TOTAL DIVAS Mid-Season 3 Recap

total divas season 3

Though the drama of the first half of season three carried us through a compelling look at the lives of some of WWE’s biggest divas outside the ring, the E network is putting us through a temporary halt until the second part of the third season returns in January of 2015. In the meantime, let’s recap everything that happened on the first half of the season.

One of the underlying themes of this season, so far, has been Nikki’s relationship with John Cena.  As season three kicked off we watched Nikki plan a future that doesn’t include him. One of the reasons for this was that Nikki has expressed her eventual desire to get married and start a family…a desire John Cena does not share with her. Having recently been through what was rumored to be a nasty and costly divorce, as much as John loves Nikki he is not looking to go down that road again. He even explained to Nikki in a very sensitive and polite but firm matter that he is at the height of his career and doesn’t want to father a child whose young life he will miss out on being on the road 320 days a year. You have to admire the guy for that much at least. How many guys would string along a woman as beautiful as Nikki and then ditch her when they were done.

Anyway, the season opened with Nikki visiting her doctor to start the process of freezing her eggs so that she can carry out her future plans to have children with her boyfriend who doesn’t want them. So there’s that. Since the couple has been living together Nikki hit on the brilliant idea of hiding the injections she will have to give herself, in their bathroom. Unfortunately for her though he has brawn he has brains too and it didn’t take long for John to stumble across the injections and figure out what they were being used for. This of course led to the kind of blow up between the couple that reality TV directors (and don’t think they don’t exist because they do) live for.

Believe it or not, the first half of season three did cover more than just the drama between Nikki and John. After a 1 ½ year sabbatical for WWE diva Rosa Mendes returned to the ring and joined her fellow Total Divas in front of the cameras. Not the most stable diva ever the other ladies were a bit wary of her. Somehow poor Natalya got roped into looking after Rosa (as if Natalya doesn’t have enough on her plate with her douchebag husband TJ a.k.a. Tyson Kidd) and this led Rosa to develop quite the crush on her. Sadly for Rosa even though Natalya’s husband isn’t exactly man of the year, she’s not going to turn to Rosa for comfort. Rosa may swing both ways but Natalya doesn’t.

Season three also kicked off with Eva Marie in a struggle between what she and husband Jonathan wanted and what her family wanted. With all the pressures of being a WWE Diva Eva Marie had made the decision to elope with Jonathan rather than having a wedding.  She did this without the consent or approval of her family (not that she should need it, but that is a rant all on its own.) So in the season three premiere Eva Marie finally caves and tells her family she and Jonathan will have a formal wedding. It turns out that still isn’t good enough for her overbearing family because they want a Catholic wedding and Jonathan is not Catholic.

The season’s second episode tackled the subject of the Funkadactyls being broken up. Made up of Naomi and Cameron, Naomi is showing real promise as a professional wrestler… Cameron not so much.  This lead to Cameron’s decision to head back to WWE developmental, which angered Naomi because up until then the girls had been a package deal.

Continuing the Nikki/John saga John felt like Nikki was pulling away from him after having found her injections in their house. This convinced Nikki to give up on the idea of freezing her eggs which caused an argument between her and Brie who was dealing with her own issues with husband Daniel Bryan over making expensive changes to their new house.

The third episode of the season was a continuation of the Nikki/John drama, the Brie/Daniel drama and the Eva Marie/Jonathan/ Eva Marie’s family drama. It also addressed Daniel’s injury that required neck surgery and, to this day, is still keeping him out of any WWE ring.

The fourth episode brought more drama between TJ and Natalya as he forgot her birthday. He tried to make up for this heinous oversight by getting her a gift as soon as he realized he forgot. When Natalya’s “bff” Rosa Mendes found out about this she went out of her way to cheer Natalya up. Unfortunately for her, this meant attempting to kiss Natalya on the lips one drunken night, which was met by polite but firm refusal from Natalya.

Naomi and Brie both dealt with some marriage drama in this episode as well as Naomi had problems with her implanted birth control and Brie and Daniel argued over purchasing a new washer and dryer because one wanted to spend more money on them than others.

By the fifth episode Daniel is recovering from neck surgery and finding out he will need another surgery. This caused a lot of stress for Daniel and Nikki especially as Daniel prefers natural remedies to medical science. Naomi took time off to travel home and set her younger brother straight as he was acting up and causing her mother problems.

As we all know the first half of season three concluded with Eva Marie’s wedding and a cliffhanger question of whether John and Nikki are breaking up. Unfortunately, E will leave us wondering for months the divas’ various outcomes.