LOVE & HIP HOP ATLANTA 461: Bait Switch & Out

love hip atlanta joseline bait switch 2015

love hip atlanta joseline bait switch 2015It’s getting close to the end on this season of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” and the characters are pulling out all the stops.

Kirk does something that is kind of out of character and actually puts his wife first. He got Rasheeda the store that she has been wanting for forever and in the best part of Atlanta. Way to go Kirk for being a man.

Joseline meets with Gayborhood, a LGBTQ activist group, about doing one of their events. They are interested but tell her they just want to make sure se is doing it for the right reasons. She then tells them her back story about actually being a part of the LBGT community since she has liked girls since she was a teenager. That seals the deal and they all shake hands.

Jasmine calls her brother Scrappy to meet her at the barbershop with her son and drops the bomb on him about their mother getting married. He didn’t know anything and is not feeling it and can’t believe his mother asked Erica to be in the wedding. Since it seems that their child support talks have broken down, he is NOT dealing with his baby momma.

Scrappy later meets with Bambi and asks her why she didn’t tell him about the wedding and Erica being a part of it. While they are talking, his mother walks in and she tells him that he doesn’t know anything about it because he’s been playing hooky. They have a conversation with him explaining his feelings and Momma Dee tells him, it’s happening. He tells his mother that he is not coming to the wedding. She breaks down telling him, “I really need you there.”

Momma Dee pays Erica a visit and pretty much asks her not to be in the wedding explaining what Scrappy said when they talked. Erica can’t believe that Scrappy is being this petty and gladly says that she won’t be in the wedding if that means he won’t come. Erica really shows a lot of support for Momma Dee which is a total change in how things have gone in the past.

Kalenna has her first counseling session with her husband Tony as she has been officially diagnosed with post-partum depression. She is relieved that she can finally talk and deal with it. Their session also helps Tony to see that he has not been there for his wife, which makes him feel bad. He is now willing to put the effort in to do what he needs to do.

Then there is Jessica Dime and she continues to be…. basic. Some might even say…. a joke. She thinks she’s this great rapper and she’s not and is mad that producers don’t want to work with her. She and Margo meet and pretty much hatch a plan to get back at Mimi before Jessica cuts her off. Oh… the women of reality TV, always getting the upper hand. And Margo is no good as a bad girl.

The guys (Stevie, Kirk, Tony and Scrappy) go fishing, each giving an update on their relationships. During this time, Stevie also learns that his wife is working with other people… his people… behind his back and according him, “The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.”

Back at the house, the couple have a conversation about what’s going on between them. He confronts her about working with one of his connects and she denies it. He brings up the pictures and she can’t say anything. Stevie tells her “there’s nothing fly about the way you are doing this” and all Joseline can say is “How?” He tells her she needs to stop and she tries to deescalate the situation by inviting him to her “performance.”

Messy Karlie is in the mix, of course. She and Jessica Dime talk meet and Dime tells her everything that happened with Tiffany Foxx and that she is brining Margo to her performance that Mimi set up. The thing about this stripper is she’s not talented and she’s upset that people don’t want to work with her but she thinks way more of herself than she should. People aren’t feeling you boo because you’re not good at what you are trying to do. Point blank. But who am I but a lowly blogger?

The time comes for Dime’s performance and Mimi, Ariane and Stevie are there. And boy, are they in for a big surprise. Jessica gets up on stage almost naked and before she goes into her songs she brings out Margo. Mimi and her crew can’t believe what they are seeing and literally Mimi has “no words.”

It looks so good for next week ya’ll and you know I’m going to have the ratched details for you.