wet himself at the prospect of billing this guy $450 an hour for years on end. This looked like his first huge score as a lawyer…until the secessionist brought out the $500K in funny money with his own photo where Ben Franklin belonged. Dead end with this one.

better call saul sexual childs toilet 2015

The next stop involved some patent work with an amateur inventor who thought he had the next big thing in potty training for kids. What he actually had was the dumbest, most ill conceived, and creepiest device ever. Jimmy wasted no time getting away from this kook. His last stop looked to be another headache. He was to help an elderly lady with her will. She had the money to pay, but it was quite a slow process. Jimmy showed that he really is sharp and focused on the clients he has, when he was able to remember the details about the figurines’ new owners once the granny passed on.

better call saul with brother chuck in hospital 2015

Kim enjoyed hearing Jimmy’s stories of the day and lets him know that elder law would be a good specialty. She gets alerted about Chuck’s situation from Howard Hamlin. When they get to the hospital, Jimmy immediately starts turning out lights and switching off equipment. He truly loves his brother and even though he knows his sibling’s behavior is nuts, he still tries to make him comfortable. The doctor proves that it’s all in Chuck’s head as she switches on the hospital bed power when he isn’t paying attention. He never flinches. Jimmy still won’t have his brother committed however. He can’t stand the thought of the man he admires so much being locked away as a fruit loop. Dude is crazy though, make no mistake. Jimmy could benefit greatly financially if he did have Chuck committed since Howard Hamlin would be forced to make a big payout to the guardian of his brother….Jimmy. But Jimmy does not go in that direction since he loves his bro and is at heart, pretty decent.

Jimmy had to talk about the billboard stunt once he gets Chuck safely home without a straight jacket. He tells Chuck that he just needed some publicity  and he should do well now that his name is out there. No more Slippin’ Jimmy he tells big brother.

better call saul works eldercare business 2015

In one of the slickest marketing ploys ever, Jimmy watches a ‘Matlock‘ episode to get a feel of how Andy Griffith dressed for the role. In case you are unaware, old people love them some Andy Griffith as Matlock. If Jimmy can dress in a similar fashion, he should boost his connection with the elders he may be targeting for wills and estate planning. Dude is smart. Not as smart as Matlock, but plenty sharp.

Jimmy shows up to a senior citizens center with a jello cart and a new Matlock suit. He is glad handing as the residents enjoy the tasty treats that have Jimmy McGill’s photo at the bottom of the container. This is legit work that he can survive on and maybe even thrive with. Obviously he is going to get into some dirtier business relationships, but this shows Chuck he is a serious lawyer and keeps money coming in when there’s not a Betsy Kettleman to hand over a stack of cash every month. Having normal clients is a good cover for the shady stuff that comes later.

Everything is looking up for Jimmy. Chuck is on a downward spiral straight to a cushioned room, but Jimmy has some positive momentum. Jimmy even manages a civil conversation with Mike at the toll booth. Mike isn’t exactly hugging the lawyer, but they are cordial. Jimmy even has the right amount of stickers this go around. Amazing.

better call saul mike story kicks in 2015better call saul mike story kicks in 2015

We get a small glimpse of Mike at the end of the episode. He has a boring job obviously. This is a far cry from what he used to see on a daily basis as a cop. He gets off work in the morning to head to a diner then waits in his car as he watches a young lady leave her house. I’m assuming this is his daughter and there is some friction since she sees him in passing and stops, but doesn’t speak to him at all. If you’ll remember from ‘Breaking Bad‘ he visited his granddaughter regularly. Once Mike gets back home, his TV watching is interrupted by some cops at the door. Apparently they are from his old days on the beat. It appears Mike left on a bad note or under suspicious circumstances since police from his former home city have come to New Mexico looking for him. I have a feeling he is going to need that card that Jimmy gave him during their special moment at the toll booth last go around. Better call Saul!