TOTAL DIVAS 410 Recap: Gone with the Wine for John Cena

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On tonight’s episode of “Total Divas,” Naomi invited Natalya and Tamina with her and John to go camping on vacation. Eva Marie met with her manager and said that she was evolving as a wrestler. Brie worried that something was wrong with Nikki after she said she was nervous before her match on RAW. Nikki told WWE executives that she was feeling the pressure as the Divas champion.

Eva Marie was late for a date night with her husband because she lost track of time while she was training. Brie and her mom looked at properties for the fitness studio she and Nikki want to start. Brie said she was annoyed with Nikki for not being there.

Jimmy and Jay Uso and Naomi rented an RV to take their family camping. Brie and Nikki went to Napa Valley with Renee Young. Eva Marie got a call from WWE executives that she would need to go back to appearing in the company shows in two weeks time. She was told they were considering using her in next year’s Wrestlemania.

At the RV park they went to, Naomi said she had to make the vacation worthwhile. Eva Marie had her arm out the car window and her husband caused her to drop her cell phone on the street while the car was in motion.

Nikki was worried about her upcoming pay per view match and couldn’t relax. Brie told her she should see a therapist and Nikki told Brie to shut up. At the RV park Naomi and family found out they couldn’t  go kayaking at the RV park they were staying at. Naomi and her husband argued and and she said she was fed up and tired. Her husband apologized for arguing with her and she accepted.

Eva Marie told her trainer she and her husband were arguing about spending more time together. Eva Marie said her team of trainers is her priority right now. In Napa Valley, Brie, Nikki, and Renee went to a wine tasting. Nikki said getting away was her therapy but Brie said that wasn’t enough.

Naomi said she and the family were bonding around the campfire. Nikki went out for coffee with John Cena and she told him Brie thinks she should get therapy. Nikki confessed to John she’s always afraid of being laughed at. John told Nikki he thought her going to therapy would be a good idea.

Eva Marie got ready to go to a movie premiere with The Rock. Nikki said she went to therapy and loved it. She said it would give her more confidence and make her better at her job.