Stupidest Gossip Stories Of 2014

kardashian family makes stupidest gossip stories of 2014

kardashian family makes stupidest gossip stories of 2014

2014 has been a year full of stupid gossip stories. Though the year isn’t over yet there are already many pieces of gossip that are memorable because they are so incredibly hard to either believe, care about, or both.

The first piece of gossip that has had a tremendous amount of time wasted on it is pretty much everything surrounding the Kardashians. These flash in the pan bimbos have been getting married, having babies and doing plenty of other things that are fueling the gossip surrounding them. The latest Kardashian clan gossip is that while Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick have been together for seven years and have had two children together they had no interest in marriage until now. Apparently both of Disick’s parents recently passed away, which allegedly spurred the couple’s desire to get married. The situation gets even stickier after reports that Kourtney Kardashian was very angry with sister, Kim, for being the one to get married first. Though some debate the truthfulness of this, most people really could care less which Kardashian marries first or even at all.

Another piece of some of the most stupid and pointless gossip of the year is the alleged rivalry between Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom. The two recently had a scuffle at a nightclub in Spain and there is now allegedly a war breaking out between them. The rumor is that Orlando Bloom’s ex -wife, Miranda Kerr, is involved with Justin Bieber and has been since before they divorced. Even though he divorced her for a reason and she is a grown woman the media still wants the public to believe these two heartthrobs are fighting over a female like they are 12 years old on the playground at school during recess. The only good thing to come out of this piece of gossip (in many peoples’ minds at least) is that there is allegedly a petition circulating the Internet in an attempt to have President Obama declare July 29th National Orlando Bloom Day since that is the day Bloom allegedly punched Bieber in the face for “stealing his girl.”

The antics of the train wreck known as Miley Cyrus has also been making the rounds on the gossip mill. Miley has been the subject of so much gossip that it makes one wonder if she even knows what is true and what is not anymore. The latest gossip surrounding her is that she is publicly trashing her ex fiancé, Liam Hemsworth. She called him a “piece of shi*t” in front of an attentive group of people at a nightclub in London. She went off on a rant involving him hearing her songs on the car radio and knowing all her angry lyrics are directed towards him. She made some bizarre statements that show the world just how crazy she has become.

Kanye West is another one that has been the subject of tons of gossip this year. Last year Kanye was involved in an altercation with a photographer and is currently bringing a lawsuit against him. When he filed the deposition Kanye stated to the photographer that he was the “smartest celebrity,” comparing himself favorably to Britney Spears. He also made a racist comment to the photographer’s lawyer, implying that Kanye is offended when a certain race uses a certain word. Kanye even went so far as to say that he feels celebrities have to fight for their civil rights. It would take too long to go into all the statements Kanye has made about the differences between celebrities (specifically himself) and “regular” people.

Not to be outdone, media sensation Snookie has been the subject of quite a bit of gossip this year herself. Though she had been set to marry her boyfriend and the father of her son she postponed the idea of getting married because she suspects he is cheating on her.  However, despite this declaration she then posted on Twitter that in the fall she was anxious to be marrying him. To add to the gossip mill, Snookie has announced her pregnancy with baby number two.

Paris Hilton has been the subject of more gossip than most others in the spotlight. It seems as if Paris is always getting herself into trouble somewhere and somehow. TMZ caused a bit of an uproar when they posted a headline saying that Paris Hilton has a baby. While this headline was obviously worded to make people believe she had become a mother, the truth is that a photographer simply snapped a picture of Paris Hilton holding someone else’s baby. For that split second when people may have interpreted the TMZ headline the way TMZ wanted them to the world had to have paused and gasped at the very thought of Paris Hilton having a baby anything.

Ironically enough Robert Pattinson avoiding being photographed in public in order to escape being gossiped about, yet his avoidance of the cameras is leading to gossip about him. It seems the media can’t get enough of him and the more he tries to avoid them the more they talk about him.

Tom Cruise has always been the victim of gossip and it has been no different in 2014. One of the latest pieces of gossip surrounding Tom Cruise is that he went on Jimmy Kimmel live and told the host and the audience that he was the person who came up with the idea of having world premieres of movies. This has caused a lot of debate between those who are fans of Tom Cruise and those who realize what an absolute egotistical nutcase he is.

These are just a handful of the stupidest gossip stories of 2014. There are countless other stupid gossip stories about famous individuals who often each think they themselves are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Gossip is something that will always be present in this world and as people become more immersed in it the popularity of gossip is rapidly increasing.