justified ep 613 finale recap images 2015

JUSTIFIED Ep 613 Finale: A Perfect Ending For Raylan Givens

The series finale of 'Justified' started with our hero Raylan Givens in cuffs riding in the back of a police car, but ended with him on the right side of the law. Givens ended up doing what was lawful with Boyd, then he did what was moral with Ava.
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JUSTIFIED EP 612: Collateral Builds To Perfect Finale

The name of this Justified episode fit pretty well and had I known that Constable Bob was going to get caught up in the collateral damage, I might have been a little queasy going in.
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10 Most Unforgettable JUSTIFIED Quotes

One of the reasons that people love ‘Justified’ so much is the banter back and forth between some truly great characters. Of course the random shootings and bar fights make it a fun show too.
justified raylon breaking in fugitive number one recap 2015

JUSTIFIED Ep 611 Recap: Raylon Has To Kill Boon

Apparently the U.S. Marshals Service on Justified is really really concerned about Avery Markham’s money, so much so that they have made Ava Crowder their #1 priority. It’s as if she has stolen government money.
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JUSTIFIED Ep 610 Recap: Not A Lot of Trust

There is very little trust in Harlan this week despite the title of episode ten of Justified. Ava shouldn't have trusted Raylan, who convinced her to be a snitch. She had little choice however.
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Justified Recap: Season 6 Episode 9 Burned

With just four episodes left in the entire series, 'Justified' went with an old fashioned western bar scene this week. 'Burned' centered on a pizza parlor gathering complete with free whiskey and a white hatted Marshal propped up at the bar.
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JUSTIFIED EP 608 Dark As A Dungeon Recap

This week on Justified, Raylan Givens starts to let go of his past and his hatred for his daddy, Arlo Givens, in this episode of Justified. Fresh off his commitment to Winona to give their relationship a shot, he starts getting rid of some old memories.
boyd strangling ava justified hunt recap 2015

JUSTIFIED Season 6 Ep y Recap: All About the Hunt

The twisted happenings of Harlan continued this week on Justified with the Marshals on the hunt for Ty Walker who was shot during the shootout involving a whore, a Choo-Choo, and the Raylan Tim combo.
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JUSTIFIED Season 6 Ep 6 Recap: Great To Be Alive Day

This week's "Justified" has us wondering if maybe Raylan slept with Ava at her house, maybe he didn't. I say it never happened. I think he simply wanted to wait around on Boyd to get home.
JUSTIFIED Season 6 Ep5 Recap Ava Just Keeps Cooking For Boyd

JUSTIFIED Season 6 Ep5 Recap: Ava Just Keeps Cooking For Boyd

Many would say this week's episode of Justified was a waste of time. It was entertaining, but Ava ended up in the same spot as when it started....in a mess and cooking supper for Boyd.

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