TOTAL DIVAS 404: Divas On Overdrive Recap

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Tensions rise even higher on tonight’s episode of “Total Divas,” and Eva Marie said it was weird being around Brie and Nikki, considering the tension between them. Naomi stood up for Eva Marie and said the tension between everyone was uncomfortable. Nikki asked Brie if seeing herself on displays for Wrestlemania would convince her to stay in the WWE. Brie said she wanted a baby and Daniel Bryan told Nikki she needs to let John Cena go because Nikki wants marriage and kids but Cena doesn’t.

While getting ready for Wrestlemania Nikki told their mom she and Eva Marie were going to talk. Brie said she was done with Eva Marie because she called her a sheep. Eva Marie said she didn’t know what to expect when talking with Nikki. She said she thought she and Eva Marie were cool but she told Eva Marie she was making herself a victim. Nikki told Eva Marie that she and the other divas don’t even look at her as a wrestler. Eva Marie said that’s why she was busting her butt in training.

She also accused Nikki of being a bad diva’s champ. Nikki said Eva Marie doesn’t care about being a diva and that she just wants to be famous. Eva Marie said Nikki didn’t trash talk her but didn’t support her either. Nikki told Brie Eva Marie said she couldn’t wait to change the locker room. Brie said in a year Eva Marie won’t be in the WWE anymore. Nikki said she tries to help all the other divas. Brie said Eva Marie tried to take Wrestlemania week away from Nikki. Nikki said she was hurt because she truly likes Eva Marie. Brie said she hates the fact that Eva Marie doesn’t know how hard she and Nikki work at being divas.

Natalya said she was so busy handling her dad she couldn’t remember the speech she had written for the Hall of Fame and that the WWE didn’t like the speech she had written. Nikki said she was having a hard time smiling at the Hall of Fame because of the situation with Eva Marie. Backstage Eva Marie said she felt uncomfortable with all the workplace drama. Natalya sad she was feeling a lot of pressure regarding her Hall of Fame speech. She inducted Alundra Blaze into the WWE Hall of Fame for 2015.

Eva Marie said she had to set the drama aside and do her job. Paige said Wrestlemania is every wrestler’s dream and she was a part of it at the young age of 22. Eva Marie said going to work was weird but she had to do it and that she hopes to be in Wrestlemania next year. Nikki said because of the energy of Wrestlemania she still wants to work for WWE but Brie still said she’s more interested in having a baby. Brie said she couldn’t wait to tell her future kids what it’s like to walk onto the set of Wrestlemania. Nikki said Paige’s enthusiasm about wrestling is why Nikki enjoys the business so much.

A week after Wrestlemania Brie and Daniel Bryan visited a fertility doctor. Brie found out she and Daniel Bryan are both fertile. Brie said there is a small window each month where pregnancy is likely and that with her and Daniel being on the road all the time she may as well concentrate on her career for now. Daniel Bryan said they can have fun trying for a baby while on the road.

Eva Marie told Jonathan about a meeting she had with an agent in which the agent signed a contract with her. Eva Marie said this was opening up many doors for her. She said she was excited to get back to her training since Wrestlemania was over for the year.