‘Top Chef California’ 1304 Grumpy Grayson Out

top chef california 1304 grumpy grayson out 2015 images

top chef california 1304 grumpy grayson out 2015 imagesOn this week’s episode of “Top Chef,” the chefs were sent to Palm Springs. They arrived in the desert in the San Andres fault. They presented with a chef named Jose  Andres that Marjorie had worked with for years.

The quickfire challenge was to take 30 minutes to cook a dish using the sun or solar powered stoves or ovens as their heat source. Grayson said she was going to make a skirt steak with salsa on top. Jason made a Russian salad with potato scallops and asparagus. Isaac made cornbread. Gisele put water in her oven, and the oven exploded. Wesley made coconut shrimp and pickled mushrooms in broth. Grayson said her meat wasn’t cooking right under the sun. Philip decided to create a plate for his dish using a rock. Jeremy made pickle seared halibut. Carl wrapped dates in bacon. Marjorie made Halibut Puttanesca. Amar made marinated shrimp. Phillip made Italian sausage topped with an oyster. He told Padma kept the oysters cold, but she said it tasted like snot on a rock. Jose said his least favorites were Grayson and Gisele. Padma said Phillip’s was her least favorite. Jose then said that Jeremy’s and Wesley’s dishes were his favorite. Jose declared the winner of the challenge to be Wesley.

This week’s elimination challenge involved the chefs teaming up to creating a four-course progressive meal. They had to serve from refreshment carts on a golf course. The chefs were divided into four groups for the challenge and two chefs paired up for each course.

The chefs showed up at the golf club resort where they had to complete the elimination challenge. While they were hanging out, Jason said that the others were getting on his nerves because they were too wound up. Each time of two arrived on a golf cart. Jeremy said he was doing ceviche to show it could be served from a cart. Jason said he thought he and Marjorie had a more compelling dish than anyone else. Carl said he was paired up with Wesley and was concerned that if they didn’t do well, Carl would go home since Wesley was safe from elimination.

Jose said every pair did great on their first courses, but subsequent courses only got worse. Kwame said it didn’t look good for him because the judges didn’t like his dish. Padma announced the blue team won the challenge. She said the best dish from the blue team was Karen and Jeremy’s dish. Jeremy’s reward was a week’s stay at the golf resort. The orange team was chosen as the least favorite team. Padma said Grayson and Angleina’s dish was the worst one the orange team made. She also said either Angelina or Grayson would be eliminated this week. Richard asked Angelina who she thought should go home. Angelina said she didn’t want to go home, and Grayson seconded that. Unfortunately for her, Padma told Grayson she was going home this week.