Justin Bieber brings back Selena Gomez & Iggy Azalea doing her comeback

justin bieber brings back selena gomez 2016 gossip

justin bieber brings back selena gomez 2016 gossip

When Justin Bieber posted a throwback picture of him kissing his former girlfriend, Selena Gomez on Monday he sent the whole Internet into a craze of speculation, as people tried to determine what exactly the post meant. Well, according to the latest reports, Justin and Selena are currently “talking” about perhaps getting back together.

Justin Bieber, Instagram post:

justin bieber instagram with selena gomez 2016

On Wednesday night, Selena was spotted attending Justin’s concert in Los Angeles. In addition, she was also seen hanging out with the Biebs backstage afterwards.

A source close to the two young stars claims that Selena and Justin are considering rekindling their romance. However, they both agree that they wouldn’t want to do so until after both of their tours end. In the meantime, they are both focusing on their music and want to keep it as their top priority.

Considering Selena spent most of last year explaining that she was over Justin and wanted to move on from her relationship, her attendance at his concert caught a lot of people by surprise. Nonetheless, the former couple reportedly looked very “comfortable” with one another and Selena thought that Justin’s concert was “amazing.” Thus, as much as Selena wants to be over her ex, it doesn’t look like she truly is.

iggy azalea doing her comeback 2016 gossip

Rapper Iggy Azalea may have been laying low for the past while, but she is clearly ready to make her comeback. She recently dropped her latest single “Team” and has since been doing the rounds of TV and radio shows to promote it. On Wednesday’s episode of Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, Iggy ended up getting candid with co-host Andy Cohen about a variety of things.

After commenting on Macklemore’s single “White Privilege II,” in which Macklemore calls out Iggy for appropriating rap music, Iggy opened up about her experience working with pop princess Britney Spears. Last year Iggy was featured on the song “Pretty Girls” with Britney, but according to Iggy she had to go through quite a process to be able to do so. Iggy explained that Britney’s team of people wound up doing a search of her house to make sure she didn’t have anything in her possession that could potentially be detrimental to Britney’s revived lifestyle (i.e.. drugs, excessive alcohol, etc.). Iggy revealed, “[Britney’s team] came and checked my place to make sure I wasn’t trying to stash anything weird and, like, get it to her or something…to make sure I wasn’t a bad influence. And I’m not. I passed the test!” She went on to joke, “I mean, I don’t have like a crack den.”

Iggy then went on to address the supposed feud that occurred between her and Britney after their song underperformed on the Billboard charts. However, the Australian musician clarified the feud, explaining that it was simply a fabrication by the media. Going on to claim that there was and is, in fact, no bad blood between her and Britney.