Top 10 Head Coaches in NFL Today

sean payton new orleans saints top 10 nfl coaches 2015

Top 10 Head Coaches in NFL Today

No one can deny the importance of a good head coach in the NFL. Often times when a team is struggling, the coach is the first to go. It’s not an easy job, but someone’s got to do it. Here’s a list of the top 10 head coaches still in the NFL today (NOTE: Bill Belichick has been held off the list due to yet another cheating allegation):

bruce arians top ten nfl head coaches 2015

Bruce Arians—Arizona Cardinals: Arians need a few more seasons under his belt before making it further on the list, but his accomplishments in 2012 with the Indianapolis Colts won him the AP Coach of the Year award and a spot in this conversation.

jeff fisher top ten head coaches in nfl 2015

Jeff Fisher—St. Louis Rams: Fisher hasn’t made the playoffs since 2008, but he has been a head coach for 20 seasons now. Fisher has earned the respect of everyone in the business, and he did led the Tennessee Titans to a Super Bowl in 1999.

lovie smith top 10 nfl head coaches 2015

Lovie Smith—Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Smith’s first season with the Bucs may not have gone perfectly, but he had an fantastic stint with the Chicago Bears, including a Super Bowl appearance in Super Bowl XLI…with Rex Grossman at quarterback. Impressive.

andy reid top 10 nfl head coaches 2015

Andy ReidKansas City Chiefs: Reid took a 2-14 Chiefs team to the top of the league in only one season. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget those five NFC Championship Game appearances and one Super Bowl with the Philadelphia Eagles.

mike tomlin top ten head coaches 2015

Mike Tomlin—Pittsburgh Steelers: Tomlin took over for the legendary Bill Cowher and never looked back with the Steelers franchise. Two Super Bowl appearances and one ring later, he’s number six on the list.

mike mccarthy top 10 nfl head coaches 2015 images

Mike McCarthy—Green Bay Packers: McCarthy has lead the Packers to the playoffs every season since 2009 including a Super Bowl XLV victory. He has also been labeled as one of the NFL’s best play callers in his time in Green Bay.

Pete Carroll top 10 head coaches nfl 2015

Pete Carroll—Seattle Seahawks: Carroll’s recent defensive schemes have turned the NFL upside down. With two Super Bowl appearances in a row and a Super Bowl XLVIII blowout victory, Carroll has certainly made a name for himself quickly.

tom coughlin nfl top 10 head coaches 2015

Tom Coughlin—New York Giants: Don’t let the Giants poor regular season performances fool you, Coughlin is a football genius, especially in the playoffs. Oh yeah, and he led the Jacksonville Jaguars to two AFC Championship Game appearances.

sean payton new orleans saints top 10 nfl coaches 2015

Sean Payton—New Orleans Saints: We all saw what the Saints were able to do without Payton on the sideline—nothing. Payton no only revitalized a team, leading them to a Super Bowl victory; but an entire city as well.

john harbaugh top 10 nfl head coaches 2015

John Harbaugh—Baltimore Ravens: If Jim was still in the NFL he would be here, but in his absence his older brother gets the nod. What Harbaugh has done in Baltimore over the past few years has been absolutely amazing considering what he’s had to work with. Joe Flacco a Super Bowl MVP? Only under Harbaugh.