HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER Recap: Frank Did It for Sam

frank killed lila for sam how to get away with murder 2015


This final episode was the end of a whirlwind season for How To Get Away With Murder. It opens up with Wes and Laurel arguing at the psyche ward on what to do with the information they got from Rudy. At the same time we see Wes and Rebecca (who knows he was there because she tracked him via his phone) holding each other. She asks him if everything is okay and if he needs to tell her something. He says no (lying) they kiss and have sex.

The show then takes us back five months earlier a few days before Lila’s murder. We see that Rudy hears Rebecca and Lila arguing. Lila says some mean things to her and Rebecca kicks her out.

annalise with beat up boyfriend htgawm finale 2015

Present day, Connor and Oliver are on the verge of a sexual reunion when Oliver stops and says that they need to get tested because Connor is a drug addict and who knows how many other men his dick has touched. They agree to go and get tested together.

A flashback shows that Rebecca was getting back at Lila for how she treated her. She seduced her Griffith texting Lila from his phone to come over. This is of course so that she will see the two of them having sex. When Lila walks in on them, Rebecca says to her, “Do you think she’s still worth it?” Lila attacks her and Griffith pulls her off.

Back at the house, Annalise calls Frank into her office and asks about his connection at the central jail. He says he still has it and the next scene we see Nate being beat up in the middle of the night. I guess it’s all a part of Annalise’s master plan.

With Wes and Laurel snooping around, they get caught talking about Rebecca by the others and the Keating Four force themselves into her place to interrogate her. Michaela goes all “I will destroy you” and demands that she tells them the truth. Rebecca says she found the security guard who was on duty that night that showed up at Annalise’s house, who just so happened to get fired not too long after Sam went “missing.” She threatens to call him and they crew does the only thing they can do- tie her up in her bathroom and call Annalise.

When Annie arrives, they tell her what’s going on. In order to have more control over the situation (I’m assuming) they move her to Annalise’s house and she convinces the crew to untie her.

With Annalise unable to make a decision about Rebecca’s innocence or lack thereof, she tasks each member of her group to present their cases to prove if she actually did kill Lila. None of them are able to give enough evidence that would allow her to be convicted or at least to convince Annalise that she is guilty. But this does not stop them from still trying to get the truth out of her.

Now here is where it starts to get twisted. In a series of flashbacks, we are taken to the night of Lila’s murder. What we find out is that Sam came back from his interview early because Lila was going crazy about the fact that she was not able to sleep with Griffith so that she can pass the baby off as his and he denied her. A one point during the night, Sam is indeed on the roof with Lila and assures her that everything is going to be okay. They kiss intimately and for a split second, you believe that he is about to strangle her… but he doesn’t.

rebecca held hostage in how to get away with murder 2015

What happens next is shocking. Lila is left on the roof alone and immediately after Sam leaves she is grabbed from behind and choked. The camera shows her face as life slowly drains from it and we see that the killer is…. Frank! It seems that at Sam’s request, who we see use a pay phone right after leaving Lila on the roof, Frank did the due and dumped her in the water tower because he owed him a favor.

Now how is Rebecca caught up in all of this you ask? Well she goes looking for her on the rooftop and finds Lila’s phone lying on the ground, vibrating. For whatever reason, she climbed the later to the water tower and saw strands of hair on the outside which prompted her to open it and she finds her friend’s body. She then hears voices and afraid that someone will see her and place her there, jumps into the water tower and thus is why she is later seen by Rudy all wet, and not because she’s gotten herself all excited either!.

Back at the house, in present day, Annalise, who left to give a statement to the new lawyer on Nate’s case, arrives back at the house and goes downstairs to see Rebecca who is not there. She comes back upstairs and asks “who let her go?” They all deny it and of course we think it’s Wes. They all pretty much believe this is the end and it is just a matter of time before the cops are knocking on their doors because Rebecca is gone so they go their separate ways. Annalise consoles a sobbing Wes and tells him that it will make him feel better to just convince himself that Sam killed Lila. He lies on her lap repeating, “Sam killed Lila.”

connor tested oliver positive for hiv how to get away with murder 2015

Laurel and Michaela meet at a bar where Laurel returns her expensive engagement ring which she found in Connor’s car the night of Sam’s murder. Connor goes to Oliver’s house to see him only to find his boyfriend crying in bed because… are you ready for it…. He tested positive for HIV (after telling Connor his tests came back negative).

At Annalise’s after Wes leaves, she goes downstairs to find Frank. We also see a very dead Rebecca in the corner under the stairs.

frank killed lila for sam how to get away with murder 2015

I’m pretty sure Frank did this one too but alas, we will not know anything for sure until later this year when season two premieres.