BETTER CALL SAUL Ep 107 Bingo Recap: Jimmy’s Dreams Dashed

better call saul jimmy preacher mode for bingo 2015


I gotta say, another great episode this week from ‘Better Call Saul‘. The show gets better each week. This week we saw Jimmy once again do the right thing. Mike too. Betsy Kettleman mulls over starting a prison gang and Kim gets punished unjustly.

better call saul 107 jimmy waiting with mike 2015The beginning scene is simply the tying up of last week’s coffee spill notebook theft from the young detective outta Philly. Jimmy and Mike obviously had to return the notepad that was snatched. Jimmy did the vast majority of talking so Mike didn’t screw up the situation. “The ambulance chasing son of a bitch,” according to the young detective, was as guilty as Mike of stealing. But our slick lawyer hero, getting slicker each week, tells them that he did have the note pad, but just happened upon it when they drove in the station parking lot. Hard to disprove. Mike had a conversation with the older detective and dismissed Jimmy. He clearly trusted this guy and it appeared the cop wanted Mike clear of all this. He felt like Hoffman and Fensky got what they deserved.
better call saul 107 chuck taking in sunlight 2015Saul had what I figured to be another depressing visit to his brother’s house. I was surprised to see old Chuck outdoors trying to cure himself of his “allergy” to electricity. He appears to be starting a road to mental recovery and Jimmy leaves some case files there to store. It’s really a ploy to get Chuck to get to work and maybe get back to normal. Jimmy’s elder law business is booming thanks to some more creative marketing. This time he is running a bingo game for senior citizens, complete with his face on the cards.

better call saul 107 new office digs for kim 2015 Jimmy is going to lease a fancy new office space. Anything is fancy compared to the closet he now presides over. He shows Kim around and offers her the office with the better view as a partner. She says she owes Hamlin too much. Once again Jimmy McGill is looking up at Howard Hamlin.
better call saul jimmy preacher mode for bingo 2015
I wish the Kettlemans could stay around forever. They are a hilarious duo. Craig is a weakling that is easily dominated by the delusional Betsy. They meet with Kim who says they need to take a deal from the D.A. She says a court case is not winnable. Oh and they have to return the money…every fucking dime! That doesn’t sit well with Betsy who clearly is OK with her hubby sitting in prison for 30 years. So she promptly fires Kim. That leads to Kim being in the dog house with Howard Hamlim.

The Kettlemans seek out Jimmy to take their case on, but he explains he is covered up with work. He advises them to just take the deal that Kim has worked out for them, but Betsy is insane so she holds the “retainer” they paid to Jimmy over his crooked head. Our boy certainly doesn’t want to give back his $30,000 and he can’t have the Kettlecrazies mentioning his name to the authorities. But those options would be on the table if the couple takes a deal and accounts for every dollar. Betsy is pretty good at getting leverage on folks.
better call saul 107 jimmy taking over case 2015 Jimmy is now sidetracked from his “chosen” specialty, elder law. Dude was doing good and now these thieves are going to occupy his time on a case that Kim says is impossible to win and there are no loopholes to be found. Kim is being punished by Hamlim for losing the Kettlemans by the way. The firm should have been proud to be rid of them. How were they going to pay the lawyers if they handed over the mil point six anyway?
better call saul 107 mike watching stealing family 2015 Jimmy isn’t one to be outwitted so he gets Mike to go on a money grab. Mike sets the Kettlemans up to find a stack of cash on a remote control car. The couple assumes the kids put it there and put the stack, which is from Jimmy’s pile, back in the hiding spot. Mike locates the money bag easily with the blue light and special spray that can easily be found at any spy store online. Mike does have to skirt some breaking and entering laws….he breaks and enters.
better call saul 107 jimmy calling bingo for old folks 2015 Mike takes the bag filled with the 1.6 million dollars to Jimmy. Mike did the honest thing in this case when he could have easily bounced to a remote island and lived a comfortable life. Had he known how things would go in the last few episodes of ‘Breaking Bad‘, I’m sure he would have made a run for it. No one could have stopped him or ratted him out.
better call saul 107 jimmy with kim recap images 2015
Jimmy sends the bag over to the D.A. and lets Kim know what is happening. He then has the pleasure of talking with the Kettlemans once again. He takes the opportunity to tell Betsy that the money is no longer in there hiding spot under the sink. Bitch flipped out and Jimmy is lucky he wasn’t physically attacked by the loon! “You thief, I’ll have you arrested,” rang really hollow from Betsy. Jimmy kindly reminded her that “criminals have no recourse.” He points out that she is guilty of bribing a court official so it’s no longer just her spineless husband who will be in the pokey if she decides to open her big mouth. Leverage gone. Betsy in tears. Jimmy doing good deeds…and dropping the line of the week, telling Betsy “that she will probably end up running her own prison gang.”

Kim likely got out of the Hamlin doghouse as the Kettlemans had to slink their way back to her. The Kettlemans did a nice job getting over on the county with the embezzlement, but were inept at covering it up. Amateurs indeed.
better call saul 107 jimmys dream dashed 2015 The closing scene sucked for Jimmy as he went on a mini rampage in his new office, kicking around a poor door. It sucks to think about what he could have done with that sack full of cash, just like Mike. Now he gets to stay on that grind with the elder law deal, holding a Bob Barker type mic at big bingo tournaments. But without the struggle to rise up, we get no new episode next week. Thankfully Jimmy had to give the money up and keep answering his phone with all the enthusiasm he can muster.

better call saul 108 jimmy chuck elder fraud case 2015