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‘I Am Cait’ 203 Partner Up & Flirt Discomfort

This week an all-new episode of I Am Cait’s 2nd season aired, titled “Partner Up.” On it, the ladies part ways for most of the show, as Caitlyn goes off to New York to accept her “Woman of the Year” award from Glamour magazine.

‘I Am Cait’ 202 Woman of the Year vs Hillary Clinton

Season 2 of E!’s I Am Cait continued this week with an all-new episode titled “Woman of the Year?” This week the group of women continues their cross-country road trip and Caitlyn prepares to accept Glamour magazine's “Woman of the Year” award.

‘I Am Cait’ gets Politically Incorrect 201 recap

Season 2 of I Am Cait premiered this week. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the show, it documents transgender star Caitlyn Jenner as she embraces her new life as a woman.

I AM CAIT 108: Kris Jenner & Name Ceremony

Finally, the season finale of I Am Cait has arrived. Right away, it jumps into Caitlyn having a sit down with her ex, Kris Jenner for the first time in months.

I AM CAIT 107: What’s In A Name Plus Kris Jenner Tease

Season 1 Episode 7 of I Am Cait “What’s in a Name” is all about Caitlyn Jenner’s speech at the ESPYs and confronting her ex-wife Kris Jenner for the first time since fully transitioning from Bruce to Caitlyn.

I AM CAIT 106: Dating Game Recap

This week’s episode of I Am Cait “The Dating Game” was all about Caitlyn entering the dating world as a member of the trans-community.

I AM CAIT 105: Take Pride & Kris Jenner Returns With Some Bite

This weeks episode of "I Am Cait" “Take Pride” follows Caitlyn Jenner as she deals with approaching her male friends about her transition, as well as follows her as she goes to New York City pride week for her big public debut.

I AM CAIT 104: Kim Kardashian Confronts Caitlyn

Episode 4 of "I Am Cait" is called “Family Interference,” and shows Caitlyn confronting her family, Kim and Khloe specifically, about some issues that arose after her Vanity Fair article was published.

I AM CAIT 103: Road Trip 2 & Caitlyn’s Eye Opener

The road trip continues in the third episode of "I Am Cait," appropriately titled “The Road Trip – Part 2.” In this episode, Caitlyn is yet again trying to feel more comfortable with her recent transition.

I AM CAIT 102 Road Trip & Body Issues

"I Am Cait" returned for its second episode “Road Trip: Part One,” chronicling Caitlyn Jenner as she discovers a new normal after publicly transitioning from male to female.

I AM CAIT 101: More Depth Without Kardashians

The new E! docu-series I Am Cait just had its Sunday night premiere. The series is centered on Caitlyn Jenner, as she tries to find her “new normal” after her public gender transition into a woman.