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Nickelback blocks Donald Trump while Fox takes on WWE

Donald Trump got a copyright slap from Nickelback after he used without permission a music video as a slap at Joe Biden.

Biggest Winners, Losers of 2018-2019 TV Season plus top 100 watched

NBC may have lost both the Super Bowl and Olympics, but they were able to hold on to a strong demographic while CBS won plus Top 100 shows of 2018-2019 season.

‘The Last Jedi’ pulls in $450 million box office but least liked of ‘Star Wars’ films

Star Wars: The Last Jedi blew away the competition at the box office with $450 million, but it's also the least liked by audiences in the franchise.

How Disney’s Fox merger will reunite superheroes for fanboys and fangirls

How that $52.4 billion Disney merger with Fox could make many superhero fanboys and fangirls ecstatic, but will the government let this massive deal really happen?

Disney bringing Fox into the mouse house will change industry and Marvel, MCU

FOX surprised many by selling off a huge portion of their media and television properties to Disney in a $52 billion merger, and here's how it can have an impact on Marvel, the MCU and entertainment in general.

A truly gifted crew made ‘The Gifted’

FOX's "The Gifted" is a promising start for another Marvel X-Men universe on the small screen.

EMPIRE EP 9: Don’t Fall Into Cookie’s Breach

There were so many big reveals this week on Empire. I mean really, from the beginning to the end, it was just all kinds of drama. And that’s exactly what we’ve come to expect and love about this show.

HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER Recap: Frank Did It for Sam

This final episode was the end of a whirlwind season for How To Get Away With Murder. It opens up with Wes and Laurel arguing at the psyche ward on what to do with the information they got from Rudy.

EMPIRE Recap: Lyon’s Roar for Cookie Nookie

The week on Empire, we open up with Cookie and Lucius the morning after in his room. She tells him straight up, You want Cookie’s nookie, ditch the bitch.” Lucius says okay.

EMPIRE Ep 7: Lucious Gets His Cookie Served Hot

This week "Empire" just took itself to a whole new level leaving any doubters knowing that this show is here to stay or at least grab up all the ratings on Wednesday nights.

EMPIRE Ep 6: Courtney Loves Her Cookies

This week Empire is explosive. People can say what they want but this show is on fire. The ratings continue to “defy gravity” and I have to admit, it draws you in more and more each week.

Cookie Lyon Gets Sympathetic for EMPIRE Ep 4 Recap: False Imposition

Tonight on Empire, we see just how great of a father Lucious is. So loving, so caring… NOT! The episode opens up with him screaming at Hakeem asking him what he wants.

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