JUSTIFIED Ep 611 Recap: Raylon Has To Kill Boon

justified raylon breaking in fugitive number one recap 2015


Apparently the U.S. Marshals Service on Justified is really really concerned about Avery Markham’s money, so much so that they have made Ava Crowder their #1 priority. It’s as if she has stolen government money. Art made his return to headquarters looking like a new man, literally. Dude had really let himself go while on medical leave. He was back to try and clean up the mess that has occurred under Rachel’s watch, as if Raylan was a boy scout before Art went away.

It turns out that Boyd didn’t have much sympathy for what might happen to Ava should Markham’s men find her before the authorities do. Getting shot by his backstabbing fiancé can turn man bitter. He finally gave Raylan a lead, telling him to start with her drunk uncle Zachariah. That’s a good lead since Ava has put her life in the hands of her wild haired uncle as they hide out at a mountain supply station on their way to see the mysterious Grubes, who can help them get out of the territory through some hidden roads.

Mikey is still pissed at Duffy, who remains cuffed to his own fold out RV table. Katherine Hale gets the call from Mikey to tell her about his boss being the rat and she should come on over. She is excited at this news, but has to deal with Markham first. They come to some kind of gangster lover’s agreement to keep not trusting each other as lovers then as husband and wife eventually.

I enjoyed a “Billy Jack” reference for the second time in two nights, once on ‘Better Call Saul’, then Wynn Duffy used the reference to describe Mikey’s “code.” Mike, who hates being called Mikey by the way, has a lot of pent up anger as we found out how resentful he was about never getting to choose the music while driving the RV. A Jersey shore looking guy living in a RV within the boundaries of Kentucky likes classical music! Who would have guessed.

As the Marshals closed in on Ava and Zachariah, Carl and Earl are in a bad spot with Markham having dirty cops holding them. And David Vasquez suspects Raylan could be in on the theft by Ava since he just let her get away when he usually loves to shoot criminals that try to escape him. This is ridiculous of course, but the show needs a dick like Vasquez to cause trouble for the real law enforcers.

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Carl is forced to help Markham who uses Earl as leverage. Carl is to get some info on the money from Boyd who is cuffed to his hospital bed. This went horribly for the dirty cop who lets him in Crowder’s room and for Carl. The cop ended up with a brain bleed from the pistol whipping administered by Carl. The silver tongued Boyd talked Carl into letting him loose so they could, “save your brother, kill that son of a bitch (Markham), and get you half of that $10 million.” Those were empty promises of course. Carl asked what chaos Boyd was talking about as a distraction for them to escape the hospital just before Boyd ended the pawn’s life with a shot to the chest. Boyd could have used Carl, but I guess he didn’t care to have a gun pressed into his temple earlier by Carl.

Earl would have met a similar demise as Carl, had Raylan not shown up to retrieve him from the local cops on the take from Avery Markham. It was quite a chore to convince the dirty deputy to let Earl go, but he was finally convinced when Raylan described his vision of the officer “without any teeth.”

Wynn Duffy’s RV has been home to some epic ‘Justified’ scenes, but the scene this week topped them all. It will likely be the last we see of the infamous motorcoach. Katherine Hale strolls in with ‘Pachelbel’s Canon’ playing in the background. Mikey goes against everything he learned in bodyguard school by giving up his gun at Hale’s request. She is there to murder his boss and he thinks it wise to disarm himself? Insanity! Oh and having a change of heart just as Hale is about to blast Duffy’s rat face into the slideouts of the RV was not great timing. The woman gave Mikey the chance to move, but he didn’t listen so he received a gut shot. It was utter chaos after that, with that beautiful song still playing. Her mistake was not aiming better. Mike is a tough SOB so he snatched the cougar up and began tossing her around like a rag doll, pressing her over his head at one point with a move The Ultimate Warrior would have been proud of. She shot him a few more times as Wynn Duffy screamed wildly as he hid under the table he was attached to. Mike finally put her down with a crushing blow to her throat. The last image she saw was the rat that caused her all this trouble to begin with. Mikey faded and asked Duffy to hold him as he left Harlan for good. Sux to seek Mike go, but damn what a way to go out.

justified raylon breaking in fugitive number one recap 2015

Raylan delivered the news of Katherine Hale’s demise to Markham, after the Marshal and Boon had an intense stare down that just built the tension for the last two episodes coming up. I don’t have any inside spoiler info, but Boon’s death is going to be unforgettable. It’s coming. Markham was truly hurt by the news as he and Hale really did love each other in some twisted way.

Of course Ava’s grand getaway plan goes to pig shit as Grubes has died long ago in his cabin all alone. Boyd is headed her way and Raylan is also going to be on her tail now. She and Zachariah will need a lot of luck to ever get to spend even $100 out of the $10 million at their disposal. That kind of money is plenty to enlist more help from Limehouse though.

Raylan has ditched his badge and Art will be coming after him if he doesn’t bring in Ava and the money in 48 hours. This is an implausible story line, but they need to make this a challenge for the hero Raylan. No fun having him in a chopper hunting down Ava and the money with 50 cops behind him. He needs to get it done alone.

The last two episodes will need to wrap up quite a bit. Raylan will need to kill Boon, probably Boyd, take down Markham (for what I’m not sure since the Marshals have bent over backward to get the crook’s money back), and figure out what to do about Ava. I’d like to see her get away clean with some of the cash at least. I don’t really care what happens to Zachariah but I can see him sacrificing himself for her in the end. There should be plenty of action in the final two episodes. It will be interesting to see who gets to leave Harlan alive. My money is always on Raylan Givens.