‘Better Call Saul’ 209 Jimmy and Hector get Nailed

better call saul 209 jimmy and hector get nailed 2016 images

Jimmy got nailed this week…sorta. And Mike nailed Hector to the tune of $250,000. This week’s showing of Better Call Saul was one of the best of the season and may end up better than the finale that was set up so nicely by ‘Nailed.’

Line of the night: “I know where my own damn bank is!” – Mesa Verde President Kevin Wachtell.

Mike hasn’t forgotten the trouble Hector caused him, so he masterfully rips off his food truck on the way into Mexico using his spiky hose. The DIY Channel comes in pretty handy no matter the task at hand.

better call saul 209 mike hijacks truck

This little heist was almost as fun to watch as the train robbery we saw in Breaking Bad.

No witnesses and the driver never sees Mike’s face or hears his voice. The former cop just planned the caper out precisely and had the driver hog tied before the guy knew it. The cash was removed from the tires with a Sawzall, which you can find at your local Home Depot for $99 in case you know of a drug mule vehicle in need of robbing.

I don’t think Jimmy’s plan to wreck HMM’s deal with Mesa Verde could have gone any better. Changing the files caused the bank’s expansion proposal hearing to go off track and will be delayed by six weeks. Chuck can’t understand the mistake, and Kevin doesn’t want any excuses.

better call saul 209 jimmy brother break down

Jimmy’s plan ended up helping Kim, but the client was harmed so I can see why he needs to play by the rules. At the same time it was fun to see Chuck squirm….until he figured out just how this “mistake” came about. Dude is really sharp.

Jimmy is no dummy either and replaces his doctored files with the originals once Chuck and Howard leave for the hearing.

I think Mike got more pleasure from watching Hector panic as his truck never shows up than he did from snatching the quarter million dollars. These things always have unintended consequences, though. Just like the train robbery orchestrated by WW.

Kim is stoked when she gets the call from Paige telling her that Mesa Verde will be crawling back to her. She isn’t so pleased once she and Jimmy get to Chucks to retrieve the case files.

Chuck gives her his theory on what happened and mixes in his sob story about being ill. Chuck, even though he has no evidence of Jimmy’s misdeeds, pressures Kim to tell Mesa Verde the truth since it’s in the best interest of the client.

Clearly she sees that this sounds just like a plot by Jimmy, but she backs her man in front of Chuck. She stands as strong as we’ve seen her in this series, telling Chuck that he never wanted his little brother to succeed. Kim put Chuck in his place and wasn’t about to just hand over her only client back to HHM.

For Jimmy’s trouble he gets punched in the arm by Kim on the drive back home. She knows Chuck is dead right.

better call saul 209 jimmy at school

Jimmy isn’t too upset about the events of the day and Chuck being onto him. The guy is out filming at a local school and spins a wild tale about shooting a documentary on a singer when opposed by a couple teachers. Is there no end to the lies Jimmy can come up with?

Surprisingly Mike confirms what Nacho suspects when they have a meetup. He admits to taking Hector’s money and Nacho is pissed that the cops coming down on Hector was part of the reason for hitting the truck. He lets Mike know that a good sSamaritangot shot and buried in the desert because of all this when the civilian called the truck’s owner (Hector) to report the incident.

What will Mike do with the money? Maybe he gives it back as a show of how valuable he can be to Hector? Doubt it. He could pay off his daughter-in-law’s home? Buying a round of drinks at the bar was a nice start.

No rest for the sneaky. Jimmy has to get out of a warm bed when Kim warns him about how smart Chuck is and no evidence needs to be left…without actually telling him to destroy the evidence. She tells Jimmy, “Chuck is a tough adversary.”

Kim’s just as tough. Getting Jimmy to counter Chuck’s actions at the print shop saved Jimmy from getting rolled on by the print shop manager. A little bribe and directions on how Chuck would be coming at him, and the manager was glad to play dumb.

better call saul 209 jimmy brother at copy shop

It was great to see Chuck panic when he didn’t get his way and started sizzling under the hot lights and electricity. Not so great to see the man collapse, striking his temple on a countertop.

Kidding. That was awesome too! Hope you die Chuck.

Pretty insane that Mike is messing with the Cartel and getting out without a scratch, while Chuck may meet his demise in a harmless copy shop.

The previews for the finale look great of course. Mike is looking to take somebody out with a sniper rifle. Chuck may be on his deathbed. And Kim may freak out with guilt over the Chuck situation.

And what role does Mesa Verde play in the bigger picture?  Laundering money is likely to be their biggest profit center and the reason for the bank’s expansion. Just a guess though.

You folks have any wild theories before the season ends?