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How To Get Away With Murder

‘Empire’ Could Learn From ‘How to Get Away with Murder’s’ What Did We Do?

"How to Get Away with Murder" may get over the top, but it knows how to let a story breathe a little and then pack us with a punch, unlike Lee Daniel's "Empire," which feels the need to pummel us over the head with action and silly storylines.

‘How to Get Away with Murder’ 208 Hi, I’m Philip Recap

There are pretty much no words for how much I am looking forward to How to Get Away with Murder next week. The show was good this week, and the stakes are so high right now, I can barely stand it.

‘How to Get Away With Murder’ 206 I Want You To Die Recap

How to Get Awa With Murder is back confusing us, in a good way, though with 'I Want You To Die.'

‘How to Get Away with Murder’ 206: Two Birds One Psycho Frank Recap

It's 'Two Birds, One Milestone' on "How to Get Away with Murder,” as we find out that Frank may be just a little psycho, among other things. The web continues to become more and more tangled.

‘How to Get Away with Murder’ 205: Meet Bonnie Recap

How to Get Away with Murder was something else this week. It is refreshing that a show doesn’t go so far off of the bounds of reality that you can actually enjoy it without the validity of the storylines distracting you.


How To Get Away With Murder is on and popping this week with so much revealed. Nothing better than a title like 'Skanks Get Shanked!'


Barely into the new season and “How to Get Away with Murder” goes there, and brings us one step closer to knowing what happened that fateful night in which we are to believe that Annalise has been stabbed (or shot) at the end of this season.

HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER 202: She’s Dying Recap

On this week’s "How to Get Away With Murder" (HTGAWM) it is goes from zero to 100 real quick.


The How to Get Away With Murder (HTGAWM) season two premiere was a huge one. Shonda, as convoluted as the stories always get, always does excellent execution in the unfolding of the story.

HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER Recap: Frank Did It for Sam

This final episode was the end of a whirlwind season for How To Get Away With Murder. It opens up with Wes and Laurel arguing at the psyche ward on what to do with the information they got from Rudy.

Make Room For Mama HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER Recap 2015

This week, How To Get Away With Murder was so good. On the last episode, we saw Annalise frame her lover Nate Lahey for the murder of her husband (cold blooded). It ended with her calling her momma telling her she needs her.

Nate Takes A Hit For HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER Recap 2015

We have entered that time of TV show season where things are getting hot and the stakes getting high. Such is definitely the case with How To Get Away with Murder!