JUSTIFIED Ep 610 Recap: Not A Lot of Trust

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There is very little trust in Harlan this week despite the title of episode ten of Justified. Ava shouldn’t have trusted Raylan, who convinced her to be a snitch. She had little choice however. Boyd shouldn’t have trusted Ava after finding out she was a snitch sent to put him in a cage. Even tennis enthusiast Mikey betrays his tanning buddy. The only person who did what they promised was Markham, who went peaceably to give duffel bags full of cash to Boyd.

Giving $100,000 to Limehouse for new identities for himself and Ava was classic Boyd. He is so sure he is going to get away with all of Markham’s money that he is willing to give up the stacks of green that he already has. Limehouse does a day’s worth of work and gets $100K. I’d say he is the one of the brighter criminals ever to appear on Justified. Dewey Crowe’s gator teeth necklace, available on Amazon I am sure…without even checking, is finally noticed and taken by Ava. This is her ace in the hole or so she believes.

I wish Boon had been in a couple more episodes this season. This whacko is quite the entertainer. His use of the word buckaroo in the diner this week made my night. Seeing Raylan eating an ice cream cone at said diner while dealing with Markham and the whacko was quite pleasing as well. What lawman is so relaxed around dangerous criminals? Markham doesn’t want to believe Raylan about Katherine Hale being after his money. But his phone call went just like the Marshal said when she asked about the moving of his money pile.

Boyd and Duffy are mapping out plans to rip off the money. It turned out that was just a decoy making the Marshals chase their tail. Mikey is seen suspiciously texting someone and his employment with Wynn Duffy is about to come to an end. Working for a rat just isn’t sitting well with Mikey.

Boyd got more and more amped up as he got closer to snatching the money. You would have thought it was opening day of hawg season again! Carl had betrayal in his eyes, but he is still sticking with Boyd even though Boyd has shown how little regard he has for his goons. Boyd knows Raylan is setting him up with the supposed movement of Markham’s money pile. Boyd seems smart at times, but really dumb in other moments, like last week when he tried to blast a building knowing Raylan was upstairs.

I think Raylan was pretty disturbed at the casual manner in which Assistant U.S. Attorney David Vasquez said Ava was headed back to prison no matter if Boyd was indicted or not. Raylan isn’t much for injustice, especially coming from folks who are supposed to uphold the law. He has already been leaning toward giving Ava a chance at freedom in my opinion. Vasquez’s callousness may have pushed the envelope over the edge.

justified 610 trust recap 2015

Boyd’s real plan to get Markham’s money is better than using dynamite. Kidnapping Katherine Hale is much simpler. I didn’t figure such a plan would work after Markham knew she was acting suspicious on the phone call from the diner, asking about the money. I think we got to see Boon kill Loretta’s great aunt just so we don’t forget what these characters are capable of doing. Boon is a comical guy, but a killer nonetheless. Markham, for reasons I don’t get, agreed to meet Boyd and just hand over all that hard earned cash in exchange for the backstabbing Hale.

Mikey must have had a lot of resentment built up from years of driving the old Winnebago. He took out that frustration on Duffy’s face finally and made a call to Katherine Hale. Mikey may be a lot of things, but he is no snitch. This betrayal will end up costing him his life or freedom. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, even if that hand belongs to a loon like Wynn Duffy.

Ava is all set to leave Harlan behind. She has her papers from Limehouse and is just waiting on word from Boyd. I’m sure she wasn’t counting her chickens just yet. Boyd has failed to deliver so many times before. Raylan paid Ava a visit and told her that she is likely headed back to jail no matter Boyd’s fate. All those chances she took. All that deception and stress for nothing! She should be pissed and is. She tries to play the murder card, telling Raylan about Dewey Crowe’s necklace. That is too weak to matter apparently. No body or real evidence of a crime even being committed won’t play and no one really minds Dewey being dead anyways. Ava does convince Raylan that she can get Boyd to confess to the murder. He knows better than to keep this going. Ava is very convincing so he goes along with it.

Markham must be truly in love with Ms. Hale. Handing over 10 million dollars to Boyd for her safe return seems insane. But he does just that and Boyd loves telling him, “It was her idea from the jump”, as Crowder speeds off with millions loaded in an $800 truck. Boyd is elated, but as usual his good fortune turns to shit very quickly. Ava made the smartest play available. She went full blown Judas, shooting Boyd as Raylan waited in the woods. Her bet that Raylan wouldn’t put her down paid off too as she left out with Boyd’s ill gotten cash. There’s no way Givens is going to just let Ava get away cleanly, but I think he will give her some kind of head start for a puncher’s chance at freedom. I hope she gets away with all that cash. If anyone in Harlan is gonna benefit from all these shady deals I’d like for it to be Ava Crowder.

Besides Sam Elliot’s awesome voice, Avery Markham’s character has not been that impressive.

His crew of jarheads were very ineffective. He simply hands over his money for a backstabbing, past her prime cougar, when he could have rented an Ava-level lady for much less. Maybe he is not meant to be an overpowering character so that the Boyd and Raylan showdown got the main spotlight. I’ve enjoyed all the moments between Givens and Crowder over the entire run of the series. Boyd always loses, but the battle isn’t exactly fair. Raylan has all the backup in the world with the Marshals Service and unlimited resources. Oh, and a badge that gives him the authority to do whatever the hell he deems necessary. Boyd has been a lovable underdog from the start and it looks like he will never reach next level gangster.