BRING IT! Recap: All Bout Kayla

dancing dolls vs diamondettes bring it recap 2015


This week on Bring It!, the girls head to Mobile Alabama for the Shut Up and Dance competition. They are competing in the captain solo (which Kayla is doing), field show and stand categories which are a lot for a time to do. Their rivals are the Diamondettes. Ms. D is not playing with the girls this week. They have to bring the energy 100 the whole time because that’s what they will be judged.

miss d talking about kaylas weight with tina bring it 2015

The pressure is really on Kayla too because there are three categories that she has to lead. Ms. D talks to her about her weight because she has gained some pounds over the course of the year. She actually speaks very tenderly to her which is good because weight gain is a sensitive subject. She takes Kayla to a grassy field to have her do some serious training. Diana wants her endurance and energy to be on point.

We are then taken to the practice for the Diamondettes and it is so interesting because the coaches put such a huge emphasis on the girls being in shape but they themselves are in no kind of good shape at all. They have them doing jump-n-jacks and high knees but yo, they should be doing that shit too. I’m just saying. Anyway, they are fairly new team but that does not stop them for “coming” for the Dancing Dolls.

kayla bring it dancing dolls2015

Of course, Selena is still on her high horse since all three of her girls, Sky, Star and Sanjay, made the cuts last week. She wants all of them to make it again this week again and they do! To be honest, I don’t think they are the best of dancers because they are not as good as their sister but for the sake of the story (I guess) they made it through the cuts.

The day of the competition, we see the Diamondettes practice in their dressing room and I have to say that they girls are good… damn good. They are crisp and put together and give DD a run for their money.

bring it diamondettes

It’s always so interesting to see the parents look in on the practices wishing they could be inside with the girls and then to see them sneak on the day of competition (so that Diana doesn’t see) to give them a pep talk. They are something else because each truly do believe that their girl or in Selena’s case girls, are the very best. This week Zatia’s momma is the one to get to her daughter before they go on to tell her she is the best and should dance as such. She tells her that she is like Beyoncé, Ciara and Janet Jackson. “She has to be flawless.” These girls have so much pressure on them. It feels like at times that the moms are living vicariously through their daughters.

The first competition is the field show and being perfectly honest, the Diamondettes kill it. They showed out in their hometown and even the DD moms had to admit they did well. Diana is nervous and tries to hide it but she “feels like she’s about to pass out and throw up.” The Dancing Dolls go out and they keep their energy up as much as they can, although Ms. D is concerned about Kayla’s because it seems to have dwindled and she still has the solo and the stand battle to do.

dancing dolls stand battle bring it 2015

Then the time comes for the solo competition and it seems like all of DD is holding their breaths. The Diamondettes’ captain goes out and she is a step above all the other girls, maybe even Kayla. She is fit and pretty and very sharp with her movements. Kayla has a lot to do to beat her.

Kayla finally goes up and this girl is bad. She breaks it down and her moves are right on point. Her mom gets emotional thinking about her first solo and this solo. Ms. D is also very pleased with her performance.

dancing dolls vs diamondettes bring it recap 2015

The final competition is the stand battle and the two teams go head to head. Diana holds her composure at how well the girls are doing. And let me say here that they really do a great job. Although both teams did their best, Ms. D. (like any coach) is convinced that her girls are the ones that deserve to win even though she realizes that they are not the hometown favorites which puts them at a disadvantage in the judges and crowds’ eyes.

During the award ceremony, the nerves are super high on both sides. The Dancing Dolls get second place and the Diamondettes takes first place in field show which Ms. D does not agree with but kind of figured might happen because, again, the DD were not the town favorites. Kayla, however, wins the captain solo category which is a super big deal with everything she went through during the week to prepare. And if you didn’t already guess it, the Dancing Dolls came in first place for the stand battle as well.

dancing dolls bring it lifetime 2015

I guess two out of three categories isn’t bad. The Diamondettes vow to come back stronger and better the next time they face the Dancing Dolls.

The girls get stronger and better every week which is sure to make for an explosive finale at the end of the season.