I AM CAIT 103: Road Trip 2 & Caitlyn’s Eye Opener

road trip on i am cait recap 103 2015

road trip on i am cait recap 103 2015The road trip continues in the third episode of “I Am Cait,” appropriately titled “The Road Trip – Part 2.” In this episode, Caitlyn is yet again trying to feel more comfortable with her recent transition. While doing this she gets to know fellow trans-genders as they vacation together, away from the public eye (although it was being filmed and now shown to the world, so temporarily away from the public eye).

The episode continues where the last one left off, at the Human Rights Campaign office, where Caitlyn and her new trans friends are attending a meeting with some other members of their community.

The horrible stories continue, as one woman recounts being stabbed multiple times by a guy in his car and almost got run over by him. Another tells of how she has applied to nursing school six times and each time she has gotten rejected. She explains that she kept improving her grades more and more, and soon realized she was being rejected because she was trans.

This gives Caitlyn the perfect opportunity to make another PSA via one-on-one camera confession, where she states that the American education system needs to be improved so that transgender people are seen as normal human beings and are not being discriminated against.

A reoccurring topic in this series is the fact that Caitlyn has lived a very privileged life. She acknowledges this explaining that living most of her life as a hardworking white guy has shielded her away from the horrors that many of her new friends have had to face.

After the meeting, Caitlyn tells her crew that she is going to help Blossom, the woman who is determined to get into nursing school. She says she is going to reach out to Ellen DeGeneres to get some awareness for Blossom’s story, and that she will pay for Blossom’s education when she gets in.

Meanwhile, Caitlyn’s stylist and long-time friend Ronda starts expressing frustration with Caitlyn’s latest demands. In addition, she feels left out as Caitlyn has gained a boatload of friends recently and doesn’t have as much time for Ronda as she once did. Ronda recounts nursing Caitlyn back to health after her surgeries and spending all this time with her in the past when she was one of the few who knew about her transition.

i am cait 103 recap images 2015 road tripAnother reoccurring theme is Caitlyn’s concern with her voice. She struggles with accepting it, although the other women try to convince her that it is special and is part of who she is.

Next, the women find their way to a villa in Napa Valley. The other trans-women are in shock with the beauty and glamour of where they are staying, but you can tell Caitlyn is relatively used to this kind of luxury.

At the villa, Caitlyn opens up to some of the woman about her fears regarding the ESPYs, which at the time were just 5 weeks away. Caitlyn tells them that she is scared of exposing herself to the world on live TV, especially amongst her athletic peers. She begins tearing up as she expresses the stress she feels as the event approaches and the pressure she puts on herself to be the father her kids can be proud of.

Also at the villa, Caitlyn finally conquers a fear that she has previously expressed on the show: she gets into a bathing suit. Caitlyn tells her friend that she brought a suit that was picked out by her daughter, Kim, but is nervous about it as it is revealing. She eventually debuts herself in a bathing suit and admits she was nervous, but at the same time she felt free.

After a day of motocross biking, Caitlyn and the ladies return to the villa for dinner. Here, the conversation ends up being about what gender each of them are attracted to. Caitlyn says she has only been with women, but seems confused whether her sexuality is definite or not. She also reveals she can “appreciate the male form,” but would feel more comfortable dating a man if she had “the right parts.”

At the end of the episode, Ronda finally confronts Caitlyn about her feelings. She tells Caitlyn she feels like she only exists now if Caitlyn wants Starbucks. This put things into perspective for Caitlyn, who apologizes for going “a little crazy” since her transition became public. They end up making amends and heading off to a movie together.

Reports have been saying that the ratings on the show have been going down consistently since its debut and too be honest I am not too surprised. The show is no doubt much more slow-paced, and serious compared to most of E!’s shows (i.e. Keeping Up with the Kardashians). Therefore, it most likely doesn’t keep viewers interested, unless they are already very intrigued by the Kardashians and Caitlyn’s life.

Fortunately, I just so happen to be one of those people, so I enjoy the show but do notice that it moves much slower than I would have expected.

Sneak Peak:

Admittedly, I am very excited for the next episode of I Am Cait, where Caitlyn is shown confronting both Kim and Khloe Kardashian about their hesitancy and issues regarding the decisions she’s made while transitioning.

Kim is shown saying, “You look amazing, it’s your time, but you don’t have to bash us [the Kardashian family].” I am anxious to see what Kim is exactly referring to.