‘Top Chef California’ 1308 Where’s the beef & so long Chad...

On this week's episode of "Top Chef California," Karen said she and Marjorie would be going to the end of the season. For this week's quickfire challenge Padma told the chefs that they were being judged by a chef on Instagram

‘Top Chef California’ 1307 Back in the Day recap

On this week's episode of “Top Chef California,” Antonia Lofaso, a former contestant on the show, was brought in to be the guest judge for the quickfire challenge. Padma announced each of the 10 remaining chefs could choose one ingredient

‘Top Chef California’ 1306 Banannaise recap

On this week's episode of "Top Chef California," the chefs celebrated a good well done in regards to last week's wedding catering. Kwame told Philip that if he didn't like that the chefs criticized his dish

‘Top Chef California’ 1305 Big Gay Wedding Cooker

On last week's episode of "Top Chef: California" (sorry guys and gals), Angelina said she has a lot to prove in this competition. The chefs were given dates that they had to use for the quickfire challenge.

‘Top Chef California’ 1304 Grumpy Grayson Out

On this week's episode of “Top Chef,” the chefs were sent to Palm Springs. They arrived in the desert in the San Andres fault. They presented with a chef named Jose Andres that Marjorie had worked with for years.

‘Top Chef California’ 1303 Sudden Death Returns

On this week's episode of "Top Chef California," Padma told the chefs they were leaving on a road trip in the morning. When they arrived in Santa Barbara, they met Stephanie, an urchin diver.

‘Top Chef California’ 1302 Popping Up for Padma

On the new episode of "Top Chef California," the guest judge was one that has opened many pop-up food stands, which is the challenge the contestants face this week. Kwane said he was seasoned at running pop-up restaurants.

‘Top Chef California’ 1301 Stop the Presses Recap – Grayson’s Grey

On the season premiere of "Top Chef California," the new contestants were introduced. Padma explained the chefs would cook in many cities in California. She asked who was an Executive Chef and most of them raised their hand.

TOP CHEF Boston Finale Recap: Mole Mei

On this week’s Top Chef Boston, the final competition is upon us. It’s down to Gregory and Mei in this final showdown of the competition, taking place in Mexico. The show started with Mei and Gregory congratulating each other on making it to the finals.

TOP CHEF BOSTON Recap: Holy Moly Gregory Mei

This week on Top Chef Boston the finals are taking place in Mexico. It is now down to Doug, Mei and Gregory to battle it out for the winning position as Top Chef of the season. Mei stated she was disappointed in herself over her performance

TOP CHEF BOSTON Ep 13 Recap: Road To Finale

This week Top Chef Boston begins the final showdown among the three remaining contestants as they arrive in Mexico for the season finale six weeks after their last showdown in Boston.

Gregory Slides Into Finals With Safe – TOP CHEF: BOSTON Week...

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