‘I Am Cait’ 205 Great Scott! & Candis’ nervous trainer

On this week’s episode of I Am Cait “Great Scott!” the crew meets up with a newly sober Scott Disick and try to get him to have a better understanding of the transgender community. In addition, Candis tries her luck once again with dating.

The episode opens up with Caitlyn calling up her daughter-in-law Kourtney Kardashian, as she wants to ask for her blessing to meet up with Scott. As you may know, Scott and Kourtney have three young children together. However, the two split in 2015 after Scott continued to struggle with substance abuse issues and excessive partying. At the time of this episode, Scott is newly out of rehab and working on putting his life back together. Fortunately, Kourtney tells Caitlyn she is happy to hear that Scott is going to meet up with her and the other transgender women. In confession, Caitlyn explains that she hopes her transgender friends’ inspiring journeys will be helpful for Scott as he tries to overcome his own challenges.

After Caitlyn gets off the phone, the women begin discussing the issues in the transgender community – specifically with those of color. Chandi tries to explain that being a black transgender woman can often make things even harder, especially in terms of finding jobs and staying off the streets. This is why many of them, even herself, end up in jail or in scary (and sometimes fatal) situations. Although Caitlyn has a tough time relating to Chandi’s stories, she tries to get a more comprehensive understanding of why so many transgender people of color resort to risky behaviour and lines of work (such as prostitution).

The group arrives in St. Louis and the next morning Candis tracks down a personal trainer to help her get some exercise in while on the road. Following her workout Candis musters up the courage to ask her trainer, Andrew, to join her on a walk. The two of them end up at a local café, where they discuss the issues Candis has encountered in past relationships. They really seem to hit it off, and Candis confesses she was thrown off by the fact that Andrew actually seemed to be flirting back.

Later in the day, Scott arrives to the hotel in which the ladies are staying. They then venture out to a local lounge and restaurant. Here, they also meet up with another friend, Van Barnes. Van, who is also transgender, is an actress who works alongside Zackary on the hit Amazon show Transparent (which stars Jeffrey Tambor as a transgender woman).

Van opens up about her transition. Shockingly, she explains that she actually transitioned twice. She went on to say that she went back to identifying as male after her first transition, as she wasn’t able to find stable employment as a transgender woman.

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Scott ends up bonding with Caitlyn’s friend, Jenny Boylan. Jenny advises Scott to be open with his children when talking about their grandpa Caitlyn. She tells him that grown-ups are a lot more hung up on the situation than kids are. Jenny tells Scott that if he simply expresses support for Caitlyn, his kids will likely catch on.

While at dinner Jenny and Scott continue to connect, as they talk about his relationship with Kourtney. Scott confesses that he has made some really bad choices in the past, and he isn’t sure whether reconciliation with Kourtney is actually in the cards at this point.

After getting back from dinner, Candis goes off with Andrew (who was also at the dinner). Caitlyn advises her to “not do anything [she] wouldn’t do,” in which Candis playfully quips back, “you’ve got 10 children!”

Unfortunately Candis’ outing with Andrew doesn’t go as she had hoped. They go for drinks and then go outside to look at the view of the city from her hotel. While gazing into the distance, Candis admits to Andrew that she wants to kiss him. However, Andrew tells her that he isn’t ready to go that far just yet. This immediately prompts Candis to call it a night and things end on a sour note to say the very least.

The next day Andrew drops by Candis’ room, and they talk about what went down the night before. Andrew goes on to admit that while he doesn’t judge her lifestyle, he doesn’t feel comfortable with being in a romantic relationship with a transgender person.

The episode ends off with the girls and Scott attending a ceremony in honour of the Transgender Day of Remembrance. Here the group joins other transgender people and supporters, as they remember and celebrate those they have lost in the community in the past year. Afterwards, they all gather for a candlelight vigil around the St. Louis’ Transgender Memorial Garden, which is the first of its kind in the States.

You can watch more I Am Cait when it returns next Sunday, April 10 on E!

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