JUSTIFIED EP 608 Dark As A Dungeon Recap

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This week on Justified, Raylan Givens starts to let go of his past and his hatred for his daddy, Arlo Givens, in this episode of Justified. Fresh off his commitment to Winona to give their relationship a shot, he starts getting rid of some old memories. Burning up Arlo’s old war trunk full of pictures and letters was a good start toward purging all his old demons as a younger man. It seems like our gun slinging Marshal is moving forward, and it’s about time.

Boyd shows just how cold blooded and callous he has become. Carl tells him about “The Pig’s” tragic fall in the mine and Boyd barely blinks an eye. Zachariah catches on to this later in the mine as he tells Boyd he is a “real leader of men” sarcastically.

Raylan continues trying to erase his past by having his mama’s grave dug up and moved off his property. He wants to do the same with Arlo’s but doesn’t care what the man doing the moving does with his daddy’s remains. This is a pretty extreme measure even for a man like Givens.

Tim shows up to give Raylan the latest on the manhunt that Givens has lost interest in or never really had. Raylan tells Tim he is checking into Zachariah and that makes Tim question why none of the locals are named Steve or John. Nice point by the sniper.

Carl has accompanied Ava back to her home only to find Ty Walker waiting for them. Walker needs Boyd’s help escaping the hills of Kentucky and is willing to help him steal the contents of Markham’s safe if Boyd will help.

Raylan keeps his word to Tim as he shows up to question Zachariah. The old drunk is hardly aware of who Givens is or that he is a Marshal with a nasty disposition. Raylan has to give the old timer a body shot as he heads inside the shed for a look at what the nut job was hiding. Raylan sees enough dynamite to fill up Wynn Duffy’s tanning bed and gets punched by Zachariah on his way out of the shed. He floors old Zachariah to which the old guy responds, “You had enough?” Hilarious. Raylan lets him off the hook and seems to think he will help get Boyd trapped with this hair brain scheme.

Hale and Duffy continued their creepy partnership and Mikey even tried to work in a game of tennis with the cougar. That went over quite badly for the bodyguard. Duffy had a file that he says shows that Markham truly was the man who ratted out her husband and had him killed eventually. She later shows the file to Art as he was summoned to her hotel room. She needs help getting to the bottom of this old mystery and is even willing to use the Marshals Service. I’m thinking that Wynn Duffy is the real rat. He certainly has that rodent look on his face, so it’s definitely plausible.

Carl’s brother Earl had his “pitiful life pass before him” when Ava hurt Walker as she stitched him up as he held a gun on the man. Doesn’t this guy know you are supposed to find a local vet when you need a gun shot wound fixed up?

Raylan finds Markham alone in his pizza joint and offers him a partnership of sorts. Givens wants Boyd so bad he can taste it, so he gets Markham to bait Boyd in a setup that involves Raylan getting Walker out of the picture. Offering a $100K reward for Walker was pretty smart so Markham agreed to use his own money for the payout. The announcement is made over AM radio. Hopefully the news spread via Twitter since AM is likely not that popular, even in Harlan.

Boyd has chosen to help Walker since he can just walk in with the safe combination instead of having to blow up an old mine to get to the money. But as usual, Raylan shows up to destroy Crowder’s big plans. Boyd should be as anxious to get rid of Raylan as the Marshal is to rid himself of the career thug. Boyd had the line of the week when he told Raylan, “You love to interlope in moments of high drama.”

Raylan mentions the $100,000 bounty on Ty Walker and Boyd did just what Raylan said any redneck would do. He went for the money and ratted out Walker. Of course Walker ran from the house as Raylan told him to stop. That ended badly for the ex soldier who showed up in Harlan to buy up land for his boss. He tried to shame Raylan for shooting him in the back, but the hardened Marshal isn’t phased by that shaky logic. He told the fugitive, “You should’ve ran toward me if you wanted to be shot in the chest.” Walker wanted fairness when just a few episodes back he ordered an innocent whore killed and murdered an elderly couple in their home.

As a side note, Boyd was on board with Walker helping him get the big money easily, but gave him up as soon as he heard about the $100K. It seemed like he gave the man up too quickly.

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Raylan tells Boyd he can go get his money and they show up at the pizza parlor. Markham acts like he is a bit unhappy about paying Boyd, but it’s all a ploy. Givens wants Boyd to see the inside of that safe, full of cash. Raylan is pushing Boyd into doing something really dumb and in a hurry. I’m wondering if that money is even real. Maybe Raylan added some fake stacks just to entice Boyd even more. Why would Markham let them see $10 million in his possession? That seems both dumb and dangerous.

As Raylan sits in the basement he hears a distant explosion. That’s Zachariah of course underground. Boyd tells Ava about the huge payload in the safe, but she wisely wants to leave with the bounty they just received. Boyd has been hooked though. He can’t stand the thought of leaving $10 million behind, even if it means a smooth getaway with Ava.

Ava meets with Raylan once again. He knows something happened in Bulletville at that cabin. She won’t say though and they have another argument. She does reveal what mine shaft that Boyd is using to get to the safe from underneath. It will be interesting to see if she tells Boyd that she relayed that to the Marshal since they are supposed to be playing Raylan.

The last scene showed Raylan looking inside Arlo’s old shed. He thought there must be some bad things locked away there. But it was just an empty old building. He talks to the non existent Arlo for a bit and finally puts this memory behind him, just like he should have done long ago.

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Raylan let Rachel know that Ava has been compromised so they need to have a plan for her. The season is coming to a head and I have no idea who will win out. Boyd is showing just how cold blooded he is now as we saw with him not caring about “The Pig” being dead in a hole. Raylan seems ready to move on and is in a hurry to make that happen. I thought maybe both men could win in the end, but it looks like Boyd needs to be put down.