TOTAL DIVAS Season 3 Brie Mode & Nattie’s Dad

TOTAL DIVAS Season 3 Brie Mode & Natties Dad

TOTAL DIVAS Season 3 Brie Mode & Natties Dad

This was a rollarcoaster of emotions week on Total Divas Rosa Mendes, Alicia Fox and Paige were clowning around with Summer Rae and Renee Young. Natalya walked in and was startled by their behavior, which took place backstage at a WWE taping.

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Natalya talked about her dad’s struggle with an addiction. Meanwhile, backstage at a Smackdown taping the girls were briefed on WWE’s upcoming European Tour.  The girls then talked about WWE wrestler Wade Barrett and Alicia Fox confessed that the two dated for two years before he broke up with her.

As they arrived in Europe, Paige expressed her excitement at being home for the duration of the two week tour. Natalya called to find out an update on a court case her dad is involved in. Natalya told Brie that her dad doesn’t think he has a problem with addiction and doesn’t think he needs help. She also said she wants to intervene on her dad’s behalf and make sure he gets help anyway. Natalya then said that she knows she is controlling and it is one of the issues she has with her husband, TJ, but that she needs to use her propensity for controlling when it comes to helping her dad.

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While in Europe, Nikki and Brie were presenters at the MTV Awards. Meanwhile, Rosa Mendes and Alicia Fox went to Las Vegas together. Rosa told Alicia she needs to go out, meet guys and start dating. Alicia said that she will love again when she is ready to and Rosa shouldn’t be pushing her to find a man because Rosa is single too. Rosa expressed her anger that Alicia was trying to interfere with her life.

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Back in Europe, Nikki and Brie went to the hotel bar to drink with Paige. The twins cringed when Paige ordered shots for all three. Brie and Nikki tried to tell Paige to finish her glass of champagne and then go to bed. As the divas continued to do shots they became visibly drunk. They started to get sloppy with their drinks and began dancing in a provocative manner. When they left the bar they were extremely loud. They then piled into a car service to head back to their hotel. They drunkenly sung about Brie having lost her shoe.

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In Europe, Nikki went to Brie’s hotel room to check on her and got no response when she showed up at her door. Nikki then asked the hotel staff to let her into Brie’s room. When she got in there she found Brie sleeping in the bed. Nikki said Brie had to get up because they had a live WWE RAW show to do that day and they agreed to work out together before the show. Brie then responded by getting sick to her stomach in the bathroom. Nikki became frustrated with Brie and Brie shot back that Nikki has thrown up before. She scolded Nikki for drinking so much when she knew they had to wrestle the next day. Later on, backstage at RAW Brie swore that she felt better but Nikki was clearly still annoyed with her.

While in Europe, Alicia Fox, Natalya and Rosa Mendes went on a Beatles tour though England. Natalya expressed she was grateful that the girls were distracting her from worrying about her dad. They talked about whether or not Alicia Fox was going to get back together with Wade Barrett and she said that she wasn’t. Natalya told her the best way to get revenge on Barrett is to live her life and be happy. Alicia expressed her anxiety at the thought of having to see Barrett during the European tour.

Paige said that Brie is wild when she’s drinking and even called her a legend.  They then talked about Nikki getting Brie up after her night of drinking and Brie told Paige Nikki is mad at her. Nikki expressed her concern that if Brie’s performance was off then that would affect Nikki too. During Brie’s match with AJ Brie felt amazing from the adrenaline shot she got from wrestling. Nikki told Brie she works pretty well when she is hung over but Brie denied being hungover.

As the girls met they could tell Natalya was upset about her dad. She had received a call from her mom that her dad went to the emergency room and almost died. Natalya was so upset she said she didn’t want the cameras filming her for the show.

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At a WWE Meet & Greet Natalya connected with her fans who she calls Team Natty. Some fans asked her how TJ was doing. Natalya said it was tough for her to pretend to the fans that everything in her life is OK when it is not. She then discussed the situation with her dad with TJ and asked him to talk to her dad. Natalya told TJ her dad can’t function now that he is retired from the wrestling business. She expressed that TJ understands her and the dynamics she has with her dad. She also said TJ is there for her when she really needs him.

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As Alicia Fox saw Wade Barrett backstage she didn’t know what to say but knew she needed to talk to him even though the thought of doing so made her feel sick to her stomach. Then she disappeared into the ladies room and threw up. When she talked to Barrett she said she felt like a loser and it was weird that he was there in front of her. She told Barrett he broke her heart and she couldn’t bear to be around him. He said he didn’t want to go to work and make Alicia upset and confessed that their breakup was bad. She asked him why he broke up with her and he told her he couldn’t see them together forever.

natalya brings drug counselor dan spivey to talk to dad total divas 2015

The episode ended with Natalya’s dad coming to visit her and TJ. She brought her dad’s friend Dan to help her talk to him.