EMPIRE EP 9: Don’t Fall Into Cookie’s Breach

portia working jamal on empire breach recap 2015

There were so many big reveals this week on Empire. I mean really, from the beginning to the end, it was just all kinds of drama. And that’s exactly what we’ve come to expect and love about this show.

It opens up with Lucious and Anika talking to a wedding planner about their upcoming nuptials. They are quickly interrupted by Cookie and Portia with the big news that Boo Boo Kitty betrayed Empire by going to Billy Beretti (which we saw last episode). Anika stutters when her husband to be looks her dead in the eyes and asks , “what have you done?” She looks at him in dead silence which says it all. Cookie kicks the wedding planner out and stands there looking at her ex like. “What are you going to do about this?”

Of course while all of this is going on, Cookie and Portia are raising hell. They gather all of Anika’s things and throw them into the yard while Anika is on the phone calling for one of Berreit’s cars to come get her. We see Lucious and Anika arguing in the yard as he pleads with her to tell him the extent of what she did. She brings up the past and how he has cheated on her. He tells her to just tell him so he can know what to do. She hears him for a split second but then quickly decides against giving in to him. As the big black gates open, Berreti and his people pull up to swoop Anika away.

portia working jamal on empire breach recap 2015

Right away, the Empire team goes to work to rectify what she has done. All the while Cookie is in Lu’s ear saying, “I told you.” Lucious ignores her because honestly, who wouldn’t. You know how women are when we know we’re right and the fact that the chick that betrayed him was pretty much Cookie’s replacement, she is going to gloat to no end.

jamal finds love with ryan on empire 2015 images

We also see during this time that Jamal and Ryan have gotten super close. Like tongue all down your throat close. Empire as a show also takes the time to premiere Jussie Smollett’s (the actor who plays Jamal) new single and I have to admit, it is super sexy. That’s one of the great things about this show too. There are people on here who have real talent that is getting exposure and recognition outside of just the one hour that it airs each week.

jamal ryan get busy loving on empire 2015

Portia busts in on them kissing and tells them that there’s no time for whatever it is they have going on because of what’s happening back at Empire. Jamal joins in to help as everyone is on the phones calling artists and other stakeholders to make sure they don’t leave with Anika.

In this episode too, we get a look into Andre’s world and what’s really going on. In the last episode, he played a type of Russian Roulette and attempted to take his own life but the gun didn’t have bullets in it. This week, we see him flush his meds down the toilet. Why in the world did he do that? His mental issues really come to light later on.

Each Lyon (current and former) does what they need to do to make sure that artist don’t go with Anika and Berreti. This means getting on the phone, taking meetings and in Cookie’s case, having a drinking contest to keep one of their artist (which she wins).

One of the artists that they are trying to get, Travis, is a hard sell because doesn’t want to have to give them 30%. This is when “need my meds” Andre comes to the rescue and convinces Travis to sign with them. He, of course, doesn’t keep his word and Becky later comes in to tell Lucious that he is going with Berreti.

Lu and Berreti have street meeting, each bringing their posse who are well equipped with guns. They exchange words and then just when you think something is about to pop off, Lucious is the bigger man and walks away but not before promising to win in the end.

The other artist Empire wants to keep is Tianna. She is set to have a meeting with Anika at a restaurant which is foiled by the help of Hakeem who stalls Anika outside while his mom swoops in to talk to Tianna. Anika realizes at the last minute that she was played, seeing Cookie through the restaurant window at the table.

andre with portia on empire breach 2015

Singer Estelle guest starred last night as R&B artist Delphine, an artist they are trying to get to come to Empire. Apparently six years ago when her agent went to Lucious, before she made it big, he turned them down. Lucious really has every reason to sign her this time around but he is hesitant because Jamal, his gay son, is the one who is bringing her in (a fact to which he would never openly admit) and that would make it look like he has more power. They get past that and at the end of the scene, we finally get a taste of Terrance Howard’s singing abilities for the first time on Empire as he, Jamal and Delphine are joined by Tianna, Hakeem and Cookie in a live version of “You’re So Beautiful.”

cookie looking through bullet hole window empire 2015

The episode ends on a rather drama and somewhat dark note when Andre, who is totally off his meds now, has a break down or as they call it in the mental healthcare system, a manic episode (or something like that). This scene is super sad and very intense because it gives us a glimpse into the world of mental health in the black community and how it is dealt with. The paramedics are called, they give him a shot of something which calms him down, he is put on a stretcher and taken into “custody” for 48 hours.

