TOTAL DIVAS 402: She Said Ditto

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total divas 402 she said ditto recap images 2015On this week’s episode of Total Divas, Eva Marie argued with Paige, the Bella Twins and Alicia Fox about the fact that Eva Marie was sent back to NXT, allowing her to train daily in her home state of California. Paige said that it took her 10 years to get to where she is in the wrestling business now and she feels like Eva Marie is taking the easy road to fame in the WWE. Eva Marie said everyone was annihilating her and she was leaving the room. Naomi said Eva Marie didn’t deserve to be attacked and that the WWE is supporting Eva Marie so the divas should too.

natalya dad comes for wrestlemania 2015 total divas 41Natalya found out her dad was coming for Wrestlemania weekend this year. She said he hadn’t been to a WWE event in more than a decade. Paige and Brie discussed what they were wearing to this year’s WWE Hall of Fame ceremony. Paige also said she didn’t know where to get a dress because she doesn’t usually wear them.

Eva Marie was shaken up when she went for her daily training and she told her trainer the other divas are upset with her. She said she had to shake off the negativity going into Wrestlemania week. At home in Arizona, Brie told Nikki she was two weeks late and thought she might be pregnant.

natalya dad rehab problems total divas 402 2015Natalya’s mom called her at home and told her that her dad, who is in rehab, had a tantrum and his rehab facility was upset with him over it. She came to Natalya’s house and told her the rehab center had called and said Natalya’s dad needed to be picked up. Natalya said she didn’t want to see her dad ruin his opportunity to be involved in Wrestlemania weekend.

Later Brie said that it turned out she wasn’t pregnant after all and she was upset about it. Nikki reassured her that she was going to have a baby someday. The girls then had lunch with their mom who said she couldn’t wait to be a grandmother. She told Brie not to stress out about possible fertility issues.

Natalya picked up her dad from rehab and asked him what went wrong. She said her dad was pretending there was no reason for him to get kicked out of treatment.

Brie and Daniel Bryan went to a fertility doctor to see if they could have a baby. Daniel said it was weird being filmed at the fertility clinic.

paige defends naomi total divas 402 imagesPaige found out Naomi defended Eva Marie to the other divas and she got angry and said that was something Ariane would do. Alicia Fox told Paige she couldn’t go to the Hall of Fame in the wrong dress. The two went dress shopping together for the Hall of Fame.

naomie total divas 402 she saidNatalya said she hoped they could get through Wrestlemania week without drama. She then spoke to her dad on the phone after finding out he didn’t want to attend Wrestlemania week. She told him Ric Flair was ecstatic that he was coming to Wrestlemania and he had to be there.

Stephanie McMahon met with Daniel Bryan and Brie to ask Daniel Bryan to present a special award at the Hall of Fame. She told Brie and Brian that they are great with kids. Brie said she and Daniel Bryan had to wait until after Wrestlemania to find out if they could have a baby.

Natalya’s parents arrived for Wrestlemania week and she told her dad WWE wants him in their next video game. She then told her dad he couldn’t drink at all during Wrestlemania week. She even banned him from the mini bar in his hotel room.

Alicia Fox got Paige spray tanned for the Hall of Fame. She and Natalya then took pictures of Paige getting sprayed. Paige said she still wanted to be pale for Wrestlemania.

A bunch of the divas got together to hang out on their night off and they talked about the Eva Marie situation. Alicia Fox and Naomi got into an argument about it because Noami said, once again, that she thought the other divas were just jealous of Eva Marie. Naomi then told Eva Marie what the other divas were saying about her. Naomi also said no one takes responsibility for what they say. Alicia Fox said she and Naomi would agree to disagree.

brie bella paige airport total divas 402Paige told Brie about the drama surrounding Eva Marie and Brie said Eva Marie came into the business with a bad attitude. Brie also said if she and Nikki walked away from wrestling the WWE would have Eva Marie to take their place.

Natalya and TJ went out to dinner with Bret Hart and his wife, who is her uncle and a retired WWE wrestler. Bret talked about how he used to get in shouting matches with Natalya’s dad. Natalya told Ric Flair not to let her dad have a beer with him. Bret said Natalya’s dad was having the hardest time he ever had in life and he needed to be away from the memories of working in wrestling. Bret told Natalya she could only do so much for her dad and that he would have to want to help himself in order to get better.

While out shopping for a Hall of Fame dress, Paige encountered a fan of hers on the street and the fan was in tears over meeting her. Paige gave the woman a hug and found out the woman watched Paige on TV while she was in the hospital and it cheered her up.

Eva Marie said she wanted to hide from the other divas even though she hasn’t done anything wrong.

Natayla and her dad said they were doing their first autograph signing together at Fan Axxess. One fan told Natalya’s dad he and Brett were the reason she watches wrestling. Natalya said her dad needed the positive reinforcement he was getting with this autograph signing. She said she was proud of her dad for being there. Paige met and talked to some fans.

Brie said it wasn’t worth it to talk to Eva Marie because she had nothing to say to her, but Nikki said she wanted to talk to her.

Eva Marie and Jonathan went to a charity event the WWE was running and she was nervous about walking in.