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Britney Spears loses case to regain independence

Britney Spears lost her latest court battle to regain control of both her life and career. Her father will remain her legal guardian.

Netflix fights Georgia choice ban, Jonas Brothers ‘Blood,’ Chris Brown Paris no-show

Hollywood might be staying quiet about Georgia's abortion ban, but Netflix if fighting it now. Jonas Brothers memoir coming, Britney Spears back in court while Chris Brown does a Paris no show with rape allegation.

Britney Spears conservatorship hearing clears courtroom

Britney Spears and her parents spoke in a closed courtroom Friday about taking control of her life.

James Cameron okay with ‘Avengers: Endgame’ sinking ‘Titanic’ plus David Beckham banned

James Cameron fine with Marvel's Avengers Endgame besting Titanic, Conan O'Brien settles joke theft lawsuit and David Beckham banned from driving.

Beyonce shows she’s in her own category at 2016 MTV VMAs

While some critics were predicting the demise of Beyonce earlier this year, the singer slapped them back with "Lemonade," proving that she is far from over in the music industry.

MTV VMAs renamed Beyonce Music Awards for 2016

Beyonce once again showed that she's the queen at the 2016 MTV Vido Music Awards aka MTV VMA's. This year it could have easily been called the Beyonce Music Awards as she easily stole the show

MTV VMA’s: Kanye West, Rihanna and Brittany Spears anticipated showing

The MTV Video Music Awards aka MTV VMA's are back again, and we know what that means. Who's going to make the biggest spectacle of themselves this year? What will Kanye West do without Taylor Swift in attendance?

Britney Spears fans want original ‘Make Me’ and Calvin Harris keeping it casual with Tinashe

Just a few days ago, it was revealed that the newly released video for Britney Spears’ single “Make Me” is not actually what was planned to debut.

Kris Jenner making Prius driver nervous and Britney’s Back again

Anyone who has tussled with the Kardashian clan know it's an uphill battle, and the driver of the Prius that encountered Kris Jenner's Rolls Royce knows he needs a top lawyer to deal with her.

Lil Wayne seizure grounds plane and Ed O’Neil now knows who Britney Spears is

After several years of struggling with substance abuse, rapper Lil Wayne has been taken to the hospital after suffering two seizures while on his private plane.

Justin Bieber gets buzzed by PETA and Britney Spears depo time

Another day, another scandal for pop singer Justin Bieber. This time, the musician is being called out by animal rights group PETA for posing beside a chained tiger.

Justin Bieber brings back Selena Gomez & Iggy Azalea doing her comeback

When Justin Bieber posted a throwback picture of him kissing his former girlfriend Selena Gomez on Monday he sent the whole Internet into a craze of speculation, as people tried to determine what exactly the post meant.

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