It was so much that went on and the writers have some things to explain. They only have two episodes left to do it and I can’t wait to see what we get. Here’s the biggest shocking moments from this episode which was so jam packed full of them. The first twenty minutes of Empire alone could have been two or three episodes of most other tv shows!

The Last Wo (man) Standing
Cookie convinces the rap star to stay if and only if she’s able to outdrink him. Game on! An already soused Cookie downs one last shot of the purple drink. Annnd was able to stand and sorta stumble out of the studio. Looking like easy prey for robbers, a purse snatcher takes the bait. And Malcolm (Derek Luke) sic’s his guys on him. It’s no surprise when Cookie wants to return the favor by drunkenly propositioning him by spreading her leather clad thighs in his face, while he’s pulling her into the car, and insisting he “taste these cookies.” Ha! Subtlety isn’t Cookie’s strong suit.

Baretti vs. Lucious
When Lucious gets word that Baretti stole the rock star artist he and Andre persuaded to stay, he tracks his enemy down. The two have a guns drawn standoff in the middle of the street. Despite Baretti taunting Lucious that he has Anika in his grasp, Lucious stands down and says he’s beyond being pitied. As for the rock star, he thinks they deserve each other.

Three Brothers Stuck in an Elevator
Meanwhile, Andre, Hakeem and Jamal get stuck in an elevator at headquarters. Andre goes from bragging about using slush fund money to buy a new Lamborghini to babbling nonsensically when the elevator gets stuck. It’s not long before he rallies against his younger brothers telling them they don’t understand what he’s been through or seen because they were only babies. Jamal eventually talked him down by leading him into a “Lean on Me” sing-a-long.

Hakeem Plays Anika
Hakeem distracts Anika from poaching girlfriend Tiana by making her believe he actually gives a damn about her absence from the Lyons’ den. It’s not long before she realizes the truth after seeing Tiana chatting with Cookie. Before she could do anything, Porshia and Hakeem’s posse block her from disrupting the meeting. Cookie and Hakeem convince the pop tart to stay by reassuring her Lucious will always put her business priorities before Hakeem’s feelings. Father of the year…

Andre is Committed
Lucious puts Andre on lockdown at headquarters while waiting for Bellevue to whisk him away. Lucious and Rhonda watched as he goes batshit cray threatening to kill Malcolm and yelling incoherently. When the paramedics finally arrived Andre really goes into a tailspin—writing manically and falling into a basketball rack—until a needle mercifully silences him. Lucious directs paramedics to Rhonda to sign off on a 48 hour psychiatric hold. Let’s hope Andre gets the help he needs with Jennifer Hudson playing his Florence Nightingale.

Bye Felicia…er Anika
Just as Lucious (Terrence Howard) and Anika put on their best aww-worthy performance as a happily engaged couple for the wedding planner, Cookie shatters the faux fairytale by exposing her dirty little secrets. Including recruiting Porshia to spy on Cookie. Unprepared to defend herself, Boo Boo Kitty watches emotionless as Cookie and Porshia confiscate her car keys and cellphone. And throw her clothes out the window like New Years’ confetti.

“You started this. I’m going to finish it.”
Boo Boo Kitty was smart enough to call Empire artists to get them on her side. Yet, Lucious warned her not to tell Baretti about his ALS because he’ll lose the IPO and her dad will go to jail for fraud. Soon after Baretti scooped up his new partner in a SUV and Lucious threatened to finish him.

Jamal is the New D’Angelo
With Ryan’s direction Jamal is letting it all hang out a’ la D’Angelo’s shirtless tactic used for his latest music video for “All of the Above” song. Leading the two to get extra cozy with each other. Michael who?

Andre Gets Worse
Andre’s still suffering residual damage from last week’s talk with his pops. But it doesn’t stop him from flushing his bi-polar meds down the toilet. Along with what’s left of his sanity.

Poaching Clients Means War
Anika doesn’t hesitate ushering Empire’s artists to Baretti’s Creedmore record label. Starting with Veronica, the first songbird Empire records introduced us to. Cue the Lyons’ den scattering across the city to reclaim their musicians. Cookie returns to the ratchet studio Jamal recorded his first single in to get a rap artist back. Jamal woos superstar singer Delphine (Estelle) into signing with Empire. And Andre and Lucious persuade a money-hungry rock star to stay by promising more control and what else money.