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EMPIRE 202 Without A Country aka Rise of Dynasty Recap

Here we are at episode two of season two of Empire and things are heating up for sure. This season is rolling out like the first one with the action stepping up very quickly.

Celebrity Gossip Recap: Gaga Plunges, Madonna Raves & Glee Ends

This week’s celebrity gossip roundup includes births, deaths and shocking occurrences and events. First up comes the news that The Chew co-host Sara Gilbert and her wife Linda Perry welcomed their son into the world on Saturday.

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Jussie Smollet Out, Ludacris Fertile & Jesse Holley Moron

Today in celebrity gossip news, there’s a lot going on (like when is there ever not a lot going on right?) so let's just dig right on in to it.

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