Celebrity Gossip Recap: Gaga Plunges, Madonna Raves & Glee Ends

kim kardashian wears same dress as rita ore for madonna party 2015

Celebrity Gossip Recap Gaga Plunges Madonna Raves & Glee Ends

This week’s celebrity gossip roundup includes births, deaths and shocking occurrences and events. First up comes the news that The Chew co-host Sara Gilbert and her wife Linda Perry welcomed their son into the world on Saturday. Gilbert’s co-host Julie Chen announced the birth on Monday’s live broadcast of The Chew. Viewers of the show first learned of Gilbert’s pregnancy when she had to back out of a segment that involved performing a stunt for the audience.

hillary duff divorces mike comrie 2015

In news that probably doesn’t surprise anyone, Hilary Duff recently filed divorce papers to end her marriage to Mike Comrie. Though she had been holding out the hope that the two could reconcile, Mike’s actions at a hotspot in Beverly Hills, California called Mastro’s. A source at the scene stated that Mike was blatantly flirting with his waitress who didn’t respond to the flirting. He then turned to another woman in the restaurant and reportedly threw her cash and requested that she sleep with him. Mike was said to have been drunk at the time.

ludacris cheats justin timberlake with eudoxie pregnant pic 2015

Over the weekend Ludacris posted a picture online of wife Eudoxie clearly showing a pregnant belly. In the picture Ludacris was kissing her belly while she smiled for the camera. The caption under the picture stated that is a beautiful day for the couple.

lady gaga and taylor kinney do polar plunge 2015

This past weekend newly engaged couple Taylor Kinney and Lady Gaga were two participants in Chicago’s 2015 Polar Plunge. Lady Gaga posted pictures on her Instagram account and stated how happy she and Taylor were to be participating in the charity event, which raises money for the Special Olympics.

leonard nemoy dies 2015

The saddest news out of Hollywood right now is that legendary actor Leonard Nimoy, better known to fans as Star Trek’s iconic Dr. Spock, passed away last Friday at the age of 83, just weeks before he would have celebrated his 84th birthday. The actor had reportedly been in the hospital fighting COPD, which took his life. It was only last year that he was diagnosed with the medical condition that led to his tragic death.

kim kardashian wears same dress as rita ore for madonna party 2015

Poor Kim Kardashian just can’t get a break as she recently arrived at a party marking the longtime career of Madonna, wearing the same exact dress as another party guest. As if that alone wasn’t bad enough the guest that was wearing the same dress was Rita Ora, Kim’s brother Rob’s ex -girlfriend. Reportedly the only difference between the two women’s outfits was that Rita had on a choke collar and Kim was boasting a high neckline on her dress.

keeping up with the kardashians inks new deal 2015

In better news for Kim Kardashian and her family, they recently reached an agreement with the E! Entertainment Network, that involved a deal worth $100 million. This will continue the family’s reality show on the network for the next four years. In the history of the E! Network they have never paid such a large amount for another show. However, Bruce Jenner, who recently divorced the family’s matriarch, Kris Jenner, will no longer be a part of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians cast. Instead he will have his own show on the network that will follow him as he transitions from being a man to being a woman.

madonna with lady gaga future pop 2015

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone Magazine Madonna spoke of Lady Gaga and how many in the industry believe Gaga is trying to become the new Madonna. She admitted to being a fan of both Lady Gaga and Kanye West and that her only problem with Lady Gaga was when Madonna felt that Gaga had ripped off a song that Madonna had made her own. She also said that though she doesn’t always agree with Kanye West she loves his music.

Speaking of Madonna, during her performance at the 2015 Brit Awards she went to remove a cape that she was wearing and promptly lost her balance and fell down the stairs of the stage, with her back to the audience. The fall only disrupted her performance for a few seconds and then she was back on track.

bobbi kristina brown forever in coma bobby brown 2015

The news surrounding Bobbi Kristina Brown has not improved in recent days. Though she was brought out of the coma her doctors had placed her in she is reportedly showing no signs of improvement. After being woken up Bobbi Kristina proceeded to have multiple seizures that were described as violent. As a result, her doctors put her back into a medically induced coma.

mirjana puhar killed with boyfriend 2015

Tragically, Mirjana Puhar, a former “America’s Next Top Model” contestant, was killed in North Carolina after a triple murder took place in her boyfriend’s house. At only 19 years old, Puhar’s life was cut short after she moved in with her boyfriend. An alleged drug deal gone wrong resulted in the deaths of not only Puhar, but her boyfriend and his roommate as well.

guliana rancicn racist slurs for zendaya 2015

At the recent Oscars telecast, Guliana Rancinc was under fire after making a comment deemed racist. The comment was directed towards Zendaya, an 18 year old singer that appeared on the awards show wearing dreadlocks in her hair. Rancinc issued a formal apology on a subsequent telecast of E! Entertainment News.

demi lovato recovering from bipolar breathing flu 2015

Ailing Demi Lovato was recently taken to the hospital after breathing became difficult. Due to the flu Lovato was diagnosed with a lung infection. Doctors reportedly prescribed the singer medication to restore the health of her lungs.

naya rivera pregnant glee 2015

Glee actress Naya Rivera has announced that she and her husband are expecting a baby. The actress took to her blog to make the announcement and to state how happy the couple is to be expecting their first child. The two have been married since the summer of 2014 when they wed in Mexico.

leah michele takes home cory monteith glee jersey 5 2015 images

Speaking of Glee, the show taped its final episodes recently. Before cast member Leah Michele left the stage for the final time she took with her the jersey her deceased boyfriend and fellow cast member had worn for the show.

That’s it for this week’s celebrity gossip. Check back next week for the latest.